VIDEO: Watch How Kweku Adoboli Was Manhandled By 5 Well-built Officers, Warned Not To Be Violent And Vocal During His Deportation Process

The former UBS banker, Kweku Adoboli has been deported from the United Kingdom to Ghana after his legal battle not to be deported was unsuccessful.

Kweku Adoboli says he is happy to be home but still lamenting over how he was deported ─describing it as undignified manner!

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NPP’s Hopeson Adorye Impregnated Me and Has A Baby With Me But Has Failed to Take Care of the Child Despite All Efforts—A Struggling Single Mother Shares Her Story

Hopeson Adorye

A struggling Ghanaian single mother has told GhanaCelebrities.Com about how she met NPP’s Hopeson Adorye in 2012 during the heated campaign season in Tamale and about their brief affair—how she got pregnant and had a baby which the politician has failed to take up his fatherly responsibilities toward the child despite all efforts.
According to the woman, she has been struggling as a single mother to take care of the child who is now 4 years and 7 months and that throughout the life of the child, Hopseon who is the father has just given her a total of 3,000 GHS.
The woman, who asked for anonymity said despite Hopeson Adorye making several promises to uphold his responsibilities as the father, he does not live up to his words and regularly threatens and shouts at her when she contacts him over the welfare of the child.

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My Story: How Ghanaian Beat Maker Appietus Cheated Me And ‘Fraudulently’ Sold My Beat to Nero X


If you are an artist who desires to work with popular Ghanaian beat maker-Appietus, you ought to be wary of his “fraudulent ways”—at least, that’s what Ghanaian musician-Sariki seems to say.

Sariki, formerly known as Bossu and famous for his 2013 hit song-Bata Wujin featuring StoneBwoy and Sormiha featuring Yaa Pono has told GhanaCelebrities.Com about how Appietus sold a beat to him for 2500 GHS in 2014 and years later sold the same beat to Nero X for Appietu’s recently released compilation.

“In 2014, my management-Gye Nyame Entertainment based in the U.K through Obrafour paid Appietus 2500 GHS in Ghana for him to produce a beat for a single which he did,” Sariki said.

“Immediately the beat was ready, I recorded a song which featured Obrafour and Don Itchy (Appietus’ own artist). But since Obrafour was busy, we did not have time to shoot a music video for the song which we wanted to release alongside the video,” he added.

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My Story: How A Confidence Trickster Sat At My Wedding Gift Table Over the Weekend And Posed As A Family Member to Collect Gifts And Disappear With Them

Wedding Gifts

A newly married man, Albert Ababio, has told GhanaCelebrities.Com about what’s on many levels funny but also shocking–that a man from nowhere, a confidence trickster managed to sit at his wedding’s gift table as if he had been authorised to do so and collected enough gifts from guests which he disappeared with.

Albert married his beautiful wife, Stella, in Takoradi in Ghana over the weekend and the wedding was attended by over 300 friends and family–of course, including the confidence trickster who was not invited.

According to Albert, on Monday they realised a lot of their gifts from guests were missing as the number of gifts did not tally with the gift names and phone numbers written down at the gift table.

“We detected the anomaly on Monday when we did the audit. All guests who presented gifts had their names and numbers captured.It was as a result of checking the names against the gifts/envelopes that we detected a few missing ones,” he told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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My Story: A Killer Has Been Hired to Kill Me, My Husband and Children And After Submitting the Killer’s Threats And Evidence to Ghana Police, Nothing Has Been Done—We’ve Even Paid Money As Demanded By the Killer

Fence Wall-Image file

A Ghanaian working mother, Vivian who resides at Kwabenya in Accra has narrated to GhanaCelebrities.Com the nightmare she and her family have been enduring since May 11—when she found a note on her car, asking her to call a particular number.

According to Vivian, after calling the number on the note several times without any answer, she told her husband about it who also called—in an attempt to find out why the note was left on Vivian’s car which was parked at home.

“And then a few minutes after my husband called without anyone answering, the same number called him back. The person at the other side of the phone said he had been hired to kill my husband, myself and our children,” Vivian told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

The person who left the note on Vivian’s car, now claiming to be a killer, asked that they pay him 2000 GHS or else they would be murdered.

If you live with children, such a threat wouldn’t be taken lightly especially if the person had somewhat been able to come into your fenced compound and boldly leave a note on your call, demanding that you call him.

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