Abena Korkor Is Not Mentally Sick But Possessed By An Evil Spirit and She’ll Commit Suicide Soon – Ghanaian Prophet Says


A controversial Ghanaian man of God, identified as Eagle prophet, has predicted that Abena Korkor will commit suicide. The prophet known in real life as Reindolph Oduro Gyebi claimed that Ghanaian media personality, Abena Korkor is not suffering from bipolar disorder as widely claimed but she is possessed by an evil spirit. Speaking in a recent … Read more

Abena Korkor’s Madness Won’t Go Until She Stops Abusing Weed – A Plus

a plus abena korkor

Kwame A Plus, a controversial ghanaian personality, has opined that no psychiatric medicine can cure Abena Korkor’s mental health. In his view, doctors from the most equipped mental facility will be working in vain if they do not force Abena Korkor to change certain behavior she does. READ ALSO: See Photos and Videos of Alleged … Read more

Nkonkonsa Told Me Afia Schwarzenegger Has Bipolar – Abena Korkor Drops Hot Gossip

afia schwarzenegger abena korkor

Nana Abena Korkor has explained to the world why our favorite troublemaker, Afia Schwar behaves weirdly on social media sometimes. In the words of Abena Korkor, she has been credibly informed that Ghanaian comedienne and social media loudmouth Afia Schwar is suffering from bipolar. Abena Korkor claims she has always been a big fan of … Read more

Now We Know You’re Truly Mad – Fans React As Abena Korkor Laughably Declares She’s Running for President

abena korkor lgbt

Ghanaians online have descended on former Television Presenter Abena Korkor after she made known her intentions to run for presidency in Ghana. Becoming a female president is a laudable idea which is encouraged by most Ghanaians but they do not want Abena Korkor to be the first to occupy that position. In an Instagram post, … Read more

Abena Korkor’s Attempt To Divert Attention From Her Mental Health Relapse Lands Her Into More Absurdity In New Video

abena korkor lgbt

Nana Abena Korkor Addo, is gradually establishing herself as the queen of unapologetic absurdity. The 32-year-old Ghanaian television presenter has taken over the news in the past weeks, all for the wrong reasons. READ ALSO: Freedom Jacob Caesar Oozes Class As He Is Captured As The Only Celebrity Who Attended OKD’s 60th Birthday Bearing Gifts … Read more

I Curse You and Your Generation With Bipolar Disorder So You Know What I’m Going Through – Abena Korkor To Bloggers And Trolls

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Nana Abena Korkor Addo has decided to curse all those saying she is pretending to be a bipolar patient as a cover for her ‘hookup and blackmailing business‘. If you follow news in Ghana, you are well aware that Abena Korkor is by far the publicly known media personality who has slept with most celebrities … Read more

Abena Korkor Must Stop Getting High on Cheap Drugs – Ghanaians Advice After She Dropped Another List


Abena Korkor’s habit of dragging famous personalities who have had an affair with her in the mud is beginning to get on the nerves of some Ghanaians. Many are of the believe that Abena Korkor knows exactly what she’s doing and is just an attention addict using her past life as bait to win the … Read more

Abena Korkor Back Again With New 2022 List! Mentions Kofi Annan and Rawlings’ Names – Video


Shatta Wale took over the beginning of the year with his shenanigans so our calculated queen had to wait for her perfect moment. Abena Korkor is back again to discuss with the public about the men in her life and everything in between. (if you gerrit, you gerrit, if you don’t gerrit?….) First of all, … Read more

Sad Details of Weird Behaviour Abena Korkor Engaged In When Her Bipolar First Manifested

abena korkor bipolar

Mental health advocate Nana Abena Korkor Addo has revealed for the first time the sad details of behaviour she engaged in when her bipolar disorder first manifested. Abena says she started going around campus in high heels and excessive makeup – and that’s also when the promiscuous s*xual behaviour started. Over the past few years … Read more

MzBel Mocks Abena Korkor’s Bipolar Disorder In New Video


When you find yourself in the limelight, you need to educate yourself on issues you want to speak on. MzBel in a recent video was appallingly making fun of people living with mental health disorders.  Today is probably her off day from work and she chose to spend it by the beach. She could have … Read more

Abena Korkor Checks Into Hospital For Treatment – Video

abena korkor lgbt

Miss Abena Korkor Addo appears to be receiving the treatment she needs after her recent relapse as she has been spotted in a hospital bed pumped full of medications. Korkor shared a video of herself in bed feeling very weak after her doctors increased her dosage. According to her, she’s feeling very dull due to … Read more