Victoria Hammah Threatens To Sue Ghana’s Anti-Money Laundering Agency

Victoria Hammah

It looks like Victoria Hammah will continue to make headlines for the next few weeks to come as the former Deputy Minister who is under investigation by Ghana’s anti-money laundering agency-the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) has threatened to sue the FIC if it fails to publish the outcome of its investigations.

Victoria Hammah regards the investigation as an invasion of her privacy and she is reported to have called IC Chief Executive, Samuel T. Essel to question the real reason behind the investigation when no one has lodged a complaint of missing money against her…On that note, she has dared the agency to publish their findings or risk being sued by her.


According to DailyGuide;

The Embattled former Deputy Minister of Communications, Victoria Lakshmi Hammah, is not amused about reports that Ghana’s anti-money laundering agency, the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC), is investigating her private bank accounts.

Ms Hammah therefore threatened to sue the FIC if it failed to publish the outcome of its investigations after invading her privacy.

An angry Victoria Hammah was said to have called the FIC Chief Executive, Samuel T. Essel, to find out the rationale behind the investigations, especially when no one had lodged a complaint of missing money or theft against her.

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Victoria Hammah’s Family Members Are Crying & Pleading That She Should Be Given A Second Chance…

Victoria Hammah's Grandmother crying
Victoria Hammah’s Grandmother crying

The Victoria Hammah talk will not end anytime soon. Apart from the various politicians who have jumped unto the saga, the Victoria Hammh’s family members at Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo Region are also talking—and they want Vicky to be given a second chance by President Mahama.

Beyond their apologies and pleads, they’ve even pulled in a connection which indicates that Victoria Hammah is related to President Mahama…

Should Victoria Hammah be given any chance this soon?

According to Ghanaian Chronicle;

The family of the beleaguered former Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hammah, at Kintampo has called on President John Dramani Mahama to “temper justice with mercy” and reinstate their daughter.

According to the family, they were not in any way condoning the alleged unethical behaviour of Ms. Victoria Hammah, or justifying the issues talked about on the said leaked audio recording,, but were pleading with the President to save them from the shock and disappointment the dismissal had brought them.

Madam Akosua Nimo, Grandmother of the beleaguered deputy Communication Minister, disclosed that Vicky Hammah and President Mahama were siblings, explaining that the President’s mother, Abena Kupor, was a direct sister of her (Akosua Nimo). “Victoria is a sister of John Mahama, because Abena Kupor is the mother of John Mahama, who is my sister.” Vicky Grandmother stressed.

Madam Akosua Nimo further indicated that Victoria Hammah, from her childhood, aspired to become a politician and had taken serious actions towards achieving that dream, so her appointment came as a justification and a fulfillment of a dream, which was a joy to the entire family and the people of Kintampo.

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Victoria Hammah Finally Breaks Silence | She Says She Regrets What Happened But Will Come With Her Side Of The Story Soon

  Less than a week after Victoria Hammah was sacked from her position as the Deputy Communications Minister following the leak of the infamous gossip tape, she has spoken about the incident… In an exclusive interview today with Radio XYZ’s Presidential Correspondent-Kwame Danso Acheampong, Victoria Hammah said she respects the decision of the President to … Read more