Beyonce: the President Daughter; a Rip Off?

Nadia Buari

The Ghanaian movie “Beyonce: the President Daughter “was a hit across Africa, outside Africa it was especially a hit in the Caribbean. The movie has won many critical accolades and is credited with not only contributing to the resurrection of the so-called dead Ghanaian movie industry, it also lunched the booming careers of two Ghanaian movie stars Nadia Buari and Van Vicker. Matter of fact, so huge was the buzz surrounding this movie when it made its debut back in 2006, I scrambled my very last dollar, drove my broke self to the nearest African movie store and got me a copy (that was a lie, watched the flick for free online).

A TWO WAY THING: Keeping your end of the deal

blank“… you should know what you’re worth. You should know that, the producer is trying to make money out of you; the same way you’re trying to come out and be famous and act and maybe… you want to act and all of that. You should know that the producer is also using your face or using you to make money… so you should think of that, its not like a one sided thing.

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Who Is Even Paying This Payola?

Reggie Rockstone

When you ask any of our Ghanaian Musicians about some of the major problems that curtail the growth of the music industry, all you hear is PAYOLA PAYOLA! I have heard Reggie Rockstone the Godfather of Hip life says” Fuck Payola, Payola is Bullshit”. A recent interview on with top music stars like Kwabena Kwabena, Wanlov the Kubolor, Mensa, etc brings to light that, our music industry is dying out of payola though every artist seem to have a different perception on the effects on Payola.

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Ghana Movie Industry vrs Nollywood – who is under threat?

blankThe Ghanaian movie industry has at this point not announced and official name for its Ghanaian film industry as with the case of Americas Hollywood, India’s Bollywood, and Nigeria’s Nollywood, and co. For that reason, in this article Ghanaian actors and actresses are referred to as exactly that, instead of a representative name.
May the public be aware of proposed names as; Gollywood; Ghollywood; Ghallywood; and Ghanawood. None of which has been used as the representation of Ghanaian movie industry in this article… It made producing this article a long process (an example as seen with the above title).

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Is Drug Usage A Celebrity Culture?

Okomfour KwaadeeOver the years, most celebrities have been known for their wild drug usage which has had serious effects on their personal lives and career. Both locally and internationally, celebrities have succumbed to the usage of drugs for copious reasons.

Inter alia, the contemporary Ghanaian celebrity society is deserting various campaigns against drug usage and has entrenched the use of drugs like “weed”, heroin, cocaine, etc as a way of life, which is bringing most of their young career to abrupt end.

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Tacky outfits, bad weaves… Who’s responsibility?

blankThe level of fashion blunders among Ghanaian celebrities is beyond embarrassing. When it comes to some celebrities, their sense of style is nonexistent, as some have a misplaced sense of fashion. At times, some step out looking like ghetto-runway-rejects in trashy outfits picked right out of some street corner “boutique.”

When attending shindigs or award shows, these celebrities often opt for over-the-top flamboyant styles, often highlighted with multi colored makeup and, of course, their ever present locally acquired foreign accents-sorry couldn’t resist throwing that in there.

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Ghana Has No Celebrity Culture

blankDon’t we all love to read about some top rated US celebrity news, go through their photos, Will Smith eating out with pretty Jada Pinkett Smith or crazy rich Paris Hilton wasting herself (my very personal opinion)?

I see a lot of Ghanaian youths rush to read about Rappers online all the time, the passion which they use to absorb their daily life really is worth admiring.

That begets this question, how come celebrity reportage from western nations, is more in depth and informative than those from Ghana? To think of it, there is no real celebrity news from Ghana. I just glanced through magazines and newspaper which are supposed to report on our celebrities, and I never got anything like how they live their lives, revealing the truth about their private lives.

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