Envy Is Killing The Entertainment Industry – Abena Ghana


Ghanaian actor and event organizer, Abena Ghana has revealed that the entertainment industry is not moving forward because of envy. READ ALSO: Forget Your Family and Put All Your Money In The Church – ‘Greedy’ Dag Heward-Mills Instructs Christians According to her in an interview with Zion Felix, Ghanaians have the attitude of sitting back … Read more

Ghanaian Actress Reveals Sordid Lesbian Past (VIDEO)



Actress Abena Ghana, real name  Cecilia Gyaase Konamah, recently revealed in an interview how she used to be a Lesbian before she stopped.

Speaking on Hello Fm with Dave Hammer, Abena Ghana said some friends introduced her to the practice a few years ago, and she indulged in it for a while before ‘seeing the light’ and stopping it because she knew it was immoral.

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