Do You Shower Every Day? | 4 in 5 Women Do Not Shower Every Day…

Black woman
Black woman

Of course this is a UK survey so it has nothing to do with most African women who take their shower as a religion—but it’s pretty interesting to know how others treat the act of showering.

According to a publication by UK’s Telegraph, “Four out of five women admit they don’t shower every day, and a third say they can go for three days without washing their body.

The personal hygiene of Britain’s fairer sex – or the lack thereof – has been laid bare in a survey of 2,021 women aged 18 to 50 for skincare range Flint + Flint.

It also found that almost two thirds can’t be bothered removing make-up before they go to bed, and one in eight own up to not brushing their teeth before they sleep.”

But then, we should take into consideration the climatic conditions because of you live in the Tropics where you sweat like hell; you cannot go for 3 days as a woman without showering—you will smell like the famous Ghanaian ‘Koobi’.

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