Owusu Bempah Has Forgiven Me, He Prayed For My Quick Recovery – Agradaa Speaks On Reconciliation With Rev. Owusu Bempah


Controversial self-acclaimed woman of God, Nana Agradaa has disclosed that she has finally ended her long-time feud with her former nemesis, Reverend Owusu Bempah. In a self-recorded video, Agradaa who has been sick for a while now revealed how some big pastors went to Owusu Bempah to plead on her behalf. He then decided to … Read more

Owusu Bempah Must Also Be Arrested For His Assassination "Prophecy" – What Is Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander


Ghana is a country known for freedom of speech. It is common practice to hear all sorts of insults, accusations and allegations against heads of state and people in authority all in the name of free speech. True, some people go way overboard with their submissions and mostly get away with it because, free speech. … Read more

Here Are The 26 Owusu Bempah Prophecies That Have Got Ghanaians Fuming With Anger

owusu bempah bail
Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah
Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah

Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah is a “household brand” and he has equally landed himself in a lot of controversies and it is just of public knowledge that the man has single-handedly made himself a nuisance and national canker.

He always has one prophecy or another to reveal— apparently God has been revealing a lot more than deserving to him and I believe I am not the only one tired of his incessant revelations.

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