Ghanaians of the Diaspora…Look in the Mirror | You Hypocrites!


Ghanaians abroad1


Dear Chris-Vincent,

Warning: What you are about to read may very well offend you in some places but, I ask that you read this entire piece before passing judgement.

I have been reading, with much disgust, the never-ending tirade of abuse and condemnation thrown at Ghanaians who live in Ghana. Who dares to speak of Ghanaians in such a way but none other than Ghanaians of the Diaspora. Ghanaians who live in Europe, the Americas, Australia, in fact anywhere but Ghana.

These so called Ghanaians rain insult upon insult saying that their brothers and sisters who live in Ghana are nothing but stupid, lazy and, shockingly, sub-human. How is it that the same Ghanaians who were lazy, stupid and sub-human all of a sudden become industrious, intelligent and superior once they leave the shores of their motherland? It’s amazing what crossing the sea will do for one’s abilities.

But, before I digress, let me get into the meat and potatoes of my erstwhile opinion. I say opinion because it is nothing more than that. Just opinion, maybe a little bit of observation and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of fact. Nevertheless what I am about to say is a sweeping condemnation of my brothers who have taken the easy way out and live off the fat of another’s land.

“Ghanaians of the diaspora are self-seeking. They only want what is good for them as individuals. When there is an opportunity for growth they will never work with another Ghanaian but only seek progress with a non-Ghanaian.”

“Ghanaians of the diaspora are self serving. They only care for themselves and will do anything to make themselves appear better than the next Ghanaian. They will do anything to look good to their host nation. They will ignore the very foundation on which there abilities, intellect and education were built. They will forget where they came from and do only what is necessary to get ahead.”

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It Will Be Absolutely IMPRUDENT for Any Young Girl to Enter the Next Miss Ghana Competition | Another Disappointed Ghanaian Beauty Queen Writes

Miss France Beauty Pageant 2010


Dear Vincent,

As a beauty Queen myself who won a crown not long ago at one of the many beauty pageants in the USA organised by Ghanaians and did not receive a single of the prizes and promises made, I read your recent article titled “Ghana Should Not Go to the 2014 Miss World | We’ve Already Lost the Race to Incompetence“with rapt attention and sadness.

When it happened to me, though it was not fully my fault, I blamed myself for being so stupid to have not researched on the pageant I entered into as it was in the known the organizers had done the same thing to some of the previous winners.

I wasted a lot of time and had to even quit my second job all because I wanted to become a Queen and come back to make a difference in my country-Ghana.

There were several promises and prizes that were outlined to be given to the winners and what actually caught my heart was the promise of the winner going to be taken to Ghana to stay there for a year, to do humanitarian work with needy children.

I’ve always wanted to do this but as a young student, I could not afford it and did not even know where to start from since I left Ghana at the age 6. I therefore saw the pageant as the opportunity I have always wanted to make a difference and gave it my everything.

I felt a bit uncomfortable when I had to buy registration FORMS for 30 dollars which was a common paper that did not cost a dollar to be printed. When I asked why I needed to buy a paper for 30 dollars to fill in my details, I was told the purpose is to ensure that only those who are serious come forward and also to raise some money for the charity work in Ghana.

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RE: ‘Ghanaians Are the Cause of The Country’s Problems | Lazy Folks with Bad Working Ethics, Greedy Citizens with Low Self Esteem, Unproductive People Who Cannot Think Critically & MORE’


Dear Chris-Vincent,

I found your article/comments about Ghana very negative, unbalanced and unjustified. You came across as a frustrated, patronising and delusional individual. Of course any one can see the state of the gutters and the failure of the political elite to manage the affairs of Ghana successfully. You’re not telling us anything new. You’re just another armchair philosopher.

It must be obvious to you by now that it’s a lot easier to tear down than to build. Your article does not offer any positive and concrete solutions to Ghana’s problems (perhaps that’s not your intention). I’d like you to tell us what you will do to turn things around – to make Ghana better.

Also the view you presented is only one view of Ghana and you painted all Ghanaians with the same brush. All Ghanaians are not stupid. If they are, then you’re not excluded as I assume you’re a Ghanaian, unless you’re not. I’m not suggesting that there’s nothing wrong with Ghana. Right now we need solutions and fast.

Let me remind you of some quotes from Albert Einstein and Gandhi:

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Lesbianism and Homosexuality in Ghana | Former UK Borough Mayor Joins the Discussion

lesbians kissing


I am delighted that this subject is now in the public domain and being openly discussed. For years I have been advocating that this subject, though a taboo in Ghana should be debated in the open.

I urged our intellectuals, students, professionals and politicians to openly talk about it but to no avail. I was in Ghana nearly two years ago when President Mahama nominated Ms Lithur as Minister for Gender etc. I was stunned, angry and sad when the Ghana Students Union went on a demonstration against her nomination. Their reason? She would encourage homosexuality and lesbianism in Ghana.

I found it neantherdal, reactionary and incredibly stupid that a student organisation that was supposed to be modern and open- minded would stoop to this. Yes we openly and unashamedly embrace foreign cultures and practices.

We are proud to jettison our Ghanaian names for foreign ones. We are proud to even pronounce our names the way white folks pronounce them. We are proud to be Christians and Muslim – these are NOT natural to us as Ghanaians.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are natural to all cultures – European, African, Asian. We have no right to demonise people who exercise their natural right to choose a partner of the same sex. Equal rights for all.

From: Kofi Bakor-Appiah/UK

Former Mayor of London Borough of Tower Hamlets and former member of the Parole Board for England and Wales…


Editor’s note:

Dear former Mayor, I am shocked that the behaviour of these particular Ghanaian students amazed you—not because it is not shocking, but because you should have long known that most Ghanaians (including students) have refused to be intelligent, acquire knowledge though have been to school, are hypocrites and have failed to reason…

‘Gayism’ like any other thing (new or old) must be opened for discussion—just as in the UK today, Britain leaving or staying in the EU has become a discourse on its own.

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RE: Ghana is FOR SALE, Who Wants to Buy? | The Chinese, the Koreans or the Americans?

sellers in Ghana

Hello Chris,

I love your article titled “Ghana is FOR SALE, Who Wants to Buy? | The Chinese, the Koreans or the Americans?”, but selling Ghana to the highest bidder won’t even change the seeming social economic plight of the common man on the street.

The reason is simple, Ghanaian are consumer oriented people. Our work ethic is basically nil, the leaders and the average Ghanaian have no capacity to create anything new that will be beneficial to the present or future. Ghanaians seek divine intervention to all their problems without seeking any practical cause of the problem.

Everyone cry against corruption everywhere; whereas every Ghanaian is practically corrupt by birth.

Could anyone point to one single Ghanaian that think of what he or she can do for mother Ghana, rather than what such individual could get out of Ghana?

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Why Are Africans the Biggest Hypocrites? Is Christianity & Islam Not Just As Foreign as Lesbianism?



Hello Mr. Chris-Vincent,

In a world where people have rights and freedom by virtue of the fact that they are humans, including the freedom to choose their sexual partners—be it same sex or opposite, Africans (especially Ghanaians) are stuck in their ignorance and continue to deny people like myself a God given right to make a choice.

I am in my mid 30s living in Europe who has been with same sex partners since I was 18  and after ending my 6 years relationship with my partner from the Caribbean, I decided to find a Ghanaian as a partner. And this is when I begun hearing all manner of absurd excuses, the reason why I am writing this open letter.

Through a male friend of mine-Kojo, I met a young beautiful University student and traveled to Ghana to meet her. She is such a beautiful, caring and honest person but she lives in total fear—not that she has committed any offense but because she is a lesbian just like me and the several others in the world.

She has to hide what she is, her choice, her preference and her personality in order not to be hurt by her people. What sort of new age of oppression is this?

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Ghanaians Are the Cause of the Country’s Problems | Lazy Folks with Bad Working Ethics, Greedy Citizens with Low Self Esteem, Unproductive People Who Cannot Think Critically & MORE



Hello Chris-Vincent,

I read your recent article titled “Ghana is FOR SALE, Who Wants to Buy? | The Chinese, the Koreans or the Americans?” with extreme joy and to be frank, I love the way you were straight with things. Indeed, Ghana is being and has always been ran by people with little or no clue about governance, with no sense of direction and no strong plans for the country despite their many high education titles.

However, even if we sell Ghana to the Chinese, the Americans or the South Koreans as you suggested and bring their leaders here to take charge of affairs; nothing will change because the problems of Ghana are mainly due to the over 22 million citizens and not the few people in power.

Sorry to say, Ghanaians by default are lazy and stupid and as the years go by, they’ve become even more stupid, ignorant and lazy. Ghanaians do not think and they operate as if they have no ability to think. They will rather let some supreme being in heaven do the thinking for them while they pray that things around them be fixed by divine intervention.

Ghana is one hell of a big JOKE and the comedians are the citizens who have no working ethics, resulting in poor productivity which strengthens the chain of poverty.

Look, let me tell you and those who may read this the truth, Ghana will not get any better unless the people begin to behave and think like human beings by starting to use their thinking faculties and borrow the hard working ethics of others. And while at it, they should let go their low self-esteem which controls their desire to be others, admire the food and lifestyle of others without any respect for who they themselves are and what they have.

Once again, let me say that Ghana is a joke and if there is indeed HELL, Ghanaians are already living in hell and are being punished for being so stupid, greedy and lazy.

A Ghanaian does not want to sweat and work hard, but he wants to live like a Queen or a King and they believe their God will do this for them. Instead of working two jobs to improve their condition, they will rather attend church services twice a day to increase the prospects of their prayers being heard. What a bunch of idiots put together in a country called Ghana.

Where in this world will you have so many people as foolish as Ghana, believing in superstition and all manner of nonsense—literally, refusing to critically think and make good use of their brains? It is as if the Ghanaian brain has been injected with ‘stupidity’.

The Educational system in Ghana in itself is pretty useless, all students do is chew and pour, studying stupid subjects like Swahili with no job prospects and when they come out, they blame the economy. What the heck is really wrong with us as people?

Did you not see how sane Ghanaians were fighting over second hand clothes of white men in that BBC documentary with some even saying; they prefer such clothes to the Ghanaian one even if they can afford the latter? We are just useless in thinking, in walking, in running and in making anything better for ourselves.

The leaders of Ghana are Ghanaians so what do you expect? Just like the people, the leaders have the same mind, attitude, work ethics and low thinking speed.

Tell the Ghanaian the truth and he will turn around to insult you. Present a Ghanaian the evidence or the fact and he will opt for superstition and disconnected beliefs.

Offer the Ghanaian a reliable route to change and he will opt for miracles by waiting on God to answer his or her prayers. For Christ sake, there are billions of people in this world praying to God, so why will any sensible person think he or she is so special that his or her prayer will be answered first or immediately?

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Oh Damn…Polygamy is not a SIN Says Apostle Apostle Micah Addai | Meaning Janet Bandu & Those of Us Sharing People’s Husband/BFs Have Done Nothing Wrong…


Dear Chris-Vincent,

I cannot swear on my life that I have not slept with someone’s husband or boyfriend before—and I am yet to find a woman who can honestly swear by both the new and old gods that she has not done this either…

Over the last few weeks, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been taken over by certain hypocrites who seem to claim that, it was sinful, immoral or somewhat unacceptable that Janet Bandu who died with Castro in a Jet Ski accident was the musician’s mistress.

Interestingly, most of these people who expressed the above views were women and I call them hypocrites because in life, no where has it been written that it is unlawful to sleep with an adult who consents to sleep with you, either married or not.

For some people, sleeping or having an affair with a married man is a SIN and against the Bible, forgetting that the Bible does not condemn polygamy.

I know one of the Ten Commandments say, “thou shall not commit adultery”. And for one to commit adultery, the person must be married so if I am not married, and the man is married but wants to commit adultery, what has that got to do with me? He may have sinned but I have done nothing wrong or sinful.

Connecting the above to Janet Bandu’s case (that is indeed if she was Castro’s mistress), Castro was the sinful person and not her.

Again, Apostle Micah Addai, presiding pastor of Association of 7th Day Pentecostal Church at Adeababa in the Ashanti Region has come out to say that, there is nothing wrong with polygamy and that it is not a sin to be polygamous.

The above means that, if a man has a girlfriend and he decides he wants more girlfriends and therefore comes in for me, it is not a sin in the sight of God. So all those women arguing exclusivity are just some jealous individuals who want something for themselves alone—and not that, there is any sin or curse stationed for a girl who decides to share their men’s joy and wealth.

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What the HECK is Inna Patty’s Mother’s Business with Miss Ghana that She Had to BEAT the Winner-Giuseppina Baafi?

Inna Patty1
Inna Patty

Hello Chris,

I am disgusted by a publication I read on GhanaCelebrities.Com and what I have also heard so far makes things worse.

Miss Ghana and the various beauty pageants in Ghana have over the years been problematic as many have failed to honour the promises that attracted their contestants. However, we’ve not heard of the mother of the CEO of any of these pageants beating or getting into a physical fight with a beauty Queen just as Inna Patty’s mother is reported to have done with Miss Ghana 2013 winner- Giuseppina Baafi.

Contrary to your publication that Giuseppina Baafi and Inna Patty’s mother got into a fight, I have heard that it was not a fight. Inna Patty’s mother rather attacked the girl and gave her a beating just because she will not do what Exclusive Events Ghana wants her to do.

What sort of legacy is Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana leaving behind if this is how they are treating winners of the Miss Ghana pageant?

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Having an Affair with Someone’s Husband | Acceptable or Not?

black woman

Dear Chris-Vincent,

As a woman who grew up in Ghana before moving to the United States, one thing I have always known and be told is not to go near the husband of another woman. Personally, I think a woman can sleep with whoever she pleases if her conscience does not pull the guilty plug on her but when it comes to someone’s husband, that is a big NO.

I am writing this in response to the on going debate on your blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com about whether it was right or wrong that Janet Bandu was messing with Castro, knowing he was the husband of another woman living in Canada.

I have always told my friends that, women are our own enemies and things men will not do to themselves or their friends, we will do it to other women without thinking twice.

I do not have to be really worried about my husband’s friends hitting on me because men seems to have this rule that, they should not mess with the wife of another especially if the woman is their friend’s wife or someone they know.

But I cannot say the same for women. I cannot leave my husband with some of my friends (in fact almost all my friends) without having to have my eyes at my back. Women do not know of loyalty and the slightest mistake you will make, some will be sleeping with your man including your own friends or sisters. That is how bad things have become and it is getting worse with African women as the days go by.

It is therefore not shocking to me that some readers think it was not really a big deal that Janet Bandu was on a weekend trip with Castro and friends, knowing that Castro was married. She did not seem to care and so does some of the readers.

I have heard women say, one woman’s husband is another woman’s boyfriend which suggests that, it does matter if a man is married or not, you can have your share of him.

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When an ELEPHANT Falls, All LESSER Animals Take a Shot | Janet Bandu Was Castro’s ‘Mistress and So What’?

Janet Bandu1
Janet Bandu

Dear Chris-Vincent,

It is just sad that Ghanaians won’t let a dead man rest. Who am I to judge and who are you to judge? He who is without sin should cast the first stone. I understand that Jane’s family is grieving. People grieve in different ways. If saying they would sue Castro does it for them, why not? They need to blame someone. That is normal. One thing they are failing to consider is Castro’s family. They are grieving too.

Jane’s family when interviewed, didn’t even know the name of the school she attended. They simply didn’t know her whereabouts. Good parenting never ends. She was 24 and so what?

Good parent keep their children grounded irrespective of how old they are. I am 25 going 26 and I swear to God that I shiver when my parents disapprove of my choices and decisions because you know why? What they put in me when I was younger is STILL in me.

I am in the States but my parents know where I am at any given point in time. Same cannot be said about Jane and her Parents. Why are they blaming others? They should blame their parenting skills. If they had put something good in Janet maybe things would have been different and she would still be alive.

It is alleged that Castro refused vehemently to go on the Jet Ski with her but she still insisted and got her way. The workers tried to call them back so she could put on a life jacket but they were already gone. So suing Castro or the resort is like a waste of time and legal fees.

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BET Awards Organizers Have No Respect for African Acts…A Boycott Should Be the Way Forward

Davido Wins BET Awards 2014
Davido Wins BET Awards 2014

Dear Chris-Vincent,

African artist should boycott the BET Awards and just concentrate on developing their careers. It baffles me that people who are highly successful and famous in Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of Africa continue to make a fool out of themselves on TV all because the TV station is American.

Let’s not forget that BET gives the awards of African acts backstage—yet these artistes are made to set up and pose as if, it was part of their main show in front of empty chairs (pre recorded with some folks from God knows where brought in to shout). Just look at the photo above…

Last year, Ice Prince embarrassed the other acts and by extension the whole African music industry by asking the other nominated artistes to join him on stage to take a picture—-in an almost empty auditorium so that those back home in Africa will think they are ‘ballin’…

This same absurd act was repeated by Davido at this year’s awards, bringing to light the question; why are some African artists so desperate for recognition from the US? Now don’t get me wrong, it is good to be celebrated abroad but the BET awards is not the Grammys—and if they don’t respect you there, why bother?.

After hearing that this year’s African acts were made to perform in front of technicians, BET workers, cleaners and passerbyers, I just couldn’t hold it again—I had to write this. So BET couldn’t promote and get people to come and watch some of the best acts from Africa and had to fake or struggle with audience?

Sarkodie alone is selling out at events back home so at least the biggest current rapper in Ghana should be treated with the respect he deserves. Then again, before he got on that stage he said “this is our time Africa”. Really?

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Menaye Donkor is a GODDAM LIAR | The Photo She Shared with Muntari Yesterday Was Taken Ages Ago

Menaye Donkor11
Menaye Donkor’s Instagram

Dear Chris-Vincent,

I just read an article you posted this morning titled ‘Menaye Donkor Wants You to Know That’ and a photo Menaye Donkor shared on Instagram with Sulley Muntari yesterday was used which suggests that Menaye has met Muntari in Brazil.

After looking at the photo, it is clear Menaye Donkor is a liar and she is fake. The photo she shared with Muntari was not taken yesterday or during the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Please look at the photo well and check the jersey she is wearing together with that of Muntari. That is the old Ghana jersey which is no more in used at this year’s World Cup.

Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari
Menaye Donkor shared this photo yesterday

Also, we all saw Sulley Muntari playing in the Ghana Vrs USA and Ghana Vrs Germany matches, he has some bushy hair on. Please look at his hair in the photo Menaye Donkor shared yesterday, making it seem she has met Muntari in Brazil and you will see she is lying.

I am not sure how this escaped you Chris. Why is Menaye Donkor sharing an old photo on Instagram, passing it on as if she just took it recently in Brazil with Muntari?

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UPDATED: Open Letter to Sandra Ankobiah

Sandra Ankobiah
Sandra Ankobiah

It seems a lot of people are interested or upset with Sandra Ankobiah’s lifestyle—and they are talking. Another read sent the below message…

Sandra Ankobiah11

Click Here to See the Message in Larger Version

Dear Chris,

Its quite astonishing that most of our celebrities behave like children instead of behaving more matured.i just cant beleive whats happening here in Ghana and the excuse me to say ”the stupid ” standards they set for their fans.

I just want to ask, who is this Sandra Ankobia??? Is she not one of the host of the TV3 morning show????? I dont want to know where her source of wealth comes from bcos its non of my business. Maybe she might also have numerous business she takes care of.

I much concern about here recent post on social media that there is only 2 of her new car in west africa. Hahaha. Lol. This is just funny. Maybe sandra have got the chance to enter every home in west africa which is impossible. Can somebody please ask that Sandra Ankobia or whatever how she got her stats about the car?????

Hi sandra, this is just a piece of advise to you. You aint rich. Pls stop pretending to be rich and save that little money you make. That celebrity tag is gona run u down soon. I prefer u keep larger portion of your money for ur future family.

I also wana let u know that its time to stop the bla bla about your theoretical lawyer stuff and be a pratical lawyer. Let us know the ideal you. You are making us to see u as” copy cat”.

This is the time for you to be the role model others see you to be. I think it wasnt that necessary to flaunt your car on social media. At least it will have done you good keeping mute on this.

Sandra, if the car isnt yours, feel free and let us know waiii.

From: Kofi Ameyaw


Because celebrities read GC and I know I can’t get to them, I want to ask you Chris to help me get this letter to Sandra.

Dear Sandra,

I admire you from afar. I think you are beautiful and I think you are smart and well educated. But I also believe you are insecure.

As a woman on television. Many people look up to you. Especially girls, young ladies like you.

I want to believe that, although you passed the bar, you can’t call yourself a lawyer. How many cases have you won? Where are your chambers? How many lawyers do you see on social media adding lawyer to their names? George Clooney’s girlfriend twitter ID says Barrister at so and so chambers. Where are your chambers?

TV3 does not pay you up 50,000 US dollars a year. You are not an actress, you are not practicing anywhere. We don’t know your clients. Where did you get the money to buy such a car, and travel in business class elite and stay in fancy hotels?

You got the car from the manufacturer directly? That sounds like you have inside connection at the manufactures’.  I am a woman like you. We know women are never given a free gift. That is not possible.

What are you teaching young women? That do something and get what you want? What are you teaching Ghanaians? In Ghana where we have no roads, no electricity, no proper healthcare, what do we need such fancy cars for?

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Ghana Has GREAT Footballers But They Won’t Be Allowed to Play Because of ‘Football Politics’

Kevin Prince Boateng1
Kevin Prince Boateng

In Ghana, there are several talented footballers playing for both local and foreign clubs—with some in the known to the public and some not…

As a football fanatic, I am aware of the many great footballers our local clubs have and those beyond the shores of Ghana. There are several talented players who are ready to give all they have to play for Ghana but there is this thing we call FOOTBALL POLITICS in Ghana, where you get selected to play based on which big man is asking that you put on the field.

If you take time to look at all the men Ghana took the 2014 World Cup, there are some obvious ones who do not deserve to be in the squad and there are some great players who were left behind. Have you asked yourself WHY?

Even among the chosen squad, it is alleged that who plays and who does not play is not much of a prerogative of the Ghanaian coach-Kwesi Appiah, but some big men at GFA and some politicians control who has to play and who does not have to play—for their selfish interest.

You watch the Brazil team and you begin to wonder how come they have so many excellent players at every spot. Ghana has them too but our politics of football means that, those with big men backing their call are given the chance to play (either they can play or not) and those who can play but do not have any politician or influential big man behind them will be benched—that is if they were lucky to have been called.

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My Take on the Menaye Donkor & Sulley Muntari Alleged Break Up | Something is Definitely Up

Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari
Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari

When I read on GhanaCelebrities.Com that Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari’s marriage has somehow hit the rocks, I was a bit shocked and had to read the story twice….

Initially, I did not really buy into it, giving the rumour less than 20% credibility but after few days of developments and having just read Menaye Donkor’s manager’s attempt to answer some of the questions relating to the break-up, I think I am 90% sure that, the relationship is broken down but Menaye Donkor is trying all that is possible to keep things away from the public eye.

We say there is no smoke without fire…right? The initial article together with the comments I read on GhanaCelebrities.Com had it that, even because of the break-up, Menaye Donkor was not invited to Sulley Muntari’s mother’s birthday party over the weekend when Menaye was right out here in Accra.

If it had emerged that Sulley Muntari’s mother did not have any birthday party and even if she did, Menaye was there, then I would have said the rumour is pretty unfounded. However, it happened that, the rumour was spot on. The rumour was right on this.

Menaye’s manager stated that, Sulley’s mother had a birthday party and Menaye Donkor did not attend because she was busy.

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NANA KWAKU BONSAM – Stop Disgracing Ghana!

Nana Kwaku Bonsam
Nana Kwaku Bonsam

It is most unfortunate that international media outlets have picked up on the narcissistic ramblings of a Ghanaian spiritualist who evidently prefers enriching his own coffers and embellishing his own name to the wellbeing and reputation of his nation.

I am referring to Nana Kwaku Bonsam, touted to be Ghana’s foremost spiritualist, who haphazardly decided to besmirch Ghana’s name before the eyes of the world by claiming his ‘devilish powers’ are behind the current injury of Portugal star and arguably the world’s best player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to reports, Bonsam claims to have conjured a special powder from his gods which was placed around an image and caricature of Ronaldo, rendering his present injury untreatable by conventional medics and leaving his World Cup hopes tattered.

My grouse with this report, apart from its clear ludicrousness, is the impression it will undoubtedly create in the minds of people towards Ghana – as a nation crawling in ‘fetish priests’ with ‘black magic’. With such reports being bandied about, if Ghana excels in the tournament, some will unscrupulously attribute it to some ‘juju’ at work. If the Black Stars do overcome Portugal come June 26th, people will unfortunately play up the influence of devilish power rather than the skill, determination and prowess of our boys.

My question to Kwaku is this – if indeed you are so ‘powerful’, why can’t you empower the current Ghanaian squad to face their opponents? What is your business with CR7 alone when there are plenty of other stars capable of inflicting defeat on Ghana?

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With PLENTY Sugar Daddies & Mummies, Why Must Ghanaian University Students Work?

Pickpocket credit card
Sugar Daddy

Dear Chris-Vincent,

I have taken time to read your recent article titled ‘The Work Culture of Ghanaian Students | Why Don’t Most Ghanaian University Students Work?’ and I’ve gone through the interesting but disagreeing comments as well…

Even though you make some great points and delve well into the subject of the non-existing ‘Work Culture’ among Ghanaian students, you failed to look at an obvious but shameful truth about the lifestyle of Ghanaian students, affecting their decisions to work or not to work.

I completed University of Ghana about 4 years ago and worked part time at a family friend’s pharmacy, especially weekends and contrary to arguments of time table issues made by certain people who commented, I did well with punctuality and turned up to work all the time as agreed. There were certain days I couldn’t make it but that had nothing to do with my studies or time table, I just had some other businesses to attend to…

So I am a living testimony of the fact that students who really want to work in Ghana can do so and despite the fact that jobs are difficulty to come by, with a vigorous push, you can find a place to work.

Another thing you and the other readers need to take note is the issue of remuneration. The pay for most jobs in Ghana are not good and therefore students are not attracted to working, measuring the time to be spent with the money to be earned. But of course as you rightly mentioned, working culture is not solely about the money, it is about developing other ethics needed for the bigger world.

READ ALSO: The Work Culture of Ghanaian Students | Why Don’t Most Ghanaian University Students Work?

When I used to work as a student, majority of my female colleagues and a greater number of female students I knew did not find work attractive because their off campus lifestyle paid far better than any part time job will pay them.

I know for sure this is not a unique phenomenon at University of Ghana but also at the various Universities across the country. Young female students pride themselves with what we call ‘Sugar Daddies’ who cater for most of their needs and these ‘Sugar Daddies’ ranges from Politicians to Doctors and from Businessmen to Investors. These men mostly with wives at home have the weekends of greater number of the female students fully booked, well in advance.

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Mama Buari MUST Step in to Protect Nadia Buari from SCAMS

Nadia Buari1
Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari has had her own share of men and by this I mean some pretty bad stories are out there about her love affairs with Michael Essien, Fally Ipupa, Dede Ayew and now the most scandalous is Jim Iyke.

It seems Nadia Buari is a weak woman when it comes to her dealings with men. To people like me, I just don’t understand what she wanted or was doing with Jim Iyke in the first place. I am not shocked about the break up and the emails that have emerged about how Jim Iyke is a fraud, played Nadia Buari and also being a thief.

I am actually not a big fan of Nadia Buari but I will stand up for her against any man will take the piss out of her as a woman, especially if it is coming from someone like Jim Iyke.

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I think Nadia Buari has lost control when it comes to men, considering how she even made a decision to date Jim Iyke who we all know is not worth any piece of her. I therefore think Nadia Buari’s mother who she claims to love so much must step in to protect Nadia Buari from some of these men.

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Eazzy Has the Guts to BLEACH But Not Bold to Accept It…


Dear Chris-Vincent,

If you ever want a female soldier to join your bleaching crusade, just call on me because the act of bleaching being widespread in our Ghanaian celebrity sphere disgusts me to the core.

I was not amazed to see and hear that Eazzy has become the latest bleaching celebrity in Ghana because right from day one, that girl had personality and self-esteem issues. She always wanted to be everything except herself—which ranges from her fake accent to stage performances.

What I hate about people like Eazzy who bleach their skin is not just that they are bleaching, indirectly making the statement light skin/white is supreme or they STINK if they are using creams (and look yellow if using pills)but also, because they are hypocrites and do not accept what they are doing.

Even though I equally dislike Nasara for bleaching, I respect the fact that she has left the hypocrisy bit behind her, accepting and stating that she has indeed bleached her skin. And that it is her skin so she is entitled to do that to it.

When it comes to Eazzy, she has the guts of absurdity to BLEACH her skin but she is not BOLD enough to accept she is doing that,,, What a coward—another clear indication that she has low self-esteem because she can’t even accept what she has become out of her own actions.

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Dear GC Readers, I Want to Get Breast Implants-Any Advice?


Black woman Bra

Hello GC Readers,

I am a regular reader of this website and I even comment on here a lot but I will like to remain anonymous for now so that I can get genuine advice from you all in relation to my dilemma.

I am a 25 year old beautiful Ghanaian woman living in Europe. I am not boasting when I say I am beautiful but I have never been happy about the size of my breast. And this has really brought my confidence level to zero.

I cannot really dress that much because my chest is literally flat like a man and I can never confidently wear a bikini or anything like that. Even though my boyfriend claims he does not mind, I think he is lying since all his ex-girlfriends were blessed with big chest and when I met him, he had a poster of a wet woman in his room. And the chest was really heavy too. He has since removed the poster and claims it was something one of his friends bought two and gave him one.

Now my problem is that, I have spoken to a doctor and for 4000 Euros which I can afford, I am told I can have an implant to a bigger size. I have thought about this a lot and I know it will help with my confidence level and help me be more outgoing.

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Airtel’s ‘Magic Voice’ Advert Is Morally Not Right

Airtel Commercial

Dear Chris,

Advertisers are always on the verge of finding different tactics to push their products and get consumers to purchase them. It becomes somehow meaningless when morality is thrown into the gutters all in the name of advertising and money making.

The newest advert to hit Ghanaian TV screens and radio is the ‘Airtel Magic Voice’ advert. ‘Magic Voices’ is the latest service introduced by telecommunication giant, Airtel. The advertisers, as well as the telecommunication company, are doing all they can to push this new service to their already existing users, as well as potential users.

In the advert, a man is seen watching TV with his young daughter when the daughter’s ‘boyfriend’ called her phone. The father, who had warned the daughter not to receive phone calls from guys (apparently being protective of his daughter as a typical Ghanaian dad would do) answered the phone call (in an attempt to caution the guy). To his dismay, the voice that came from the other end of the call was that of a lady.

A second call from the same number came through which the dad once again answered (this time at the dining table). This time again, the voice sounded like a lady so the father handed the phone over to the daughter. In both scenarios, the daugher’s heart skipped (as it could be noticed in the video) with the fear that the dad was going to deal drastically with the guy. Pleased as the daughter was in her head, she graciously checked out of the dining table to listen to what the ‘boyfriend’ (of course she knew the number so she definitely knew it was a guy) had to say.

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I Support Vollywood & Tallywood & If You Don’t, Then You Are the One Championing Tribalism



Hello Chris-Vincent,

I was excited to read on your blog yesterday that the people of the Volta Region and its environs as well as Tamale and the surrounding places have all decided to get into film making, calling their respective industries-Vollywood and Tallywood.

Surprisingly, the article which unveiled the above development ended with a question on whether these progressive enterprises are of tribal nature—forgetting that, these film makers and stars of Volta and Northern backgrounds have no place in Kumawood except the dying Ghollywood.

Have any of you seen Akorfa Ejeani Asiedu, Vicky Zugah and the other actors from the Volta ever being used in a Kumawood movies before? Kumawood exists and operate on tribal lines, where the movie stars are only of Ashanti or better still Akan heritage.

What do you want the other actors and film makers from the other places of Ghana to do? Sit down and become jobless?

We all know the future of the English speaking Ghanaian Movie Industry is pretty hazy and to think of the fact that some of these Voltarians and Northern background actors and film-makers can’t speak good Twi, how are they supposed to get a job and make a living in Kumawood?

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Is it not wise for them to also start something in their own native language—if not for anything at all, to sustain their families and career?

Instead of people supporting these initiatives, they are rather calling it tribalism, forgetting that Kumawood is the biggest tribal industry out there. If you are making movies in your local language and using actors mainly of a particular tribe, what does that make you?

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‘Kukurantumi: Road to Accra’ So What Happened to Our Ghanaian Movie Industry?

Kukurantumi-Road to Accra


Hello Chris,

A friend of mine in the United States sent me a link to this Ghanaian movie which was shot as far back as 1984 and after watching it, I think you should share it with your readers.

Even as far as 1984 Ghanaians were making such quality movies with good story-lines? What changed then? Why have we landed ourselves in this misery of substandard productions and annoying story-lines?

The movie is by King Ampaw and features Evans Oma Hunter, Amy Appia, David Dontoh, George Wilson, Dorothy Ankomah, Ernest Youngman, Rose Fynn, Felix Asante Larbi, Kwesi France, Emmi L. Lawson and Charles Ansong.

Apart from David Donkoh, I am not sure where the others who performed so well in the movie are—maybe one of your readers can help me with where these great actors are today.

It is an amazing movie with great production quality which can easily beat many of our today movies.

Watch the movie below…

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OMG! Is This the Yvonne Nelson We All Knew? | Really SHOCKED!

Yvonne Nelson1


Hello Chris,

I am sure you are probably tired of Yvonne Nelson and her stories, especially when it comes to bleaching and her many ways of defending herself.

I just came across a video on Youtube of Delay-Deloris Frimpong Manso interviewing Yvonne Nelson which I believe is quite recent but you guys did not publish it.

Can you please publish this video for those who don’t know bleaching to see clearly for themselves that Yvonne Nelson has BLEACHED and she looks really unattractive now?.

Delay who we all know as dark (Yvonne Nelson used to just like Delay) sat in the same room and under the same light with Yvonne Nelson for this interview but you can see how light Yvonne Nelson looks, more like a mixed race. So it is not  the room’s lightening system that made her look light, else Delay too would have been fair in that video.

OMG! I have read so many on Yvonne Nelson bleaching but I didn’t think it was this bad until I saw the video of her and Delay sitting. You can really see the difference clearly.

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Bleaching is the Only Way Forward For Me | You Should Not Always Condemn Bleaching Because…

Bleaching and Accent

Dear Chris,

I am a regular visitor of your blog and I read how you and your readers always criticize skin bleachers/toners. Has it ever occurred to you that some people bleach their skin because of discoloration and dark patches on their skin?

When it comes to me for instance, from my face down to my thighs are a bit fairer than my legs and arms. I can not be trendy even when I can afford to because I do not want to expose my legs and arms which are darker than the rest of my body.

I’d have tried some skin toners for a uniform complexion, the only thing stopping me is the harsh weather we have here in Ghana. Lightening creams and the sun is a no no. I might get worse than I am. But this two colours that I have ain’t nice ‘koraa’ and not every young girl can stay with it.

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READERS’ MAIL: Why the Female Attacks? Daddy Lumba, Bright of BukBak Fame, Nana Acheampong, Nana Boroo & Others Have all Changed in Complexion…

Bright of Buk Bak fame
Bright of Buk Bak fame

As a Ghanaian entertainment industry person, I welcome all the talks and advocacy to bring the increasing act of bleaching some of our entertainers have found faith in under control, since skin bleaching/lightening has vast negative consequences.

But I am particular worried about the fact only the female entertainers/celebrities are being watched and attacked for the drastic change in their complexion while the men who seem to be altering their complexion are left  untouched.

I was at the recent funeral of the late Ronnie Coaches of BukBak fame which was attended by Bright—and shockingly, the complexion of Bright had taken a different dimension. Many of my media friends who were at the funeral whispered about the complexion change which was marked with dark knuckles but as usual, no one raised this issue in the media.

Apart from my recent disappointing sighting of Bright, Daddy Lumba, Nana Acheampong, Nana Boroo and several other male Ghanaian entertainers have over the years changed from their usual complexion—and yet, no one seems to question them simply because they are probably men.

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