Poor Osebo Would Commit An Offence And Could Spend Up to 1 Year in Prison for All the Skirts He Wears Under Ghana’s New ‘Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values’ Bill

In the last few days, social media has erupted into conversations surrounding the latest absurdity to come out from the land of unending nonsense and mischievous elders, Ghana. And the latest is that a group of political leaders (MPs) in cohort with the church have drafted and presented a 36-page bill for consideration in order … Read more

While Dubai Creates Artificial Rains And Jeff Bezos Goes to Space—Ghana is Busily Praying to God for Celestial Intervention

Dubai, a small finishing village which was established in the 18 century has grown to become one of the most popular cities in the world—for its rapid development and contemporary approach to everything tourism and innovation.   A few days ago, it emerged that it has gotten really hot in Dubai and as such the … Read more

The Struggles of Africans: Ugandan Weightlifter Disappears from Tokyo Olympic—Adding to the Hundreds Who Have Ran Away Over the Years

The African continent is bleeding. It does not matter which country you find yourself in, the problems are almost the same, and the actors causing the problems are the same. The actors are the corrupt, incompetent, and heartless politicians called leaders. Ghana has electricity, water, and security problems. This is not exhaustive because unemployment, housing, … Read more

Celebrating the End of Moesha Boduong—to Satan Be the Glory, CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

ayisha modi moesha

Moesha Boduong has always been a con artist. Therefore, it is not surprising that she has now found faith and Jesus Christ, the master con-artist. It’s the same faith and Jesus Christ that Nana Agraada also found a few months ago—after her fetish priest enterprise collapsed right in front of her. I hope you are … Read more

The Government Has Failed Us, Not the Citizens – CHRIS-VINCENT Writes on ‘FixYourself’ Nonsense

I have a busy morning as my work is piling up, but I must take time out to write this, to clearly and boldly explain to the lunatic party supporters that, the only things needed to be fixed are the problems of Ghana—and the government is the one and only entity tasked to do this … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Becca Disrespectfully Didn’t Attend Her Mother’s Burial And Family Did Not Mention Her in Mother’s Biography At All

Ghanaian musician-Becca can be described as many things—arrogant, disrespectful, a hypocrite and even roguish. But I don’t think anyone expected her to show such gross impertinence by failing to show up at the burial of her mother-Juliana Yiadom Oti who died in London on 7th January 2021. And the family of Juliana Yiadom Oti in … Read more

AWA Just Cancelled My Flight from Kumasi to Accra with No Explanation or Compensation – Avoid their Services – Chris-Vincent Writes

So Africa World Airlines (AWA) has just cancelled my flight from Kumasi to Accra, scheduled for 4:10 pm departure and has cunningly moved almost all the passengers onto their 6:40pm flight—when it’s just about an hour to departure. And they don’t have to give any passenger anything for this cancellation, not even a voucher to … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: How Two Young Ghanaian Graduates Spent Their 5 Years Savings of 70,000 GHS on Weddings and A Naming Ceremony

Two young graduates in Accra who were dating found out that the girl was pregnant. Collectively, they had a savings of about 70,000 GHS from about 5 years of hard-work—entailing waking up as early as 4:30 am to catch trotro at 5 am to be able to beat the heavy traffic and make it to … Read more

2021 Should Spare Us the Tracy Boakye Baloney, Mzbel’s Unfettered Ridiculousness, Afia Schwarzenegger’s Unending Lies and It Should Cripple the Businesses of the Many Who Belong to the Moesha’s Trade

Can you imagine a whole year without Tracey Boakye, Mzbel, Afia Schwarzenegger and Moesha’s cult members utilizing their bodies in a manner that is not only disgusting to the Christian God-Yahweh but also offends the hypocrisy of the few supposedly sane Ghanaians, including you? That’s the sort of year I wish 2021 becomes—one that we … Read more

Despite His Weed Obsession, Patapa’s White Woman Agrees to Become His Wife—A Clear Indication That Love Is Uniquely Blind

Patapa, the non-serious Ghanaian musician married his white woman-Liha Miller over the weekend at a ceremony at Swedru, attended by family and friends. The love-story of the musician and his new German wife is unique—one that captures the fact that love is uniquely blind, and that love can sometimes be an embodiment of unfettered risk-taking. … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Good Christian Kennedy Agyepong Reportedly Marries A 3rd Wife Amidst Christianity’s Polygamy Fluidity

While the idea of one man-one woman is seriously entertained by modern Christians, their religious text, the Bible, makes a vivid mockery of this practice—in the face of the fact that many of the esteemed prophets of the Christian God had more than 1 wife and nowhere does the Bible explicitly prohibit polygamy. Kennedy Agyepong, … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Marriage, An Obstacle to the Progress of the Ghanaian Woman?

Marriage, like any other partnership or relationship involving two people, should have the common good of the parties at heart. Yet, some section of the Ghanaian social media landscape seems to robustly argue that a lot of Ghanaian marriages curtail the progress of one party, the woman. In this piece, I will argue against this … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: COVID-19 Travelling to Ghana Guide—My Experience and Everything You Need to Know and Prepare For

I travelled to Ghana from the UK on 23 September 2020, and 8 days later left Ghana to the UK. I was in Ghana in February 2020—and returned on time before coronavirus finally changed air travel around the world. The preparation and requirements for these two travels, though having taken place in the same year … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: After All, Moesha is Not That Bad and the Only Ashawobrity in Town

When I founded GhanaCelebrities.Com about 12 years ago, I coined a word called ‘Ashawobrity’ which I defined as: Ashawobrity: (Noun)—”A female Ghanaian who claims to be a celebrity and sleeps with men for financial gains—and to fund her lavish lifestyle which she sometimes proudly showcases on social media as self-achieved.” In the early days, it … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Ghanaian Celebrities, Their Fake Lifestyles and Their Secret Dirty Financiers

When you deal with our “celebrities” for a long time and you become really connected, you become aware of the facade and then you can’t be bothered with them. From those still renting at posh places and claiming they’ve bought it to those who fight over some old men financing their lifestyles, the market is … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Gross Stupidity of Ray Hushpuppi and the Social Media Cheerleaders and Followers

A few months ago, I came across Ray Hushpuppi because of a post on GhanaCelebrities.Com that robbed on him—showing how this Dubai based Nigerian was enviably displaying his rich and glamourous lifestyle on social media. The first thing I asked myself when I saw his photos and read his tall list of expensive cars which … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Truth Behind Nana Aba Anamoah’s Range Rover, the Faux Pas and the DVLA—With all the EVIDENCE

Nana Aba Anamoah was there—this time with a new Range Rover which miraculously carried the same registration number as that of another car, a Nissan Rogue. The above is just a tiny bit of the whole story but as usual social media thrives on schadenfreude and doesn’t really care about anything beyond what’s ridiculous. So, … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Ghanaian Celebrities’ Obsession with Lies Make Them Uncomfortable When Certain Questions Are Asked—the Case of Wendy Shay

I perfectly understand showbiz and the razzmatazz that it comes with. But that does not mean blue should be peddled as green, and black as white. Wendy Shay is walking-lie. Everything about that girl is either a lie or fake—from her recent comment that she is worth over 5 million dollars which her cheap overused … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Becca is A Fish–Her Bimbo Arguments Are Not Only Laughable But Also Racially Offensive

Being a bimbo is not a crime and that’s why we seem to have so many of such persons around, including celebrities like Becca. The real-life consequence of not being intelligent, and being an absolute thick head, can range from being laughed at on social media or at dinner tables to racially offending your own … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: When the Standard is Moesha Boduong—the Case of Ghanaian Celebrities and Slay Queens

Every industry or person should have a standard or a role model. I started writing about celebrities as far back as 2008 when I was an undergraduate Law student. And I had an industry role model, the person who inspired me to set up GhanaCelebrities.Com—and this person is Harvey Robert Levin, lawyer and founder of … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Bishop Obinim, the Divine Healing Angel Miraculously, Hilariously and Fraudulently Falls Sick on Sensing Arrest—Do Angels Fall Sick?

Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim is not just a charlatan, he is a clown and a real nutjob. He is a grand walking contradiction who serves a special form of absurdity to his credulous cult of followers, called his church members. How any rational-thinking person takes this clown seriously, such that the person even goes to … Read more

Is Castro ‘Da Destroyer’ Still Married to the Daughter of ‘Maame Water’ Even 6 Years On?

Castro, one of Ghana’s most talented musicians would have been 38 years old on the 01 May 2020 if he was still with us—and undoubtedly, we would have had many hit songs from him in the last 6 years. But the man who called himself ‘Da Destroyer’ is not with us and while it’s obvious … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah’s Ethical Blindness Captured in Her Latest Social Media Advice to Women is Grossly Offensive and Dangerous

The Ghanaian social media landscape is full of idiots and as such, it is heartbreaking, perhaps even doomed, if Sandra Ankobiah and the few others who can challenge the hovering dogma of ignorance and stupidity, also begin to jettison reason in their activities and advice on there.

A Charlatan Pastor-Obinim and His Obtuse Wife Versus a Foul-mouthed Politician with Resource—the Case of the Three Adults Turned National Buffoons, CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

It’s somewhat entertaining to see three adults become national buffoons, especially during this unsettling COVID-19 pandemic. Also, when these adults washing their dirt in public are members of God’s family and a Member of Parliament, it makes you feel super good about your own tiny common sense and sins.