VIDEO: FAKE Muslim Busted…He Says Mohammed is From Pakistan + MORE

This is really hilarious—and what I find a little worrying is, the people saying the gentleman is not a Muslim but a Christian. From the questioning, it looks like the gentleman has been ‘stealing’ off people on the back of being a Muslim. So he was questioned on Islam and the answers he gave should have … Read more

VIDEO: Somewhere in Africa | Woman Being Caned in Public for Sleeping With Her Friend’s Husband

Why must the woman be the one to always be subjected to such inhumane treatment—and if a woman is to be caned for cheating, she surely did not cheat alone so what happens to the man? Society has always been unfair to women—and it certainly goes beyond that. Even in the Bible and Quran, adulterous … Read more

VIDEO: The Religious Nonsense | Watch This & Tell Me If I Am Wrong About Religion

I’ve always argued that if you want the wisest man in the room to become the dumbest, don’t bother hallucinating the person, just employ religion—and you would be shocked by the level of achievable stupidity. Of course religion is barbaric or acts so; and yet the many who engage in the diverse religious practices do not … Read more

VIDEO: Watch the Female ‘Virgin Rapper’-Mari Davis Who Just Took the N*ggas to the CLEANERS & Trashed Them All…

Mari Davis
Mari Davis

Even on the mainstream rap radar, it’s been a long time we heard a female rapper dishing out some interesting, cutting edge and provoking bars—directed at those n*gass on ‘aint sh*t’.

Today, a young woman who we would best describe as the ‘female virgin rapper’ has shot the men in the foot in a home recorded video—taking on ‘she ain’t loyal’ but of course her own version…

He said we ain’t loyal right? Now let’s see who ain’t really loyal…LOL

Watch the video below…(Video may take a few seconds to load)

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VIDEO: Ghanaian Men Waste Our Time in BED-Says An Angry Ghanaian Woman!

httpv:// The debate as to whether size matters or not continues—but for now, a woman who seems to be speaking for a lot of Ghanaian women claim that; Ghanaian men will worry and harass a woman just to get her in bed. And finally, when the woman gives him to the pressure; it becomes a … Read more

VIDEO: Nana Kwaku Bonsam Advises Asiedu Nketia to Apologise

Nana Kwaku Bonsam
Nana Kwaku Bonsam

‘Where are all the many dwarfs of Nana Kwaku Bonsam’ was the first question I asked myself when I saw this video—considering the fact that he has been living in USA for some months now…

Anyway, the man who claims to have high spiritual powers has joined the many Ghanaians living abroad who regard Asiedu Nketia’s recent comment contemptuous—and has asked Asiedu Nketia to come out and apologise.

To truly show that he is in NY, Nana Kwaku Bonsam came out into the snow to record his message—something that could have been recorded indoor if not for what we are thinking…LOL

Anyway, check out Nana Kwaku Bonsam’s message to Asiedu Nketia Below…

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VIDEO: The ‘Boss Chicks’ of Instagram, Facebook & Twitter | What It Really Means to Be a ‘Boss Chick’

Boss Chick
Boss Chick

With the increasing importation of cheap China phones into Ghana and the low cost of internet/data bundles—a new wormhole full of strangers have emerged on the social media radar confusingly called ‘BOSS CHICKS’.

Of course the name sounds high-priced but in reality those calling themselves ‘BOSS CHICKS’ on social media are a bunch of unemployed women—mostly sleeping with men for material things.

To be a boss chick, you have to be able to sleep and wake up around mid day or 2pm after you’ve been up partying till 2am—and you must be able to regularly take photos of yourself as well as activities, filter them and post them on instagram, facebook or twitter.

Is the above not the clear definition of an unemployed lunatic with nothing to do with her time? That is exactly what the ‘BOSS CHICKS’ are…

And in the below video, a young Ghanaian woman has decided to say it as it is; telling the various overnight ‘boss chicks’ what they so much hate to hear.

Watch the video below… (Video may take a little longer to appear)

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