OMG! Is This the Yvonne Nelson We All Knew? | Really SHOCKED!

Yvonne Nelson1


Hello Chris,

I am sure you are probably tired of Yvonne Nelson and her stories, especially when it comes to bleaching and her many ways of defending herself.

I just came across a video on Youtube of Delay-Deloris Frimpong Manso interviewing Yvonne Nelson which I believe is quite recent but you guys did not publish it.

Can you please publish this video for those who don’t know bleaching to see clearly for themselves that Yvonne Nelson has BLEACHED and she looks really unattractive now?.

Delay who we all know as dark (Yvonne Nelson used to just like Delay) sat in the same room and under the same light with Yvonne Nelson for this interview but you can see how light Yvonne Nelson looks, more like a mixed race. So it is not  the room’s lightening system that made her look light, else Delay too would have been fair in that video.

OMG! I have read so many on Yvonne Nelson bleaching but I didn’t think it was this bad until I saw the video of her and Delay sitting. You can really see the difference clearly.

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Bleaching is the Only Way Forward For Me | You Should Not Always Condemn Bleaching Because…

Bleaching and Accent

Dear Chris,

I am a regular visitor of your blog and I read how you and your readers always criticize skin bleachers/toners. Has it ever occurred to you that some people bleach their skin because of discoloration and dark patches on their skin?

When it comes to me for instance, from my face down to my thighs are a bit fairer than my legs and arms. I can not be trendy even when I can afford to because I do not want to expose my legs and arms which are darker than the rest of my body.

I’d have tried some skin toners for a uniform complexion, the only thing stopping me is the harsh weather we have here in Ghana. Lightening creams and the sun is a no no. I might get worse than I am. But this two colours that I have ain’t nice ‘koraa’ and not every young girl can stay with it.

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READERS’ MAIL: Why the Female Attacks? Daddy Lumba, Bright of BukBak Fame, Nana Acheampong, Nana Boroo & Others Have all Changed in Complexion…

Bright of Buk Bak fame
Bright of Buk Bak fame

As a Ghanaian entertainment industry person, I welcome all the talks and advocacy to bring the increasing act of bleaching some of our entertainers have found faith in under control, since skin bleaching/lightening has vast negative consequences.

But I am particular worried about the fact only the female entertainers/celebrities are being watched and attacked for the drastic change in their complexion while the men who seem to be altering their complexion are left  untouched.

I was at the recent funeral of the late Ronnie Coaches of BukBak fame which was attended by Bright—and shockingly, the complexion of Bright had taken a different dimension. Many of my media friends who were at the funeral whispered about the complexion change which was marked with dark knuckles but as usual, no one raised this issue in the media.

Apart from my recent disappointing sighting of Bright, Daddy Lumba, Nana Acheampong, Nana Boroo and several other male Ghanaian entertainers have over the years changed from their usual complexion—and yet, no one seems to question them simply because they are probably men.

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I Am Tired of Being a Ghanaian…

A Ghana supporter arrives at Gold Coast bar-restaurant in Brixton, south London.


Dear GhanaCelebrities,

I am 31 years old and I’ve always been proud to be a Ghanaian—until the last few weeks. At the moment, I feel being a Ghanaian is a curse and I wish I can relocate or just be offered an alternative.

I’ve come to realize that there, there is no political saviour out there—be it NPP or NDC. All the political parties are the same and will continue to make living conditions worse for ordinary citizens like me.

After 57 years of Independence, I cannot go a week without electricity being cut off and I do not want to talk about water—since I do not remember the last time I even opened the tap.

I have two degrees to my name as a woman (a first degree and a masters degree) but if I have to tell you about what I had to do to get a job as bank cashier, you will fall dead.

I hope to settle down sometimes soon with my boyfriend and have a home, but this seems like too big a dream since affording 3 square meals after my travel cost has become a struggle. And my boyfriend cannot even find a decent job.

As an individual, I have done all I can and ready to do all I could just for a good standard of living but without a good government in place, I don’t think this will ever happen—remember I am 31 and I don’t even know when things will change, considering the current state of the nation-Ghana.

Is this the same Ghana we always sung about—God bless our homeland Ghana?

I go to sleep each day not knowing if I will wake up to see a better Ghana or the same Ghana but consistently, it has always been the latter.

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For My Lesbian Sisters: Now That Female-to-Female HIV Infection Has Been Found, We Have to Be Careful

lesbians kissing


Dear Chris,

Kindly grant me the audience to bring this to the attention of my many lesbian sisters who read your blog. Few years ago, I did not know of many Ghanaian lesbians but through discussions on your blog, I’ve met several great women who I connect greatly with and I will like to bring this news to their attention.

I spoke to my partner about it last night and though it is shocking to learn that a rare case of suspected female-to-female HIV infection has be found, it sort of tells us the lesbian community that it is not 100% safe anywhere and we have to be careful.

Check out the piece below reported by BBC…

US health officials have published details of a rare case of suspected female-to-female HIV infection.

A 46-year-old woman “likely acquired” the virus during a six-month monogamous relationship with a HIV-positive woman in Texas, said the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

She was infected with a strain that had a 98% genetic match to her partner’s.

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Our African Movies: Low Picture Qualities, Poor Story Lines…But Let’s Give Them Our Support

African actors


Hello Chris/Ghanacelebrities Readers,

I’ve been reading your blog since 2012 and I’ve seen a lot of letters written, directed to you or the audience and I hope mine gets your attention enough to have it on your blog. And I’m directing this not only to Ghanians but also Nigerians (where I’m from) because I know some of us read your blog.

My name is Kevwe Abamba. I’m an upcoming Actor, aspiring Film Maker and Writer. I know this is a long note but I employ you all to take time and go through it.

I want to address a very important issue which I know will change peoples’ perspective about our growing film industries here in Africa ie Nollywood and Ghana movie industry, etc. I know you all have the industries’ interest at heart and want them to do good movies with better picture qualities and nice story lines that will meet the international standards and probably contest with Hollywood. I do too.

I see and hear a lot of critics who has never sat down to think about where our film industry has come from over the past years. It will be unwise and very wrong to compare Nollywood or the Ghanaian counterpart to Hollywood. Do you know when they started? The first ever Hollywood film was produced in the year 1890. That is more than a century ago.

While Nollywood is just 20 years with it’s first official movie being Living in Bondage which was produced in 1992. I don’t know about the Ghana movie industry but what I know is that Nollywood started first (I’m not talking about Theater dramas. That I can’t remember when it started. I’m talking about feature films)

Have you seen a good Nollywood and Ghanaian movies? I won’t mention names because I know Mr Chris wouldn’t like to advertise, so he may not include them lol. But, should in case you will allow it; have you seen Last Flight to Abuja, Devil in the Detail, A Northern Affair, Potomanto, Mr & Mrs, Inale, Black Gold, The Mirror boy, Ije, The Figurine, etc? I guess you may not have because these are all cinema movies.

Last Flight to Abuja (Nollywood) and Potomanto (Ghanaian movie) for example, are movies that were produced with thousands of Dollars. It was on cinema, how many of us went out there to watch and support? I guess few because it involves you paying for it. Potomanto is online channels, how many of us watched? Only a few number subscribed to watch because it also involves some cash. We were all waiting for it to be on youtube so we can watch for free. 

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READERS’ MAIL: Never Leave Your Girlfriend For Any Body You See On TV | Not All That Glitters Is Gold-My BIGGEST Regret

black woman


Out of self respect, I would want to remain anonymous so I can say exactly what I’ve experienced and what is on my heart. And maybe, just maybe, my experience will be a lesson for some men out there…

I am a Ghanaian in my late 30s who owns an African shop out here in Maryland, USA. I cannot say I am greatly successful but I have enough to take care of myself and even waste some on certain not-so important things.

I had a 4 year relationship with a certain young Ghanaian woman out here. But even though things were not that amazing, it was not that bad.

As a shop owner, I spend a lot of time traveling and whenever I settle down, I watch a lot of African movies in my shop as I sell some of these movies.

This is how I developed an interest in a young rising Ghanaian actress, an interest which will later cost me thousands of dollars and end my 4-year relationship.

You may call me a fool and I think you have the right to do so because I behaved like one. After spotting this young woman in several movies, I contacted my friend-a movie producer in Ghana who promised to get me her number.

With constant pressure from me, my friend sent me this actress’ phone number and we started chatting. I was shocked to learn she was single. I told her about my not so happy relationship and she said, maybe she could make me happy.

After several calls and chats, I told her I was coming to see her in Ghana. Excitedly, she sent me a long list of the things she needed. Pushed by a strong will to impress her, I bought everything including certain things she did not even mention.

All this time, I was chasing the beauty and elegance I saw in her movies. She had sent me several great pictures, confirming she is really beautiful, the kind of woman every man will want to have by his side.

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I Am Stuck With A Man I Do Not Love & Surely It Is All My FAULT | GC Reader Shares Her Life Experience

A young black woman


More often than not, many young girls like me buy into the concept of giving relationships a try. And we say to ourselves that, with time the love will set in but what we fail to ask is this; what if the love never develops or falls in?

Five years ago, I was a young beautiful woman with the world at my feet and ready to explore my options as an African woman. I have always been opened to dating all race—-as long as the man is decent enough to treat me well.

It was during my peak season of dating that I met the Dad of my 4 year baby-Leslie, who I love so much but on the other hand, Leslie is the glue sticking me to a situation I find repulsive.

When I met my baby’s father, I knew from his dealings he loved me and still loves me but I had no drop of love for him—yet decided to play along under the assumption that the love will come.

Less than 6 months, I got pregnant and then had Leslie who has been a total blessing to me. But I still do not love this man who sleeps by me each night, tries to cuddle me each night and pays all the attention to me each time of the day.

I try as much as I can to respond, to fake love and to let the father of my baby feel loved but how long can I continue to do this? How long can I continue to deceive him,  deceive myself and eventually Leslie?

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