WATCH FULL VIDEO: How & Why A Software Engineer Earning $4K A Month in Ghana Left With His Family to the Netherlands


In this episode of Uncensored, a talented and expert Ghanaian Sofware Engineer-Aliu Wahab speaks to Chris-Vincent about why he had to leave Ghana to the Netherlands with his family, the quality of life he and his family are now enjoying in the Netherlands, how he was able to buy a 4-bedroom house in just a … Read more

GC TV: Watch Adventures of Yanoom Episode 3-Hospital Slaying


Sponsored by A1 Bread, GhanaCelebrities.Com‘s TV is back with a new episode of Adventures of Yanoom, titled Hospital Slaying. As always, it’s hilarious–and this time, it really digs deep into the pretentious lifestyle of our social media Yanooms. In this episode, a Yanoom takes her nonsense to the hospital–living a lie for the camera. Watch … Read more

GC TV: Watch Adventures of Yanoom-Eposide 2–CHEAT

GhanaCelebrities.Com’s TV has released episode¬†2 of their on-going skit, Adventures of Yanoom–titled CHEAT. And it’s, as usual, hilarious as f*ck. In this episode, a Yanoom drags the husband of another woman to drink and bill the shit out of him. And when it was about to end on a good note for her, things turned … Read more