You Talk Too Much – Ghanaians Blast Nana Addo Over Unfulfilled Promise to Make the Accra-Tema Motorway a 10-Lane Highway


Ghana’s president, Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo, declared 2022 as the third year of roads. This declaration was made via Twitter, announcing that the government will construct more roads throughout the country. READ ALSO: Freedom Jacob Caesar Surprises His Wife with Two 70th Anniversary Special Edition Tear-Rubber Toyota Landcruisers – Video 2021’s declaration as the second … Read more

MOMO TAX: Nana Akufo-Addo’s Government’s Political Treachery is Both Tragic and Ridiculous


President Nana Akufo-Addo told Ghanaians that we were sitting on “plenty of money” and yet we were still hungry as a result of the gross incompetence and maladministration of the then John Mahama-led government.   That was when Nana Akufo-Addo and his political friends of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) were in opposition. When Nana … Read more

So You Have Secretly Been Taking Money and Now Pretending to Be Offended? – Ghanaians Blast First Lady Over Refunding Allowances

first lady allowance

Ghanaians are not impressed with the first lady rejecting her new gargantuan salary approved by a commission of old men seeking to loot the country for their political paymasters. Per reactions on social media, people are wondering why she has kept quiet and taken that salary all these years only to pretend to be angry … Read more

Shock As Abronye DC Sues NPP Government Over Exorbitant Salaries for 1st and 2nd Lady

abronye sues npp

In a shocking turn of events, the Bono Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Abronye DC, has sued the government for the recently announced presidential salaries. Abronye has filed a suit seeking a judgement that the recommendations by the Professor Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu Committee that the 1st and 2nd ladies receive salaries be … Read more

Captain Smart Took NDC Money he Was Supposed to Share to Journalists – Kwame Dzokoto Alleges

kwame dzokoto captain smart

Ghanaian actor and former failed NDC parliamentary aspirant Kwame Dzokoto has thrown a wild allegation at Onua TV presenter Captain Smart. According to Dzokoto, Captain Smart once accepted money the NDC gave to him to share to journalists. Dzokoto alleged during an interview with Kofi TV that Smart is a thief, a criminal and corrupt. … Read more

Any Country Without Jobs for the Youth Will Have Violence – Old Video of Candidate Akufo-Addo Pops Up

akufo-addo jobs

Once upon a time, candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo warned that a country without jobs for its youth risks becoming a violent nation. Fast forward after nearly five years of Ghana under Akufo-Addo, Ghana is becoming a violent nation. We guess that means Akufo-Addo has miserably failed. For everything going wrong after Akufo-Addo right now, … Read more

Details – Kwabena Kwabena Allegedly Received Ghc 100,000 From NPP For Campaign Song and Lied About It


Musician Kwabena Kwabena allegedly received Ghc 100,000 from the NPP for composing a campaign song for the party in 2016. This revelation was made by musician and political activist Kwame A Plus in response to an interview by Kwabena Kwabena in which he complained that the NPP has abandoned him after he helped them claim … Read more

Your Ho Poly Certificate Cannot Compare to Our Cambridge Degrees – Akufo-Addo’s Niece Attacks Ghanaians Complaining About Nepotism


Jake Bediako, an NPP loyalist, has been appointed as the Presidential Coordinator for Youth Engagement and Strategy at the Office of the President. The niece of President Akufo-Addo, Aku Akuffo, has slammed Ghanaians who are complaining that a crony of the President has been given a non-existent job at the Presidency. READ ALSO: Unbothered Xandy … Read more

Afia Schwar, Prince David Osei and More – Full List of Political Prostitutes and Cowards Exposed by Fix the Country Campaign – Photos


The year 2021 has exposed a lot of rot in Ghana to the limelight. Politicians who came to power by lying and promising heaven on earth have been exposed as incompetent and corrupt fraudsters. So has some celebrities who have taken money from these politicians to lie to Ghanaians in the face of all evidence … Read more

Captain Smart Allegedly Received Bribe To Shut Up But He Kept Lashing Out To NPP Officials After Chopping The Money – Man Exposes Him


Following Captain Smart’s indefinite suspension from Angel Broadcasting Network, his name is being dragged with certain unfounded allegations. Hon Kennedy Agyapong, for instance, has implicated Captain Smart in a fraud case; he noted Captain Smart was once arrested after he issued a bad cheque to a woman she purchased. READ ALSO: Get Out Of My … Read more

Efia Odo And Slay Queens Are Crying Fix the Country Because NPP Big Men Have Stopped Paying – Ken Agyapong


Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, says Ghanaian slay queens are only leading the fix the country movement because they are no longer making big money from politicians. Agyapong, speaking on the movement which has engulfed the entire country, said the only reason Efia Odo and the likes are at the forefront … Read more

Arrogant Owusu Bempah Apologizes After Insulting Those Calling for the Country to Be Fixed


The arrogant PRO of the Ghana Gas Company, Ernest Owusu Bempah, has finally apologized after insulting celebrities who have joined the ‘fixthecountry’ battle. Bempah wrote a very lenghty and demeaning article at the height of the fix the country social media protests, insulting celebrities who have joined the fight. According to him, those celebrities cannot … Read more

Vote For NPP to Fix the Mess Mahama Has Created – Matilda Asare Busted in Old Video Promising NPP Will #FixtheCountry


Actress Matilda Asare is receiving some serious trolling from Ghanaians after claiming that Ghana is completely fixed and there is nothing wrong in the country. Asare’s dumb comment was her own contribution to the fix the country vs fix yourselves battle on social media. READ ALSO: I Still Remain The Only Queen – Akua GMB … Read more

Captain Smart Exposes How NPP Used GRA to Harass Kwaku Oteng Until he Agreed to Discipline Him


Suspended Angel Fm journalist Captain Smart has spoken up for the first time since he was forcefully yanked off-air and he has some juicy details to reveal. Smart was interviewed by Paul Adom Otchere on Metro TV to reveal what exactly happened that led to his sacking. According to him, the NPP were not happy … Read more

Intolerant NPP Cannot Shut Me Up – Captain Smart Breaks Silence after Suspension


Angel Fm’s Captain Smart has finally broken his silence after he was taken off air by his station for offending the weak minds of NPP officials. Captain Smart’s bosses were pressured by top NPP officials who did not like some of his criticims of their governance to sack him. READ ALSO: Captain Smart Fires Dr … Read more

#FixtheCountry – NPP Squanders $3m in Ododiodioo in 3 Years to Build 3 Toilets and 1 Borehole – Video


This is why we’re crying for the government to ‘fixthecountry’. A video which has popped up on social media shows exactly why Ghanaians are crying out for change since our politicians are so heartless and corrupt. In the video, a government official is questioned about the $1m per constituency pledge that the President made and … Read more

‘FixtheCountry’ Demo To Go Ahead May 9th After Meeting With the Ministers of Defence and Interior


The ‘FixtheCountry’ protest set for May 9th which was initially cancelled by the Police has been reinstated. On May 9th, Ghanaians would hit the street to protest against the hardships facing the country. READ ALSO: Magnificent Throwback Photo of Young Otumfuo Causes Stir on His Birthday – Photo Organizers of the ‘FixtheCountry’ movement met with … Read more

You’ve Gone Dumb Because You Sold Your Voice for Some Coins – Yvonne Nelson Descends on NPP Tool Prince David Osei


Actress Yvonne Nelson has slammed some prominent personalities who have sold their voice to the NPP goverment in exchange for some ‘noko fio’. According to Yvonne, whilst the country is in a mess and some of them are speaking out to try and fight for change, other have also turned dumb because they have sold … Read more

Angry Flexer Gh Drags Prince David Osei To the Gutters Over ‘Fix Yourself First’ Comment Defending NPP’s Bad Governance


Ghanaian dancehall artiste Flexer Gh has angrily rained fire on actor Prince David Osei after he ignorantly called for Ghanaians to fix ourselves in response to #fixthecountry protests. David Osei claims that if Ghanaians fix ourselves, whatever that means, the country will automatically be fixed. A bought celebrity who has taken money from the NPP … Read more

Just In – NPP Gets Captain Smart Taken Off Air For Criticizing Their Incompetence


Angel Broadcasting Network has indefinitely yanked controversial presenter Captain Smart off-air. According to IMANI Ghana CEO Franklin Cudjoe, Smart’s bosses at ABN have yanked him off air due to pressure from high ranking NPP officials. Captain Smart has been taken off-air indefinitely with no news on when he would be reinstated on his role. READ … Read more

People Borrowing To Support their Fakery and Are In Debts and Can’t Manage their lives Have the Nerve to Say ‘FixtheCountry’ – Ghana Gas PRO


The PRO of the Ghana Gas Company, Ernest Owusu Bempah, has slammed Ghanaians calling for ‘fixthecountry’ to fix our own stinking lives first. According to him, people who cannot manage their own lives are calling on the government to fix the country. The heat has been turned on the NPP government and its minions for … Read more

National Security to Knock on Shatta Bandle’s Door Soon After Raining Curses and Threats on Akufo-Addo Over Dumsor – Video


Shatta Bandle might find himself in the grips of the National Security apparatus pretty soon. The young rich n*** has decided to record a video landing insults on Nana Akufo-Addo. READ ALSO: Guitarist Slips And Dies in Church Whilst Worshipping God He has decided to join the ‘Fixthecountry’ protests but Bandle came in with insults … Read more

Tell The Brainless People Riding On #FixTheCountry Trend That The NPP Has Fixed It And Would Continue Fixing It – Kennedy Agyapong Goes On A Wild Rant


At this point, the plausible question to ask Kennedy Agyapong would be ‘which part of the country are you living in? because from where we are sitting, we cannot see the fixing the NPP has done. The member of Parliament of Assin Central has laid fire into those promoting the #FixTheCountry Agenda. He says there … Read more

Learn COVID Economics and Stop Displaying Ignorance – Stomach Journalist Paul Adom Otchere Slams Complaining Ghanaians


Stomach journalist Paul Adom Otchere has slammed Ghanaians complaining over the mess the country has been placed in by the current NPP government. Ghanaians, fed up with high new taxes, fuel price increases and the corresponding increase in prices of all goods and services, dumsor and unavailable water has taken to social media to complain … Read more

‘Nana Is Fixing Ony3’ – Gary Al-Smith Trends After Insulting NPP ‘Headsoldier’ Claiming Nana Is Fixing the Country


Joy News sports guru Gary Al-Smith is trending for the wrong reasons after landing a potent insult on an NPP headsoldier – the opposite of a foot soldier. Gary is fed up with the NPP and their minions trying to turn the #FixGhana hashtag into rather claiming Ghanaians should #Fixourselves. READ ALSO: Selly Galley Gives … Read more

Get Ready To Suffer ‘Systematic Power Outages’ In May – Energy Minister Tells Ghanaians – But Says It’s Not ‘Dumsor’


Minister of Energy Matthew Opoku Prempeh has called on Ghanaians to prepare to suffer ‘systematic power outages’ from May, but insists that the outages are not a return of ‘dumsor’. NAPO held a press briefing Thursday to inform Ghanaians about the ongoing power challenges plaguing the country which has led many to say ‘dumsor’ has … Read more