In Event News:All set for ‘Face of the West’

blankIt is often said that ‘the best comes from the west’, though there is nothing to prove this saying, it has been an accepted adage.

The best resources in Ghana are said to be found in the western part of the country, like gold, diamond and most importantly cocoa, with the greatest achievement being the discovery of oil in commercial quantities.

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Calm Down Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah has been known for her fashion scandals. Now the married mother “Jackie” is heading towards a different world of indecent exposure. Don’t you think she is exposing too much as a married African (Ghanaian) woman? The children are watching, Your fans are watching and those who happen to see you as their role model are … Read more

Daddy Lumba Sings For Empty Seats

blankIt seems the sensational Highlife music star, Daddy Lumba (DL) had the biggest surprise in his life on the Val’s day when he appeared on stage only to see empty seats waiting impatiently for his well-rehearsed performance. Like a dreadful curse, our man had no option than to sing for ‘them’.

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Eazzy Of Lynx Entertainment Rocks Sunyani & Kumasi

blankYes, she might not have a decade of experience as an artisetee but when it comes to talent she has bagged an awful lot. Known as the first lady of the Lynx entertainment crew, Eazzy set out on a club tour early this year to further adorn her relationship with her fans, and make a connection to the very people without whom, she would be no more than an ordinary lady.

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It’s Jackie Appiah Again!

blankSince her days on the award-winning TV series Things We Do For Love to date, Jackie Appiah has worked judiciously and tirelessly to carve an image of a good actress, a role model and a source of inspiration and entertainment to well-loving Ghanaians and many others outside Ghana. Her professional work ethics have seen her star in a plethora of best-selling movies that have garnered several awards and enabled her annex several accolades including the prestigious African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for Best Supporting Actress in 2007.

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Jackie Colors Colors Appiah


The desire to standout is just human nature. Unfortunately, some try too hard and end up committing silly mistakes. It happens with everybody. However, the same cannot be said of habitual fashion offender Jackie Appiah. Recently, Ghanacelebrities was heavily criticized for including Jackie in our first annual best dress list (2008). The disapproval sent our way by some readers is completely understandable. She made that list based on her style off set which is best described as pleasant.  However, Jackie’s onscreen looks over the years have slowly morphed from being fairly chic to disastrous; her onscreen style can be described in one word-tacky, with one hell of a capital T.

Jackie’s onscreen color scheme is usually off and does not relate to the occasion or environment.  She is usually decked out in vibrant coordinating colors more often than not accentuated with drag make up. The most irritating aspect of this is her penchant for tying huge scarves and flowers that belong in a vase around her neck-can she even breath with that suffocating thing around her neck all in the name of fashion?

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OMG!-Is She Chinese, White or Ghanaian?

blankIt has always been every little girl’s dream to pursue the princess lifestyle of a blonde white Barbie doll. Barbie lives in a playhouse, owns a pink convertible and has a boyfriend named Ken of which according to reports represents what every girl hopes to have one day.

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Shirley Frimpong Manso Of Sparrow Productions Is Pregnant. Guess Who Is the Man Behind The Action?

Shirley Frimpong-Manso- AMAA Best Director of the Year 2010

I remember during a chit-chat about successful Ghanaian Movie Producers, Shirley Frimpong Manso “popped” up and the most snooping personage of our team asked, “Why is it that, Shirley is not married or having children yet, despite all her success and age?”

Here it is now; GhanaCelebrities.Com can confirm that Shirley has finally caught the ball. Who kicked the ball is still a mystery but nothing is much of an ambiguity to us such that we have no clue at all.

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In Developing News:Oh My God! So Batman Samini Has Engaged 2 Women In 2 Years & Has A Kid With Each Huh?


After publishing a confirmed engagement between the Ghanaian Musician Batman Samini and the mother of his 6 months old baby “Mercy Geker” which took place last weekend in London, has received several emails and phone calls from various people alleging that somewhere in 2009, this same Batman Samini under “Ghanaian customary marriage” engaged one “Sister Christiana” the mother of his 6 years old daughter.

Gosh!! We are still chasing this up as one of the callers from Canada claimed to be a good friend of “Sister Christiana”, the lady Samini allegedly engaged in 2009 and the mother of Toyila Samini (Batman’s 6 years old child). We know for a fact that Samini has a 6 year old child out there, but for the customary marriage bit with the mother of this child, hmmmm.

Does this denote that Samini has successfully engaged two young Ghanaian women in 2 years after having babies with them? Indeed, Fame and Money can do a lot in Ghana. We are 100% certain about the last weekend engagement but finding it difficult to accept the customary marriage which took place last year between this same Batman Samini and Sister Christiana, a Ghanaian born Canadian resident. Why do you think we find it difficult to believe this?. This is just too much for us all….

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We Broke It First-Batman Samini Got Married Last Weekend In London

Castro De Destoyer tied the knot few weeks ago secretly in Swedru, making him the first Ghanaian Celeb to marry this year. It seems 2010 is all about love and marriage for our Ghanaian Celebrities. can confirm that the thrilling Ghanaian musician “Batman Samini” who recently relocated to London with the prime motive of … Read more