Black Sherif Kwaku the Traveller – Blacko Addresses Managerial Woes in Masterpiece – Listen + Review

black sherif kwaku the traveller

Killer MC Black Sherif set Twitter on fire with the release of latest masterpiece Kwaku the Traveller which addressed some sensitive topics. The young MC tackled issues he had with his management and Ghanaians at large. Killer Blacko acknowledged his mistakes but added he’s just a kid who is allowed to mess up. He insisted … Read more

Top Five Most Controversial Moments of Ebonys Reigns’ Short but Glorious Career – Read


Today is Ebony day! 4 years ago today, the late, great singer sadly passed away. Ebony, born Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, died in a car accident whilst returning to Accra from Sunyani after visiting her mother. It was the tragedy of all tragedies! The 20-year-old, even at her young age, had established herself as undisputedly the … Read more

NII SMILEY BYTE Writes – Moesha’s Gospel Career Is Dead on Arrival As She Lacks Talent and Can No Longer Count on her S*x Appeal

moesha boduong mad

It seems becoming born-again has helped Moesha Boduong become even smarter than we remember her to be. Slay queen Moesha was very good at being a slay queen, showing off her body parts in scanty photos to get rich men interested in paying to taste that body. It’s not exactly rocket science and Moesha mastered … Read more

NII SMILEY BYTE Writes – Emelia Brobbey Drops Another Wacky, Noisy Mess – A Disgrace to Music and Firm Indicator of A Midlife Crisis

emelia brobbey music

Actress Emelia Brobbey continues to disturb Ghanaians with wacky, noisy, tracks which are a hazard to our tympanic membranes. Emelia appears to be going through a midlife crisis and has condemned the entire country to go along with her for the ride. No matter how much we try, we cannot escape from Emelia. Having temporarily … Read more

NII SMILEY BYTE Writes – A Professional Beggar and A Pathological Liar – Psalm Adjeteyfio Deserves No One’s Sympathy Or Money

psalm adjeteyfio

The simple fact about Adjeteyfio is this – he’s lazy, irresponsible, ungrateful, a pathological liar and a burden on society.

Sam George Displays His Ignorance and Arrogance on LGBT Issue on CNN – Dumb Ghanaians Applaud Him

sam george cnn

Honourable Sam George, Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, has been parading his ignorance all over the airwaves in relation to this LGBT bill. He has now taken his ignorance and offensive bravado on this topic to CNN and made himself a laughing stock on the world stage. The worst part is – dumb as … Read more

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Relaunched in Nigeria – Check Five Game Shows that Should Be Launched in Ghana Today

game shows in Ghana

The game show ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’ has been relaunched in Nigeria. The show returns to air after a four-year hiatus. Meanwhile, ‘Who Wants to Be Rich’, Ghana’s equivalent show, has not aired since 2012. The ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’ show is just one example of a globally popular game show … Read more

‘The Devil’s Work’ Review – Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Blockbuster Thriller is MUST SEE TV – Watch on

the devil's work shirley

It’s a normal day in Ghana’s capital Accra. Outside, life bustles on as usual. Traffic is hell, hawkers sweat in the sun to hawk their wares, and the West African sun does its best to chase everyone indoors. Inside, at the offices of an NGO, a family is mourning following the murder of their domineering … Read more

Like Wendy Shay, Confused and Arrogant Yaw Tog Comes Off As Thick and Unpolished in Stormzy Interview – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

yaw tog stormzy

‘Who are you as Wendy Shay?’ – this simple question and the very dumb response Wendy Shay gave to it, opened her up to trolling that lasted for a very long time. Wendy Shay could not see an opportunity to market herself and give Ghanaians the perfect answer about who she is as an artiste. … Read more

A Plus, Serwaa Amihere and 8 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Support Either Hearts or Kotoko

celebrities who support hearts or kotoko

Tomorrow, the biggest super clash in close to a decade comes off at the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium between Accra Hearts of Oak and Kumasi Asante Kotoko. The two Ghanaian giants lock horns to decide who takes the lead in the hottest title race in a very, long time. Seriously, I don’t remember the last … Read more

Afia Schwar, Prince David Osei and More – Full List of Political Prostitutes and Cowards Exposed by Fix the Country Campaign – Photos


The year 2021 has exposed a lot of rot in Ghana to the limelight. Politicians who came to power by lying and promising heaven on earth have been exposed as incompetent and corrupt fraudsters. So has some celebrities who have taken money from these politicians to lie to Ghanaians in the face of all evidence … Read more

Obviously DKB Has A Big Head But Rude And Unprofessional Halifax Ansah Addo Is the One With Small Sense


On Saturday night, Ghanaians were promised a blockbuster United Showbiz show featuring friends and enemies of Akuapem Poloo – DKB, the blogger those called celebs and Afia Schwarzenegger. Instead we were treated to close to three hours of the rude and prickly Halifax Ansah Addo lobbing shades and outright insults at DKB whilst providing little … Read more

Don’t Be A Fool And Fall For Akuapem Poloo’s Scam to Become Rich Through her Misfortune – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Advice to Ghanaians – don’t be a fool and donate any money to Akuapem Poloo whilst she’s in jail. For some reason, Akuapem Poloo and those around her have decided that being jailed for 3 months, after being convicted on her own plea, is the perfect opportunity to make money from Ghanaians. Under the guise … Read more

Don’t Clap for Ken Ofori-Atta Claiming he Doesn’t Take Salary or ‘Per Diem’ – Salary is Nothing, Corruption is Everything – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Finance Minister Designate Ken Ofori-Atta revealed during his vetting to resume his post as Finance Minister in front of Parliament’s Appointment Committee Thursday, March 25th that he does not take any salary or ‘per diem’ to serve as Finance Minister. Essentially, Ofori-Atta, a well known ‘rich man’ before entering Akufo-Addo’s government, is telling us that … Read more

Racism, Mental Slavery and Double Standards – The New Image Of Achimota School


Achimota School is one of the most respected schools in Ghana. There is no doubt that when it comes to senior high schools, there are a select number of schools who are placed in the higher echelons by Ghanaians and Achimota is one of them. Achimota School, Presec Legon, Adisadel College and many others are … Read more

Ghanaians Hate Sodomy But Happily Sit Down Whilst Akufo-Addo F*cks Us All Up the Butt, Without Lube – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Ghanaians are in a world of hurt right now. The government, with no regard for the raging pandemic which has triggered an economic downturn the world over, has increased taxes on almost everything. The budget which was read last week made it clear that government is increasing taxes across board. The Value Added Tax (VAT) … Read more

After Failing To Arrest the Cedi Or Stop Covid, Duncan-Williams to Lead Doomed To Fail National Prayer Day Against LGBT – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Apparently, Ghanaian bishops and pastors are ready to hold a 1 day national prayer rally on LGBTQI+. According to a flyer we’ve spotted of the upcoming program, the prayer rally is on the theme ‘Homos*xuality, A detestable sin to God’. The prayer rally would include pastors such as Dag Heward Mills, Frimpong Manso of the … Read more

Grammy 2021 Proved ‘Already’ Is A Joke – Shatta Wale Would Never Win Any ‘Proper’ Award Until he Stops Writing Garbage Lyrics


Shatta Wale is never winning any ‘proper’ award until he stops writing garbage lyrics and passing them off as songs. On Sunday night at the Grammy awards, the huge gap between Ghanaian and Nigerian songwriters was put on full display as Burna Boy and Wizkid went home winners whilst Shatta Wale and his colleagues watched … Read more

Bunch of Ignorant and Bigoted Ghanaians Secure Their Spot In Heaven After Stripping Down and Righteously Assaulting A Transgender Man

mob beats thieves dansoman

Ever since the conversation surrounding the issue of LGBT Ghanaians took over the national spotlight, I knew that this was where everything was eventually headed. The pure animus targeted at gay people on social media, the organized hatred of Moses Foh-Amoaning and his ilk, the constant reaffirming of religious leaders that homos*xuality is demonic and … Read more

Ghanaians Surprised to Discover they’re Poor After Giving Corrupt Politicians A Pass and Attacking Innocent Gay People – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Ghanaians are on social media right now crying out about several foreign media reports today calling us a poor country. Having spent the past few weeks spending every waking moment attacking gay people, threatening to beat them, calling them demonic and every other derogatory term you can think of, you can forgive the ordinary Ghanaian … Read more

Soggy Yam and Chicken Tasting Like Sugar – Customers Tell Us the Food at Van Vicker’s ‘Vantastic Grill’ Is A Disaster


It’s Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. A young couple in Accra have decided that they want nothing more than to have a great meal, stay indoors and just enjoy movies the entire day. Someone suggests Van Vicker‘s ‘Vantastic Grill’ to them. The actor, trying to diversify his income sources, has started … Read more

Funny Face is Mad – He’s Mentally Unstable and His Family Should Seize His Phone Until He’s Well – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Every few months we suffer this issue with Funny Face. He goes ‘mad’ on social media and starts making wild and crazy posts, attacking people left and right and behaving bizarrely. Whenever his ‘mania’ arrives, you can tell because Funny Face would make post after post after post without stopping with each post more bizarre … Read more

Between Sleeping with Your Mummy, Your Cousin Or A DOG? – The Dirty Life Of Our So-Called Celebs Laid Bare By Drug Addict Gbee Naabu and Big Mouth Ayisha – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


The most exciting time in the life of a blogger is when two celebrities out of the blue start attacking each other, giving birth to a ‘beef’ that can generate content for days on end. Aside blessing us with content that we generally have to search and prod and prude for, a beef is also … Read more

Rawlings Was Not An Ewe – Jerry Rawlings John Is NOT An Ewe Name – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Former President Jerry John Rawlings’ supposed tribe has become a matter of great contention since he died – quite shockingly. After the legendary life he lived, filled with both great deeds and dastardly acts, the great debate after his passing is about whether he’s an Ewe or not and whether there HAD to be some … Read more

Hidden Sidechicks and Illegitimate Children – Even In Death Papa J Goes Down As A ‘Proper’ Man! – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


The life of the late Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings was so full of vim and verve, twists and turns, that the entire story could fill up three full-length biographies and have many more pages leftover. J.J is one of the two most influential leaders in Ghanaian history – he being the Abraham Lincoln to … Read more

Parliament House is Filled with Greedy, Shameless, Violent and Childish ‘Leaders’ – A National Embarrassment – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Ghanaians were treated to a full course of comedy and tragedy on the night of January 6th 2021 as the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic convened for the first time. Instead of watching an orderly process with adults utilizing their brains – afterall these are the 275 duly elected Members of Parliament of the … Read more

F*ck Love, Talentless Patapaa Wisely Married Liha for German Citizenship to Secure His Future – Nii Smiley Byte Writes


Ghanaian artiste Justice Amoah, professionally known as Patapaa, recently married his German girlfriend Liha Miller in Agona Swedru, with the wedding being the talk of town for much of the past week. Everyone is trying to understand what motivated a local boy like Patapaa to go all the way to Germany to find an overweight … Read more