LIFESTYLE GUIDE: Stanbic Bank and Their Wahala | Better Stay Away From Them

Stanbic Bank Ghana
Stanbic Bank-Ghana

It is funny how some banks find it so easy to take your money when opening a new account but frustrate you when you want to close that same account.

Months ago, I signed up for internet banking with Stanbic bank and was told it would take 24 hours to activate but guess what, it took almost three days. Aden? I relocated from Ghana so was counting on doing some transactions online but my password failed to work hence I was left powerless.

A few days ago, I got back into the country and needed some quick cash at the airport but to my dismay my bank card refused to work. You know how embarrassing that is when you have a queue right behind you.

I headed straight to the Airport branch of Stanbic to withdraw the money and then close my savings account as I had relocated and had no need for it. I was able to do the former but was told the process of closing an account takes a while so I should come back the following day at noon to retrieve the remaining money in my account.

Being the diligent person that I am, I arrived punctually at Stanbic, waited fifteen minutes for a staff member who pretended to be so busy processing my request( which I felt should have been done the day before), only to be told I couldn’t close my account at that branch as I opened it at another branch. Can you imagine? Are they mad?

Why wasn’t I told this the day before? And why do some banking staff feel they are doing you a favour by serving you? ‘Massa’, if the job is frustrating you, quit. There are millions of people waiting to occupy your position in a microsecond.

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Both US Nurses Who Contracted Ebola from Liberian Thomas Duncan Declared Free of the Virus | What Can Ghana Learn from That?

Nurse Nina Pham Meets President Obama
Nurse Nina Pham Meets President Obama

It seems the United States is extremely well prepared to win their war on Ebola.

The deadly hemorrhagic fever has killed over 4,500 Africans since the genesis of this latest outbreak, but for the United States every single case has been beaten back with the victim declared virus free a short time after contracting the infection.

Nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson both got infected whilst caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who carried the virus onto US soil and died shortly thereafter. Both were immediately placed into quarantine and received specialist care which seems to have helped in containing the infection.

US health officials have declared both free of the virus, with test retuning negative results for Ebola in their blood. Nina Pham has already been released and even met with President Obama hours later, whilst Amber would remain in treatment for a while longer in Atalanta.

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Microsoft Co-founder-Paul Allen Pledges $100 Million to Fight EBOLA

Paul Allen
Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder-Paul Allen has joined Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mark Zuckerberg and the many others who have donated huge sums of money to help fight Ebola.

Allen has stated he will contribute at least $100 million to the fight against the deadly disease-Ebola, which has so far killed over 4500 people in Africa.

Yesterday, the billionaire mentioned that among the initiatives he’s supporting is the development of two medevac containment units that the U.S. State Department can use to safely evacuate health workers who become infected.

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More Ebola in the US as New York Doctor Tests Positive

Facebook photo of Dr. Craig Spencer.
Facebook photo of Dr. Craig Spencer.

If Ebola hasn’t given you a scare yet, you probably live on the sea.

Given how Mali also reported its first case of Ebola yesterday, Ebola is no longer a West African peculiarity. It is ravaging countries faster than other epidemics.

Craig Spencer, a doctor in New York City, is sick with Ebola. The New York Times reports.

Doctor Spencer recently returned from treating patients in Guinea and tested positive for Ebola yesterday becoming the first person in the city to test positive for Ebola.

He was diagnosed and he is presently in isolation at Bellevue hospital centre.

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Ebola Serum for Africa Could be Ready as Early as December Says WHO


The World Health Organisation has announced that a large scale operation is underway which could see the development of a serum capable of curing Ebola patients- and that it could be ready as early as December this year.

This Ebola outbreak has been the severest in history, spreading to countries outside the continent as well. Whilst less than 10 non-Africans have died from the virus, it has killed over 4,000 people on the continent, mainly in the epicentres of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone…

The BBC reports the assistant director general for health systems and innovation at the World Health Organisation, Dr Kieny, has announced that a serum is in development which would hopefully cure the disease entirely.

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Almost Half of US Citizens Do Not Want to Take International Flights Because of EBOLA

httpv:// According to RT, a new poll suggests that almost half of US citizens do not want to take International flights for fear of contracting EBOLA. Even though Ebola seems to spreading fast across the world from Africa, the panic and fear lead the spread—sending shocks to those who are even far from Africa. Actually, … Read more

DID YOU KNOW THAT: You Have to Run 4 Miles to Burn Off a Bottle of Coke?



I’ve always known that Coca-Cola is bad, especially when you are looking to stay healthy or loose some weight but I did not know that, I would have to run for 4 miles to burn off the calories in a bottle of Coke.

Scientists in US are asking for exercise data to be printed on Coca Cola packaging so that people will know exactly what it will take to burn of whatever they drink – because the current information based on calories is pretty meaningless to most people.

I agree with the above as most people including myself throw the calories count out without much understanding or what they actually mean.

Apparently, a 500ml bottle of Coke contains 210 calories, more than a 10th of the daily recommended intake for a woman.

According to a research, if people are told that they will need a 4.2 mile run or 42-minute walk to burn off the calories, they will think twice before going for a bottle of Coke.

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Second Ebola Case Recorded in Dallas + Liberia’s Minister of Transport Under Quarantine After Her Driver Died From Ebola

Texas Hospital
Texas Hospital

A second health worker in the in Dallas, Texas has tested positive for Ebola, health officials say.

Just like the previous nurse-Nima Pham, this health worker also treated Liberian man Thomas Duncan, who died last week after becoming the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the US.

Meanwhile, nurse Nima Pham, has received a plasma transfusion donated by doctor-Kent Brantly who beat the virus few weeks ago.

Many African Americans on social media are of the view that, the statements which say Dr. Kent Brantly offered blood transfusion for Thomas Duncan as a cure but he was his blood type so it was not possible is not true and that he was left to die because he was black.

According to the UN’s Ebola mission chief, the world is falling behind in the race to contain the virus.

Currently, Liberia’s transport Minister has gone into quarantine after her driver died from Ebola—pretty scary.

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Scientific Study Puts Ghana Next at Risk to Get Hit with Ebola


A study published by the Northeastern University in Boston has revealed that Ghana is the highest nation at risk of recording the next outbreak of the Ebola Virus.

The study was published on 6 October, but had been conducted earlier and had found that several nations in the West African sub-region, as well as some other nations with high international air traffic all stood at risk of recording the epidemic.

The countries at risk of transmission aside Ghana included The United States of America, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Belgium, Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Lebanon, and Germany.

You might notice that the USA, Nigeria, and Senegal have all contracted the virus since the conduction of the study.

The study stated that these nations are likely to contract the virus by the end of October 2014.

The research gave three factors to calculate likelihood of transmission; passenger flow from area of outbreak, case numbers, and the duration of incubation time.

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Second Ebola Case Recorded in The United States

Texas Hospital
Texas Hospital

Three days after the death of Thomas Duncan, another infection has been recorded in the United States.

The panic of Ebola is getting really crippling as it leaves thousands dead in it’s wake and pushes the boundaries to become more feared than HIV among humans.

As even dogs across the world have started contracted the deadly Ebola which kills in a matter of days, nobody is safe no matter what country you are in. Ebola is not restricted to Africa.

Second Ebola case confirmed in the USA as Dallas health care worker tests positive…

A worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person in the U.S. to be diagnosed with Ebola, was given a preliminary test for the deadly disease at a state lab in Austin. The result was positive.

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A British Man in Macedonia Has Died of Suspected Ebola | His Friend Has Shown Symptoms of Ebola…

Health workers in Skopje
Health workers in Skopje

It looks like the Ebola virus is catching up with the entire world, leaving Africa by some means unknown to us all.

This week, it was reported that a Nurse in Spain has been infected by the virus after having helped in the treatment of a Spanish priest who was flown from Africa with the virus.

It is now being reported that, a British man has died in Macedonia, the capital city of Skopje and he is suspected of having died from Ebola.

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Ebola Can Be Transmitted Through S£X So Use A Condom | New WHO Information Says So


Even though Ebola is not a s*xually transmitted infection (STI), it has emerged that the virus can be contracted through s£x—and as such, condom is recommended for those who have been treated of the deadly disease.

It appears that the Ebola virus ca stay longer in the semen of men for as long as 70 days after the person has been treated (cleared of the disease)—and as such, protection is the only way avoid a possible infection.

Information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) says ‘in a convalescent male, the virus can persist in semen for at least 70 days; one study suggests persistence for more than 90 days,’ .

Also, according to Peter Piot, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a discoverer of Ebola in 1976, ‘certainly, the advice has to be for survivors to use a condom, to not have unprotected sex, for 90 days.’

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The REAL Origin of HIV/AIDS: USA Infected Africa and the Rest of the World with HIV/AIDS?


Acquired Immunodeficiency Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) at one point in time, became a death sentence for most infected people living in less developed countries in the world (Kapstein and Busby, 2013). The unannounced and unpredicted rapid emergence and spread of this slow acting viral infection baffled many including well known scientific bodies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO). This essay is going to research into and propose the probable origin of this disease as in relation to historical incidents, coupled with both popular and unpopular scientific theories about it.

AIDS is believed to be caused by the effect of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Furthermore, AIDS is terminology used to describe a range of diseases and infections which are present in people with a weakened immune system caused by HIV. In other words, AIDS is the late stage manifestation of HIV (Kenny et al, 2012).

HIV is a retrovirus, as such, it uses its single stranded ribose nucleic acid (RNA) to make copies of deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA) inside a host cell; in this case a lymphocyte called T lymphocyte helper cell with CD4 receptors on its surface membrane (Whiteet al, 2011). When the HIV enters the cytoplasm of a T helper cell with CD4 receptor, also known as CD4 T lymphocyte cell, it employs an enzyme called reverse transcriptase which produces DNA from the virus RNA. This is the reverse of the transcription process whereby DNA is used to produce a strand of RNA for protein synthesis. The newly produced DNA strand is then replicated to form two strands of DNA held together by a weak bond.

The DNA strands move into the nucleus and then integrated into the genetic material (genome) the host CD4 T lymphocyte cell using a retroviral integrase enzyme (Krebs et al, 2014). The HIV genetic material becomes part of the chromosome of the CD4 T lymphocyte cell and either stays dormant or virus RNA will be produced from the virus DNA to make proteins necessary for new viruses. When the new viruses are formed, they burst out of the CD4 T lymphocyte cells to infect other CD4 Tlymphocyte cells, repeating the same process over again (Alberts et al., 2013).

The HIV causes the destruction of CD4 T cells via cellular mechanism such as apoptosis of surrounding cells, killing of infected CD4 T lymphocyte cells when newly formed viruses burst out of the cell and the killing of infected CD4 T lymphocyte cells by cytotoxic lymphocyteswith a chemical called perforin (Garg, Mohl and Joshi, 2012; Kumar et al., 2012). HIV easily compromises the immune system of humans because it targets the lymphocytes which are necessary in the defence against pathogens; it attacks the cells which are supposed to protect the human body from disease causing foreign cells (Sompayrac, 2012).

According to the classification system introduced by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) of the United States, there are various stages in HIV infection symptom manifestation (Curran and Jaffe, 2011).

Stage I, also known as the acute seroconversion illness, begins between one and six weeks after the patient is infected with the virus. Typical symptoms of this stage include fever, enlarged lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), persistent headaches, and diarrhoea. At this stage, the HIV infection treatment with antiretroviral therapy (ART) has a higher rate of success than any stage therefore highlighting the importance of early diagnosis (Weeks and Alcamo, 2010).

At this stage, the number of virus in the body system fluctuates due to an increased in the transcription of virus RNA and subsequent production of the virus in the CD4 T lymphocyte cells of the immune system. The capacity to transmit the virus is extremely high at this stage due to the elevated levels of the virus in the body. The immune system gradually lowers the number of the virus in the body to a normalised level due to the increase in the production of more CD4 T lymphocyte cells (CDC, 2014).

Stage II also known as the asymptomatic stage, at this stage, even though HIV is still and reproducing at a slow rate, no symptoms are exhibited by the host. The host body will not manifest any infection for periods which could last for more than a decade for some patients but shorter for others. Towards the end of this stage, the level of HIV in the host begins to rise as the level of CD4 T lymphocyte cells begin to fall.

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Where Did HIV/AIDS Originate From? Scientists and BBC Say Africa-1920 Kinshasa…Do You Agree?

HIV is a big problem that has terrorized the world for many years without scientists coming any close to a solution today than they did in the beginning. One thing they seem to have found answers to however is it’s origins. I don’t know how this new information will contribute to finding a cure but … Read more

Some Ordinary Things You Come into Contact with Every Day that Carry Harmful Bacteria



Cholera has swept across Ghana in an unprecedented wave as authorities scramble to implement their too-late quick fixes.

The primary transmission method of cholera is through coming into contact with contaminated faecal matter. It sounds like a difficult proposition, unless you live in a perpetual wasteland of filth like some parts of Accra; which is actually the root cause of this current outbreak.

But it seems you can never be too careful, as a recent article in US web magazine Men’s Health has shown that there are several, everyday items you come into contact with that might carry these bacteria.

Looking at various studies conducted over the years, it shows that even washing your hands after every visit to the washroom would not be as much protection as you would wish. And since the bacteria in faecal matter cause a lot more diseases aside cholera, it is imperative to know these and take measures to protect yourself.

Here are six things that might contain faecal matter and several other bacteria that you didn’t know and come into contact with all the time.

Cell Phone

This one is actually simple; we carry our cell phones everywhere we go, and we never clean it.

It could be carrying anything, with London researchers having found that if it’s not even carrying the E.coli (bacteria found in faecal matter), it could be carrying any other form of bacteria, like influenza and SARS.

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The Wonderful Ghanaian CHOP BAR Experience | Have You Tried It?

Ghana Chop Bar
Ghana Chop Bar

The chop bar business has been with us for as long as I can remember. The name chop bar coined from the words chop and bar. Chop is a local slang for the words ‘to eat’ and bar meaning an area that is meant for gathering. It used to serve as a place where bachelors could go to and they will be assured of a good home cooked meal.

Most chop bars have a bar stocked with local alcoholic drinks and a few foreign ones for the well to do. Even though the place is usually patronized by men, some women also buy from these places and the stares they get from people is enough to make you not to buy again. An encounter my friend had in one of these places made her vow not to buy food from these places again.

With the inception of restaurants across the length and breadth of this country, it seems that the chop bar has been regulated to the background. With most Ghanaians copying blindly and eating burgers, pizzas and chips to the detriment of their health and our economy and our national identity—chop bars have become victims. Most chop bars folded up due to low patronage but others have stood the test of time and are enjoying tremendous patronage. There have been subsequent upgrade in these chop bars—their operations, mode of cooking, their interior decorations, etc.

One remarkable thing about these chop bars is their services: these people know about better human relation than the so called restaurants. The euphoria in these places is warm and inviting and there’s the feeling of home and a sense of belonging. Until my recent visit to the Western Region precisely Takoradi, I always thought chop bars were a little behind in terms of edifice but that perception changed after I saw the “God is Love” chop bar.

God First Chop Bar
God First Chop Bar

This chop bar occupied a three storey building with magnificent decorations with that usual warm ambience that is noticeable in all chop bars. I was so amazed that I kept asking myself why the place was not a restaurant but then again it’s all good.

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Lifestyle Guide: Eating Out Healthy in London | My Favourite North London Restaurant

From ATES restaurant
From ATES restaurant

I always put on a lot weight during the summer months due to the fact that I tend to eat out a lot when the sun is out—and mostly, because I hold a lot of meetings during this period.

This year, I decided to do the opposite—lose weight this summer while still eating out and holding my usual summer meetings. This means, everything stays the same but the places I have been eating have to change.

It has been difficult finding healthy alternative restaurants that allow you to still enjoy good food and not pile on the pounds while not breaking the bank in London, considering the fact that the city is more like a junk food hub.

Yesterday, I managed to find another small classy Turkish restaurant located on the Tottenham High Road—and apart from the good hospitality, the food was super delicious and healthy.

I ordered an assortment of grilled meats and salads along with humus and tzatziki, all traditional healthy Turkish/Greek cuisine.

Surely, my bathroom scale will not angry at me…

If you are ever in North London and you decide to eat out within the healthy borders, you can try out ATES Restaurant, 402 High Rd, London N17 9JB.

Evidence that I've not put on weight this summer and the healthy outside eating is working...
Evidence that I’ve not put on weight this summer and the healthy outside eating is working…

Check below for more photos…

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Do You Know that You Can Survive An Ebola Infection? All You Need to Know About the Deadly Virus



If you are currently living in West Africa, I am sure your number one concern right now is EBOLA. With over 1000 deaths since the outbreak early this year, the Ebola virus has many West Africans living in fear especially since there is no known cure or vaccine for it yet.

What many people do not realise is that Ebola is very much preventable and survivable. There are many precautionary measures you can put in place to ensure that you do not contract the virus, and in the unfortunate situation that you are infected, there is an almost 50% chance that you can survive the virus.

Before I go on to talk about how you can survive and Ebola infection, here are a few quick facts about Ebola

What is Ebola?

The Ebola virus is described as a group of viruses that cause a deadly kind of hemorrhagic fever. The term “hemorrhagic fever” means it causes bleeding inside and outside the body.

The virus has a long incubation period of approximately eight to 21 days. Early symptoms include fever, muscle weakness, sore throat and headaches.

As the disease progresses, the virus can impair kidney and liver function and lead to external and internal bleeding. It’s one of the most deadly viruses on Earth with a fatality rate that can reach between approximately 50 to 90 percent. There is no cur

Where did the disease originate from?

The first known case was documented in Sudan and Zaire in 1976. There have been several outbreaks but none as deadly and widespread as what we are currently experiencing.

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Lifestyle Guide: ‘Nearest Café in Luton’-A Perfect Place for that Large Breakfast & Brunch

Nearest Cafe in Luton
Nearest Cafe in Luton

Occasionally, I leave my usual bad habit of having breakfast on my desk where I work from at home and walk for few minutes to one of the best Cafés I’ve ever come across in the United Kingdom-Nearest Café.

I love Nearest Café not just because of their large plate portions but also because, all the breakfast and Brunch meals I’ve tried there have always had a great taste.

In fact, I think I have taken every person who has spent a night at my end to enjoy their good food—the real English breakfast/brunch. I remember even taking our own Ghanaian celebrity-Prince David Osei out there one morning and he loved it!

Apart from the fact Nearest Café’s meals come in large portions, they are also very filling. Anytime I have a brunch there, I wouldn’t be able to eat anything much for the rest of the day—that is how much full you get.

And for the prices, the full plates you in the photos cost less than £6 each. A brunch for two with two glasses of orange juice hits the pocket at £13 and some few pence…

Anytime you are within the Bedfordshire area—either jumping on a plane at the Luton airport or visiting a friend, make it a date to try Nearest Café which is located at 449 Dallow Road, Luton. The plus is, they have a free parking and I am hoping they will add a free wifi soon.

Check out the photos below….

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Stop, Put Down That Heart Attack! Eat Right…



My friend is 35 years old and she has hypertension. It breaks my heart every single time I see her reach for her pills during exciting days—constantly having to keep her pressure normal. It’s a horrible way to live. I keep trying to get her to live healthier but she will not stop telling me proudly how much she loves her meat. How beautiful her food looks with assorted meat. I asked her today, do you know how decorated your tomb will soon look if you do not put down that meat and eat a vegetable?

Why are we dying from heart attacks? Better question, why are we letting ourselves die? It’s been one heart attack death after another in the past few months in this country especially among the vibrant youth. Why are the people who should have stronger hearts dying before their fathers?

I am not going to mention names because I do not intend to open old wounds or annoy anybody, We all know how many big names have passed away recently from similar causes.

And though it may be a hard pill to swallow, the truth is, our Ghanaian eating habits are horrible! Our lifestyle in general and our health priorities are next to nil.

You will find a man who weighs 130 kilograms still roaming around with his boys, eating chunks of pork and beef, consuming oily foods, drinking crates of beer and never ever knowing where a single gym is located. Never walking short distances, always wheeling themselves in and out of a car every single time. When was the last time you took a walk even down your street for two minutes?

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Lifestyle Guide: MMV-A Beautiful Apartment Hotel in Cannes | Affordable But…

MMV in Cannes (30)
MMV in Cannes

I’ve stayed in Copenhagen, Malmo, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Brighton, Marbella, Malaga, Glasgow and other European cities known to be expensive—but it seems Cannes tops them all.

Probably, it is not always that expensive out here at Cannes but if you are visiting at a time when the Cannes Film Festival is on the run, you should expect sky rocking prices for hotels and apartments. The festival period is a booming season for these hotels and apartments owners, as demand shoots up greatly.

With people from all around world coming down to Cannes for the festival, everything get expensive here—not just the hotels or apartments. Taxis, Car rentals, food, drink and I hear the ‘call girls’ even double their prices for both long and short nights.

If you ever want to live in a beautiful hotel apartment very close to Cannes that is well within budget, then I think you should check out MMV Les Vacances Club at Theoule—which is just 7 miles from the Cannes Film Festival grounds.

The beautiful hotel apartments which have 3 swimming pools with 1 being a heated pool also have a Sauna and a Seaview. So if you decide to go for a Seaview apartment like we did, you will get to enjoy the beautiful blue Sea view from your balcony…

Apart from the fact that the apartments are on mountain top which makes commuting difficult (if you do not have a car), the prices are affordable…

For a one bedroom Seaview apartment which takes up to 4 adults just like the one we got, prices fall within 170 euros and 200 euros per night. They also have studio apartments which I hear are cheaper…

Even though our stay so far has been pleasant, the customer service has been really bad—and everyone we’ve met out here has complained about this.

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Did You Know That: Handshake is As Dangerous As SMOKING?



Though all over the world people greet and welcome each other with handshakes, it is in fact a deep rooted African and Far East culture—which goes back to centuries.

However, a new research says, the usual handshake we give each day is as dangerous as smoking in public. According to the research, even though the handshake is a ‘deeply established cultural custom,’ it can spread disease between patients.


According to MailOnline;

A controversial report has called for doctors to stop shaking patient’s hands – and says the practice is an dangerous as smoking in public.

The team claims that even though the handshake is a ‘deeply established cultural custom,’ it can spread disease between patients.

‘Some parallels may be drawn between the proposal to remove the handshake from the health care setting and previous efforts to ban smoking from public places,’ the UCLA team claim.

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DID YOU KNOW THAT: Chemicals in Toothpaste, Soap And Children’s Plastic Toys ‘Can Cause Male Infertility’?

black man cleaning teeth


It has emerged that, certain chemicals found in everyday products we use such as toothpaste, soap and plastic toys are having have an impact on the male fertility—and these are causing rising levels of male infertlity.

According to the research, these chemicals affect the potency of sperm, altering their swimming behaviour and causing them to prematurely release enzymes which are needed to penetrate egg cells.

It looks like nothing is safe around us—by cleaning your teeth, you may be in other ways harming yourself as man.


According to Independent;

One in three “non-toxic” chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items significantly affected the potency of sperm cells, which may account for the high incidence of unexplained infertility in the human population, the researchers said.

It is the first time that a study has found a direct effect of the many ubiquitous man‑made chemicals in the environment on a vital function of human sperm. The findings will raise further concerns about the hidden toxicity of chemicals deemed safe by toxicology tests.

But the researchers believe they have developed a new way of testing the impact of household chemicals on human sperm which will allow regulatory authorities in Europe to decide whether to ban or impose restrictions on their use in certain products.

The study was part of wider research into so-called “endocrine‑disrupting” chemicals that for several years have been linked with declining sperm counts and widespread male infertility.

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Beer Company Founder Reveals Trick to Drink And Never Get Drunk!



Even if the trick works as being reported, what is the point of drinking and not wanting to get drunk? That sounds silly to me—why don’t you drink some damn water then?

According to a brewer and co-founder of the Boston Beer Company, he has the trick to help people bring the days of drunken fights and alcohol-fuelled embarrassments to an end.

Jim Koch says he has a trick which allows people to drink all night without getting drunk. And the trick is simple; Mr Koch says yeast is the key to staying sober while drinking.

Apparent it works like magic and he uses it too. He says he swallows dry yeast before he drinks and that this stops him getting drunk.

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If You Want to Live Healthier & Longer, Eat Raw Fish with Green Tea…

Japanese food


It has emerged that, Japanese women live longer and healthier, simply because of their diet—-which mostly has raw fish and green tea.

According to a new research, Japanese women live to old age of 86.4 years on average, much more than for example British women who live to just 82.7 years.

And according to the research by the UK’s Office for National statistics, women could push for a ‘further increases’ in life expectancy if they adopted the lifestyle of their Asian counterparts.

The Japanese diet is rich in wholegrains, vegetables and soy – and they eat on average three servings of fish a week, with smaller, daintier portions.

It is also believed that using chopsticks also slows down the eating process, giving the body time to realise what has been consumed, and therefore eat less.

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Lifestyle Guide: Arik Air is a Mess | Avoid Them if You Can or Else…

Arik Air
Arik Air

Throughout last week I was in Nigeria. First, I wanted to talk about the security fears of most people since Nigeria seems to be gradually feeling the plague of merciless terrorists known popularly as Boko Haram, who kidnap and slaughter in broad daylight and more recently have started bombing anywhere they like. Especially after an incident where the airport security wanted me to open my suitcase myself because he said it could explode!

Anyway, all that seemed like it would be on my radar to rant about until I encountered yet another lousy trip on Arik Air. I was initially going to spare them the bad publicity and let it slip but why have I chosen to talk about it? Because it was not the first time Arik Air has given its customers like me sub-standard service. Somewhere a little over two months ago, they delayed my flight from Lagos to Accra for a good 3 hours. Arik started by explaining that there would be a 10 minute delay, which turned into 30 minutes, one hour…until they stopped apologizing and started serving us juice and cupcakes. Amazing level of incompetence.

Well, on the 18th, my flight W3 075 Y was scheduled to leave Lagos at 5pm, I got to the airport by 2 pm because check in was to start at 3pm. I waited for a bit and approached the counter; I was told the flight had been moved to 7pm. I wasn’t amused but I kept calm. Then an hour later, many people started queuing to check in, while we were queued checking in, a dark, big woman who they said was the manager came and called for our attention. She said she had bad news. I got scared because I know these Arik people; they are number one with crap services.

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Lifestyle Guide: Tihitna Lounge for Cosmopolitan Dishes in East Legon, Accra

Tihitna Lounge1
Tihitna Lounge East-Legon

Hey darlings! It’s your unrestrained food lover and I am back to give you details of my Eritrean/Ethiopian food/cultural experience.

I cannot even pretend that I did not enjoy this particular outing. So ethnic, African and enriching.

Anyway diving in!

Prior to last week, I didn’t know we had a delectable, spicy, Cosmo/ethnic (Mixture of several nationalities) place tucked away right here in Accra, East Legon where you can just chill out family style and have drinks and food over laughter and clean ambience. It wasn’t my plan to head out but I am glad I ended up there for the evening.

So my Eritrean friend invited me and I thought: ‘why not?’

As usual, I missed a few turns because really, I did not know the place except the direction they gave “close to PH hotels”.

Coming from American house, you should aim to take the first right after PH hotels and then a left. You will find Tihitna on the right looking very homey. Almost like a regular upscale home except that you will wonder why there are so many cars there!

So it was happening really well and I saw a young/mature crowd going in and out. I think I saw someone’s really young son too. So this is a place for all ages. It had the feel of a family reunion because everyone seemed to know each other. They mistook me a few times for an Eritrean woman but I loved it!

There were many Ghanaians in there although I must admit some of the Ghanaian girls who came in late were dressed too ‘decadently’ and it made me slightly embarrassed because I am Ghanaian! So note to Ghanaian women, you can dress chic without undressing and looking tacky. Please learn how to do that! Distinguish yourself.

I picked up quickly on the traditional greeting which is three kisses, cheek to cheek. Right, left and back to right. Both genders.

There was a good sized swimming pool in the yard and then the seating is all around the pool, some sofas too and then an inner area but everyone preferred to sit in the yard around the pool.

The night was especially for Eritrean/Ethiopian food called Injera. It was almost all new to me except the rice, bread and vegetables.

Most of the ingredients were familiar only that it was made differently from what I am used to. Actually they cater for all kinds of dishes on different days. I also found out it is a venue for hosting  birthday parties,  hen nights, bachelor parties and other special occasions and some movie makers rent it for shoots too.  The food is deliciously spicy. Since I love spicy food, I felt right at home.

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