Armed Robber Painfully Weeps As He Reports Himself To The Police After Items He Stole From An Old Lady Got Stuck On His Neck

An armed robber has found himself wanting. A man who is believed to be in his late 20’s and has used petty robbery as his day profession has reported himself to the police after stealing from an old lady. According several reports making rounds on social media, the man stole from an old lady in … Read more

Shocking Moment A Corpse Gets Up From A Coffin To Direct People To The House Of The People Who Killed Him- VIDEO

If you think you have seen it all, wait until you read what we chanced on today. A corpse has gotten out from his coffin to direct people who were at his funeral to the home of the people responsible for his death. READ ALSO: You Are A Bootlicker And Evil – Mona Gucci Launches … Read more

Drama Overflows As Sidechick Crashes A Wedding to Tell the Groom ‘I Love You’ Before Slapping the Bride!

Drama sprung up at a recent wedding after a mystery woman suspected to be the groom’s sidechick crashed the event and all hell broke loose. Looking at what happened you would think you were watching a telenovela rather than real life. READ ALSO: Regina Daniels Causes Confusion After Showing Up Heavily Pregnant In A New … Read more

VIDEO: The Chinese Have Killed And Chopped All The Vultures And Frogs In Our Town – Residents Cry Out

This is funny! In a video available to, some residents in one of the communities in Accra have called on the government of Ghana to come to their aid because the Chinese in the community have killed and chopped all the vultures and frogs in the area. One of the concerned residents who was … Read more

PHOTO: Lady Makes A Necklace With Her Boyfriend’s Sperm In Order To Have A Piece Of Him Around Her Always

This is weird! A lady wanting to have a piece of her boyfriend around her always has made a necklace with her sperm. The bold and proud lady took to Twitter and shared a photo of the necklace with a caption; READ ALSO: ‘I’m Looking For A White Husband’ – African Lady Holds Placard In … Read more

Beauty Tip? U.S Woman Reveals Drinking Her Own Pee and Applying It On Her Face Has Given Her A Glowing Skin

You hear something new every day – and by new I mean batsh*t insane. I can’t even imagine applying your own pee to your body, not to talk about drinking it, but that’s exactly what a U.S lady claims she’s been doing for the past 10 years. 30-year-old Ruby Karyo from Maryland claims drinking and … Read more

WORLD RECORD — Shortest Marriage in History Found As Couple Divorces after 3 MINUTES of Marriage!

We know divorces are becoming more prevalent in the world these days but a three-minute marriage is purely something out of a Kevin Hart movie.

Yet it happened in real life this time as a Kuwaiti couple’s marriage did not even survive long enough for one satisfying round of s*x.

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WTF! Woman Sues Ex-boyfriend For Expanding Her Vajajay Hole With His Extremely Thick And Long Ding-dong

A Harare woman has sued her ex-boyfriend for ‘drilling’ too deep into her vagina resulting in the expansion of her vagina hole, weird huh!

Silindile Mangena of Belvedere claims her vagina was very tight until she met her ex-boyfriend, Mugove Kurima.

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WTF!!! – 22-Year Old Guy And His 12-Year Old Lover Axe A Man To Death, Cook And Eat His Brains Because “There Was Nothing Left To Eat”

It is bad enough to be a cannibal or a pedophile, but you’d have to be a direct descendant of Satan himself to be both. The world indeed has gone mad. This might sound extreme or like some sick joke but a 22-year old man currently faces up to 25-years in jail for murder, disemboweling … Read more

VIDEO/PHOTOS: Man Throws Side-chick Out Of A Window After Main-chick (Wife) Arrived Home

Side-chick escaping out of a window

This is what will happen to side-chicks since they ain’t ready to find men of their own to settle down with ─they will always be treated like douchebags.

In a video sighted by, a married man after sensing the arrival of his wife (main-chick) at home had no option than to throw his side-chick out of a window to avoid troubles.

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Chinese Couple Trying To Get Pregnant For Four Years Failed To Do So Because They Had Been Having Anal S** The Whole Time!

A Chinese couple have been trying to get pregnant four years into their marriage yet it never happened due to one very simple reason.
For some inexplicable reason, the couple had been having anal s** all that time thus making it impossible to conceive as was their goal.

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Woman Files For Divorce Because Her Husband Has A Gargantuan D*ck But Is A Two Minutes Man

A Zimbabwean man became the cause of laughter in a courtroom as his wife tried to convince the judge to grant her a divorce on the grounds of s£xual frustration.
According to Sinqobile Sibanda, 29, her husband is the owner of a gargantuan male organ yet he’s very lazy and doesn’t perform in bed, leaving her frustrated.

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Man Feels He Has 'PERFECT' Defence After Being Caught Banging Cows — 'I Have S£x With Cows Because Girls Can Give Me HIV'

A Kenyan man probably thought he had found the perfect defence for bestiality after he was caught banging a cow in somebody’s farm.
According to this esteemed gentleman, he loves having s£x with cows because he fears having s£x with a woman would infect him with HIV.

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Colombian Woman Eats $9,000 To Prevent Her Cheating Husband From Getting Half Of It

A Colombian woman took the statement ‘cutting off the nose to spite your face’ to a whole new level when she ate $9,000 of her own money just so that her cheating bastard husband would not get a dime of it.

The money was the lady’s entire live savings, which her husband claimed he was entitled to half of. To prevent that, she chowed down every single bill like it was lunch.

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Woman Falls Off California’s Highest Bridge Whilst Trying To Take A Selfie

A woman fell 60ft off California’s highest bridge, the Foresthill Bridge in Sacramento, whilst trying to take a daring selfie due to a social media challenge.

A current fad on Instagram shows young people climbing dangerous heights to take daring selfies, with one popular location being the 730ft high bridge.

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Kenyan Lawyer Sues Israel, Italy, Pontius Pilate And Others For The ‘Unlawful’ Trial Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

A Kenyan lawyer has reportedly filed suit at the International Court of Justice against what he terms the malicious and unlawful trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Dola Indidis claims Jesus was not given a fair trial, had his fundamental human rights violated and he believes the states of Israel and Italy can be held responsible for the actions they carried out circa AD 33.

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Prophet’s Butt Mauled By Lion After Charging At It To Prove God’s Power Over Animals


A prophet in South Africa who attempted to charge at a Lion to prove the Lord’s power over animals found out the animals don’t really care about that – after he had his buttocks mauled.

Alec Ndiwane, a Zion Christian Church prophet, reportedly charged at a pride of lions feeding in South Africa’s Kruger National Park whilst they were feeding.

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‘Snake-hunt’ Underway In Florida For A Fearsome Two Foot Long Cobra That Escaped It’s Cage

A ‘snake-hunt’ is underway in the US state of Florida after a cobra escaped from its cage, with its current whereabouts unknown.

The missing reptile, a cobra, belonged to a Florida man, Brian Purdy, who is licensed to own venomous animals and keeps his cobra in an enclosure at his house.

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Spain Establishes Office Of Minister Of S*x To Arrest Declining Birth Rates

Imagine a government being so worried about s*x that it sets up an entire ministry dedicated to it! What are they going to do, go around forcing people to have s*x?

It seems that might be what they would have to do or their population would be wiped out soon.

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Mortuary Man Seizes Corpse At Cemetery And Prevents Burial Over Ghc 40 Debt

A mortuary man in Tema showed off his thug skills on Saturday when he seized a body about to be buried because the family owed him Ghc 40, shocking everyone at the burial site.

The incident occurred at the Tema Community 9 cemetery where the grieving family where just getting ready to bury their deceased relative.

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WTF?? Chinese Man Cycles 500km For 30 Days Before Realising He Was Going In The Wrong Direction!


A Chinese man is making international news after incredibly cycling 500km home for Chinese New Year before realising, after 30 days on the road, that he was going in the wrong direction!

The man in question, a migrant worker, wanted to travel to his home in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province, from Rizhao – a journey of over 1,700km.

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