Serwaa Amihere And I Are Not Enemies, We Date The Same Men – Abena Korkor Jabs Again

abena korkor serwaa amihere

Abena Korkor has cleared the air that there is no bad blood between her and popular broadcaster Serwaa Amihere as assumed by many. If you’ll recall, Abena Korkor has been passing unsavory comments about the award winning news anchor on social media for a while. In her moat recent attack, she called Serwaa Amihere a … Read more

Serwaa Amihere Caused Abena Korkor to Relapse – Fans React as Abena Breaks the Internet with her Shocking Photo


Social media reactions have dropped thick and fast as Nana Abena Korkor Addo broke the internet for the 79th time in her life. Korkor went overboard once again, taking things to the most nonsensical degree possible. She shared a photo of her female parts on Instagram. Korkor broke the internet, as she surely intended. READ … Read more

Fake Tears – Abena Korkor Breaks Down in Tears and Apologises to Serwaa Amihere for Slandering her AGAIN

abena korkor serwaa amihere

Abena Korkor is back online to continue the next phase of her game with Ghanaians – crying and apologising. Korkor often goes off the rails, disgraces as many people as she can then later comes back with crocodile tears for forgiveness. You can forgive someone once or twice but when they commit the same offence … Read more