5 Signs That Show Your Partner May Be Cheating

A relationship is beautiful when the two of you are in sync and love almost every bit of the journey but if you’re already asking if your partner is cheating, then it might be true. Most at times, your gut feeling is right and if you are having those thoughts, there is a possibility that … Read more

Did Yvonne Nelson Intentionally Have A “Light” Baby?

Semi-retired actress and film producer Yvonne Nelson has been parading her beautiful daughter on social media and any place that will have her even though she denied her pregnancy when it was first reported by Ghanacelebrities.com. Yvonne like many women in the entertainment industry have allegedly bleached her skin to further her career. Unfortunately, she … Read more

After Receiving 200 GHS Christmas Mobile Money From Me, My Girlfriend Called to Dump Me—A Ghanaian Narrates How Badly His Woman Treated Him Before Dumping Him

A Ghanaian young man has narrated to GhanaCelebrities.Com the sort bad treatment her ex-girlfriend handed down to him—even after her brother sent him and his family packing with their “knocking” drinks when they visited to perform a “knocking” ceremony to solidify their relationship. Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com behind the veil of anonymity, he narrated how his … Read more

My Husband Hasn’t Touched Me For 3 Months – Ghanaian Woman Cries Out

A married Ghanaian woman is in distress all because her husband hasn’t bothered to make love to her after a little misunderstanding. According to the woman whose identity is yet to be disclosed, they had a misunderstanding somewhere in August but since then her husband has refused to touch her. READ ALSO: VIDEOS: Efia Odo … Read more

Ghanaian Lady Breaks Up With Boyfriend; Marries A Guy Who Bought iPhone 7 For Her

A Ghanaian lady has narrated how she dumped her boyfriend, accepted the marriage proposal of another man and got married to him. According to this lady who sent an anonymous message to Instagram gossip page @thosecalledcelebs, it’s all started when this guy expressed interests in her after several ignored messages. READ ALSO: Criss Waddle’s Multicoloured … Read more

My Boyfriend Is Sleeping On My Bed Right Now And I Feel Like Tearing Him Apart With A Knife – Brokenhearted Lady

A brokenhearted Nigerian lady in a Facebook post says she is still contemplating tearing her cheating boyfriend apart with a knife as he is sleeping on her bed right now. She is confused about whether to stab him or leave him to KARMA as in the case with her other exes─but she claims what his … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: I Asked My Friend’s Husband to Leave Her—And She Was Shocked I Could Do That

Are you the kind of wife or girlfriend who cannot overcome the temptation of taking your husband or boyfriend’s phone to check whether or not he’s cheating? Then read the below post by Chris-Vincent Agyapong on how a husband nearly left his wife─all because she took a number from his phone and called to verify … Read more

I Need A Sensible Sugar Daddy With Grey Hair To Date – Young Ghanaian Lady

Apparently, this young Ghanaian lady is tired of dating young men─and now, she wants to date an older man with grey hair. According to a young Ghanaian lady, being in a relationship with a young man is stressful because it’s either he cheats or has a girlfriend somewhere. READ ALSO: PHOTO: When Mark Zuckerberg And … Read more

The Silence Of My Husband After He Caught Me In Bed With Another Man Is Killing Me – Worried Married Woman Reveals

A married Ghanaian woman is in a dilemma after her husband caught her in bed with another man. According to the married woman who shared her story with TV3, her husband never uttered a word when he caught her with another man on their matrimonial bed. READ ALSO: Moesha Buduong’s Liposuction Mark Clearly Appears In … Read more

Man Who Found Love On Facebook After Placing An Advert Set To Pay Ghc250,000 As Bride Price

A Zimbabwean man after placing adverts on Facebook in search of a good woman to marry finally found one─and he is spending a colossal amount of $50,000 equivalent to Ghc250,000. The man identified as Wicknell Chivhayo has found one pretty woman called Sonja Madzikanda to spend the rest of his life with. READ ALSO: ‘Sometimes … Read more

Don’t Marry If You’re Not Ready To Put Your Wife First Over Your Mom – Business Strategist Advises Men

According to a Business Strategist, Samuel Otigba, any man who isn’t ready to prioritise his wife over his mother shouldn’t bother to marry. Samuel Otigba explaining why he will put his wife first over his mother said; READ ALSO: Shatta Wale Performed Over 100 Songs At ‘Loud In Bukom’ Concert Organised By Tinny “Took a … Read more

‘I’m Looking For A White Husband’ – African Lady Holds Placard In Search For A Husband In the Streets

It’s clear that men are now scarce in the 21st century looking at how women keep fighting with each other over men. In a photo sighted by GhanaCelebrities.com on social media, an African lady whose identity is yet to be known was seen holding a placard with the inscription “Marry me please. Looking for white … Read more

My Boyfriend Keeps Demanding Money From Me As If I’m ‘The Man Of The House’ – Lady Cries Out

In a message sent to Love and Relationship expert, Adejoro Olumofin, one pretty lady in a relationship with a guy is seeking advice on whether to break up with her guy who keeps demanding money from her ─ making it sound as if she asked him out. According to this pretty young lady, her boyfriend … Read more

If A Man Can L*ck His Wife Or Lover Even In Her Menses Then What’s The Fuss About His Wife Using It To Prepare His Favourite Meal?

man l*cking watermelon

S*x even though overrated but has become a very important ingredient in sustaining and fuelling romantic relationships in our modern world ─ the 21st century.

We live in an era where lovers or couples engage in all manner of weird sexual escapades all in the name of helping each other achieve orgasm or s*xual pleasure ─ from weird and dangerous bedroom acrobatics which even the masters of karate will find it difficult to do to all the recently discovered s*x positions.

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I’ve Been Dating My Husband Online for A Year But he Doesn’t Know It’s Me – ‘Clever’ Wife Reveals

It takes a clever wife to be able to chop twice from the same man, once as a wife and also as a side chick. But a Kenyan woman has managed to accomplish this rare feat for one full year. READ ALSO: Makeup Betrays Bobrisky – Dumps Her Hard Face On The Net – Photo … Read more

It’s Inherently Stupid for Any Woman To Think Not Being Married By Age 30 Is A ‘Problem’ — CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

Human beings are social animals, no question about that. Marriage, relationships and family are important social structures put in place all to help in the most important function of any living thing – which is the perpetuation of the species. However, whilst these things are important, they don’t necessarily have to be the end goal … Read more

When Did Talking to the Opposite Sex Become this WEIRD?

I know a lot of great people who are still single and I know a lot of losers who are too—the latter deserve to occupy that position proudly until they learn to place value on the essence of human relationships. I am that guy that starts a conversation with whoever and at wherever. I cherish … Read more

Husband Snatching ‘Disease’ Hits Popular Female Group On Facebook, ‘TELL IT MOMS’ – SCREENSHOTS

A lot of these female groups on Facebook have done more harm than good to their members looking at the number of boyfriend-husband snatching stories posted on the platform.

I keep saying that women are their own enemies and it’s the truth ─ how can women with the common objective of promoting the welfare of women start snatching each other’s husbands and boyfriends? We cannot overlook the number of humanitarian projects undertaken by these female groups on Facebook especially, ‘Tell It Moms’ to make the lives of women better but the boyfriend-husband snatching is getting out of hand.

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Counsellor Adofoli ‘Perfectly’ Replies Female Ghanaian Nurses Crying For Husbands

GhanaCelebrities.com a few days ago published an article about some female Ghanaian nurses lamenting over why Ghanaian men aren’t approaching them for serious relationships leading to marriage.

According to these pretty nurses, it has been difficult for them to land in meaningful relationships simply because Ghanaian men are scared to approach them judging from the misconception out there that nurses are disrespectful and materialistic.

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Are Ghanaian Men Broke, Stingy And Opportunists? – Ghanaian Women Share Their Relationship Experiences

Are Ghanaian men stingy and opportunists? Well, some Ghanaian women have shared their embarrassing relationship experiences with some Ghanaian men with the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong and one thing is clear, some Ghanaian men are the reason why the majority of Ghanaian women aren’t interested in relationships anymore.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong in a Facebook post wrote;

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Please Don’t Be Scared Of Us, Be Bold And Approach Us – Pretty Female Nurses ‘Beg’ Ghanaian Men

According to some pretty female Ghanaian nurses, the majority of Ghanaian men are not approaching them for serious relationships because they scared and not bold enough.

These unhappy and pretty female nurses in an exclusive interview with Fnnewsroom lamented that even though they are matured for marriages but Ghanaian men aren’t approaching them for meaningful relationships leading to marriage.

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SCREENSHOT: My Husband Came To My Office Unannounced To Rape Me – Woman Narrates Her Ordeal

Some African women are suffering in the name of relationships and marriage and from how these weird stories about relationships and marriages keep flooding social media, one can tell that the majority of women aren’t happy in their relationships and marriages.

According to this woman, she has never starved her husband of sex ─anytime he wants it, she gives it to him without complaining and yet this man barged in her office just to forcefully have sex with her.

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