Abena Korkor Mentions Names Of Top Female Presenters Dating Fraud Boys For Cash


Nana Abena Korkor Addo has make public a list of top female Ghanaian media personalities who are dating fraud boys for money. We know Abena Korkor by this time, but she keeps coming up with allegations against people she claims had an affair with her. A new allegation she has made on her social media … Read more

He’s Not her Spec – Fans Troll ‘Flowerboy’ Zionfelix for Not Making Abena Korkor’s Latest List

abena korkor zionfelix

Flowerboy Zionfelix has been trolled by netizens after failing to make the Abena Korkor list once again. It seems you can never win when it comes to Ghanaians – when Zionfelix chases women he’s trolled for it and when he doesn’t too he’s still trolled. It’s all in good fun, though. Over the weekend, Nana … Read more

Abena Korkor Must Stop Getting High on Cheap Drugs – Ghanaians Advice After She Dropped Another List


Abena Korkor’s habit of dragging famous personalities who have had an affair with her in the mud is beginning to get on the nerves of some Ghanaians. Many are of the believe that Abena Korkor knows exactly what she’s doing and is just an attention addict using her past life as bait to win the … Read more

If You’re A Married Man Who’s Slept with Me, Call Your Wife Now – Wahala As Abena Korkor Suffers Relapse and Drops More Names

abena korkor updated list

The never-ending Abena Korkor saga has taken a new turn as the embattled mental health advocate has threatened the drop of a new list. Since she released her first ever list, Abena Korkor has been causing health issues for married men all over Ghana by always threatening to drop new lists. The sexy and voluptuous … Read more

Abena Korkor Continues 2022 ‘Expose’ and Drops List of Ghanaian Ministers Who Chased Her – Video


Have you had time to watch the full 2022 expose Abena Korkor dropped few weeks ago? This year’s list of perverts and vultures in society included some high ranking personalities no one thought would take advantage of ladies. In the same video circulating on social media, Abena Korkor Addo revealed a secret about some top … Read more

Abena Korkor Back Again With New 2022 List! Mentions Kofi Annan and Rawlings’ Names – Video


Shatta Wale took over the beginning of the year with his shenanigans so our calculated queen had to wait for her perfect moment. Abena Korkor is back again to discuss with the public about the men in her life and everything in between. (if you gerrit, you gerrit, if you don’t gerrit?….) First of all, … Read more

Pride Got Me But I’m Now A New Person – Abena Korkor Apologises to Important People On her List – Snubs Nkonkonsa and Co

abena korkor apologise

It seems Abena Korkor has turned a new leaf for good because she’s now handing out apologies like candy on Halloween. After a heartfelt and emotional apology to Nana Aba Anamoah on United Showbiz last Saturday, she has a few more apologies to still dish out. Abena Korkor in a new video has apologised to … Read more

Abena Korkor Sends Strong Message to Nkonkonsa and Co


Abena Korkor has shaken social media once again and given mini heart attacks to all her former flames. Whenever Abena Korkor comes out in such a manner, grown men start shaking in their boots. However, this time, Abena has a good and sweet message for all her former lovers and nothing that can damage their … Read more