SHOCKING VIDEO: Horny Cat Recorded Having S£X With A Chicken–And It Won’t Let the Chicken Go

The world is surely about to end–as the signs of endtime are all over us.

Who would have ever imagined that a cat would get so horny to the extent that, it would want to bang the hell out of an ordinary chicken minding her business?

The below video of a black and white cat, doing all possible to have a sex with a chicken has been circulating on social media and we are baffled.

WTF? The persistent alone means the cat is on some serious HEAT.

Apparently, that’s somewhere in Nigeria…

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Hair Dresser Rips Off Her Customer's Newly Fitted Weave After Her Boyfriend Who Was Meant to Pay Runaway to Avoid Paying For It

This is hilarious and yet it captures this insane notion of some women thinking that men are their ATMS and they ought to pay for everything including fitting their hair.
Apparently, this incident took place in Zimbabwe at the Rich and Famous hair Salon, and reports say, the victim known as Nothando, had gone to the salon with her boyfriend, who left when she was getting her hair done.

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Man Caught Stealing 12 Balls Of Fufu And A Pot Of Soup Forced To Eat Everything!

A Nigerian man caught red handed lifting some food received the unusual punishment of being forced to eat whatever it was that he had stolen.
The man, a 35 year old father of two, was seen sneaking out of a restaurant in Igbogene, Bayelsa State around 2am one morning when a local vigilante group picked him up.

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GENIUS: Chinese Woman Convinces 20 Boyfriends To Each Buy Her An iPhone 7 – Then Sells Phones To Buy A House

A Chinese woman is making waves online after her smart brain outwitted 20 guys in her quest to buy a house for herself.
Identified by the pseudonym of Xiaoli, the woman reportedly managed to juggle 20 boyfriends for a while, and then when the iPhone 7 went on sale in China in September, convinced them each to buy her one.

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108 Ghanaians in Chains Deported from USA + Drama At Kotoka On Their Arrival

Kotoka Airport
Kotoka Airport

The United States government has deported several Ghanaians who landed at Kotoka International Airport in chains.
The deportees are said to have committed various offences in the US, the reason for their in-chain deportation.
“About 57 of the depor­tees were brought back to Ghana Wednesday from the United States of America (USA) where they had gone to seek ‘greener pastures’,” reports MyJoyOnline.
The website adds that: “Sources have it that the remaining 51 are expected to be flown in sometime next week”

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Trying To Teach Her Husband A Lesson About Lotteries – Woman Buys A Ticket And Wins $1m

A woman wanted to teach her profligate husband a lesson about wasting so much money on the lottery – instead she ended up landing a huge lottery win.
Glenda Blackwell of Leicester, North Carolina, was peeved at her husband for always spending so much money on lottery tickets even though he never won. Desperate to prove a point to him, she turned down his request to buy lottery tickets for him, instead buying a separate scratch and win lottery ticket.

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Bold Nigerian Student Begged Her Lecturer For Good Grades In Exchange For S*x Right On Her Exam Answer Booklet (SEE PHOTO)

A Nigerian student has shown magnificent levels of brazenness and inventiveness by using her answer booklet as the medium to deliver a quid pro quo message to her lecturer – good grades for my body.
The student, of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, chose a medium she knew would be directly delivered to her lecturer and read by nobody else.

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Indonesian Man Facing JAIL TIME After Hacking A Prominent Billboard And Streaming P*rn On It During Rush Hour

A hacker in Indonesia who tried being too clever by half is unfortunately in hot water, having fallen foul of some local laws in the extremely conservative Muslim nation.
The hacker, a 24 year old IT worker, was bored at work and decided to play a prank by hacking a billboard at a very prominent location and playing a p*rn video on it.

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Chinese Journalist Suspended For Wearing Sunglasses And Holding An Umbrella Whilst Interviewing Typhoon Victims

Stories of insensitive people who are supposed to help those struck by disaster rather engaging in an action that kind of spits on them are becoming a little too much for taste.
Within the past few months a reporter has gotten fired for letting flood stricken people carry her so as not to wet herself, and a government official in India also had to endure criticism after a similar act.

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New Orleans Writer Runs Into Burning House To Retrieve Two Completed Novels

Passion, dedication, self preservation – these are all qualities that New Orleans based writer Gideon Hodge showed in abundance in a recent incident that’s making waves online.
Hodge run into his burning apartment to save his laptop, which at the time contained two completed novels he had written and which he simply couldn’t allow to be burnt to a crisp.

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Japanese Minister Ridiculed After He Visited A Flooded Area And Was Photographed Being Carried On Another Official's Back To Keep Him Dry

What’s up with government officials supposed to check up on people suffering then doing something insensitive that takes away from everything they are supposed to be doing.
An Indian official recently got in trouble for a similar stunt, and now a Japanese minister is also getting ridiculed for trying not to get wet whilst visiting a flood hit area. Like those there have the opportunity to keep themselves from getting wet.

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Man Puts Wife Up For Sale On eBay – Attracts Bids Of Over £65,000

A man put his wife up for sale on eBay, not realising that his tongue-in-cheek ad was going to be taken seriously by people who would send in bids going as high as £65,000.
Simon O’Kane of Yorkshire, England, put his wife Leandra up for sale when he returned home after a tough day at the office  and said his wife was nagging at him.

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ACT OF KINDNESS: Chinese Police Officer Carries Elderly Disabled Lady Over 1km To Enable Her Catch A Train On Time

A Chinese police officer is winning incessant plaudits after an amazing act of kindness he carried out for an 80 year old grandma.
The SWAT officer carried Liu, who is disabled in the legs, over the 1km distance needed to get her documentation in order and board a train on time at China’s Haining Station.

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PHOTO: Indian Politician Carried By Police Officials Through Flood Water That Has Killed Hundreds Nationwide

A narcissistic politician exists somewhere in the world – big surprise. I’m pretty sure Oko Vanderpuye would be very proud of this guy.
Indian politician Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh state, is making waves online after he was photographed being carried by officials through flood waters.

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Check Out The Unique Story Of Jen Glantz – Bridesmaid For Hire

There are all sorts of jobs in this world now, some so deviously simple you wonder why nobody ever thought of it, whilst others are simply perplexing.
For instance, being a professional bridesmaid who’s hired by people to appear at their wedding – I remember seeing the ‘Wedding Ringer’, but I never thought someone had brought it to life.

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Russian Woman Claims She Was Raped By A Pokemon After Falling Asleep Whilst Playing Pokemon Go


A Russian woman says she was raped, by a Pokemon, in a case that has left her husband and police astounded.
The woman lodged a formal complaint with police saying one of the characters in the currently super popular virtual reality game raped her in her sleep, after she dozed off whilst playing the game.

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Man Late For Flight In Spain Arrested After Running After Plane To Board It

A Bolivian man has been arrested after he violated several security protocols to get on his flight in Madrid, after failing to get onto the plane on time.
The man, for some reason, was unable to get onto the plane via the jet bridge, and therefore after grabbing his luggage, run across the tarmac to board the plane.

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'Don't Talk To Other Girls' 'No Tattoos' – Read The Ten Point Instruction Manual A Girl Gave To Her Boyfriend Before He Left On Vacation

the lovely couple
the lovely couple

Talk about being on top of things! A girlfriend who wanted to take no chances with her boyfriend handed him a ten point plan to adhere to in order to avoid offending her when he went on vacation.
Kieran Lumsden and some of his male friends were taking a boys only trip to the island of Magaluf in Spain when his girlfriend, Whitney Travers handed him the list.

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HILARIOUS: Frustrated Dad Agrees To Let His Children Have A Dog ONLY If They Sign A Contract – Read The Funny Details

file photo
file photo

Children can be pretty grueling sometimes. When they get something into their heads, they would fight tooth and nail to get it, playing all sorts of ‘tricks’ on their parents.
Some parents relent, others don’t – whilst others let the kids sign a contract before they get what they want.

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