6 Reasons Why Itz Tiffany Deserves Everything & Even the More to Come | I Do Not Feel SORRY For Her

Itz Tiffany
Itz Tiffany

I am a proud African woman and my pride does not just spring from the fact that I have a big booty and an enviable chest—capable of letting a lot of men turn and pull their necks like mad Giraffes anytime I walk past them on the street.

My pride as an African woman comes from the home upbringing I received, the level of decency I attach to my existence and majorly, the influence of the African culture in my life, a real golden touch on my personality.

Smartly, I’ve adopted a lot from the West and I mean those that are of great benefits to my survival and empowerment as a woman. I am loud, bold and open minded—many will drop these as African traits but I have borrowed them and have perfectly weaved them into being an African woman.

I wouldn’t hesitate kicking any man who tries to take me for granted in the balls and some may argue that this is no way African. But I tell such people that, I equally respect the men who treat me with care and understand the position of a woman in society.

Being an African woman living in a global village does not mean you should juxtapose the African and Western cultures and pick the one which appeals most to you. It means you should hold on tight to your identity and steal from the other cultures some of the missing but immensely beneficial traits.

Social media has been buzzing for the last few days after GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the Rapper-Itz Tiffany’s leaked seks tapes story—and out of curiosity and the desire to feed our human gossip instincts we’ve all found ways to obtain the tapes.

I had about 10 people sending the videos to me on Whatsapp last night. Seks tapes are being propagated and shared as if they are the words of God.

For many, the tapes are disgusting and did not expect Tiffany Owusu to have such a messy coochie—as if anyone can point me to a coochie that is not of that form or shape. All coochies will come up nasty if you take a camera close to them like that. If you don’t know, ask your mother…

For me, my immediate worry was the little stick that was doing the playing but that is not my subject for today so I will just let it pass. Some of these girls are really wasting their time and energy, chopping down pencils and yet they keep talking ‘plenty’.

My last boyfriend was a real anaconda, capable of sending electric shocks into my spinal code—and even with him, I dropped his black butt instantly when he forgot that I am an African woman who takes pride in respect and whispered an unacceptable sentence into my ears. The dude wanted a 3some…

No doubt the man who recorded the tapes with Itz Tiffany and leaked them is a monster—but to be frank, there is a monster in every person. The truth is, it takes a lot of push for the monster in some people to come out and for others, anything trivial gets them screaming.

Having watched the 3 videos with my ‘korokoro eyes’, I do not feel pity for Itz Tiffany in any way—and I will state my reasons in 6 quick points. I don’t care if you do not agree with me simply because you ride on the same dense wavelength with her but at least, you’ve read me.

1. Itz Tiffany is a Loser

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