Empty-headed Ghanaians Call On Twene Jonas For Answers After PHOTOS Of Flooded Cities In The US Goes Viral


The way some Ghanaians can display their foolishness if you allow them is almost legendary. They are calling on Twene Jonas to come and give them answers as to why a city in the US has flooded when he has always been making noise about how the system works uninterrupted abroad. Pictures of the area … Read more

Social Media Hail Twene Jonas For Slamming GH Leaders As Terribly Flooded Areas In Accra Pops Up


A few days ago, Kumawood actress turned woman of God Gloria Kani came out on social media to cry her eyes out and blast the leaders because her home in Kumasi had flooded. She was not the only who was affected by the heavy downpour in the region. Parts of  Kumasi was flooded with properties … Read more

Government Sets Up Committee To Investigate Fire Disaster That Killed Over 200 Ghanaians

Committee Members

One committee out, another committee in. In Ghana it seems like our magic wand to solving any issue is to set up a commission.

The June 3rd floods and the subsequent fire explosion led to massive loss of life amongst Ghanaians, and the clamour for real change in the aftermath has been real.

Government have made some half hearted moves, demolishing structures and the like, but nothing pointing towards real change. And in that vein they have set up a commission to investigate the fire.

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The Goil Station That Exploded During The Flood Got Graded ‘A’ By The NPA: So Who F*cked Up?


Goil Accra
Goil Accra

The recent flood has raised so many concerns amongst Ghanaians, including about the locating of fuel stations in very crowded localities.

Some speculated that those supposed to check these things did not, or that the fuel station had problems that went undetected. However the managing director of GOIL has come out to say that wasn’t the case.

The Managing Director of GOIL, Mr Patrick Akorli, said that the National Petroleum Authority just inspected them in February, and they gave them an ‘A’ grade.

According to GraphicOnline:

“In February 2015, the NPA did a complete audit of the station. The station scored 93 per cent, thereby making it a grade A Station,” the Managing Director of GOIL, Mr Patrick Akorli, has stated.

Mr Akorli said the fuel station, which was the third highest selling station on GOIL’s list, was established in 1963.

“It underwent a major renovation in 2015,” he disclosed.
Pressure tests, which are conducted every five years, were performed on that filling station in 2013.

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On Accra Flood: ‘ Where Is The Sense Of Urgency?’ | Why Did President Mahama Cut Sod For A Project There Were No Funds For With Great Fanfare? Writes Dr.Papa Kwesi Nduom

Dr.Papa Kwesi Nduom
Dr.Papa Kwesi Nduom

Dr.Papa Kwesi Nduom took to his facebook to write the below—and it’s a must read. He asks so many important questions, which we know we wouldn’t get any reasonable answers to them from the incumbent government.

All the same, this is a good piece…


The big question is, why did the President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama cut sod in January 2013 for the Accra project aimed at finding an effective solution to the perennial flooding problem at the nation’s capital?

On an Accra radio station yesterday, the Minister of Finance Seth Terkper confirmed that government has not received even one pesewa of the funds needed to implement this important project.

So, once again, why did President Mahama cut sod for a project there were no funds for with great fanfare? What was the purpose of the sod cutting? Should it take deaths and loss of property for our government to inform the people about the status of such an important project? Where is the sense of urgency? Who advised the President that the ceremony should come on?

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See How LAME the Accra Flood ‘Prayer Warriors and God Fanatics’ Are…SHOCKING!

It hurts that our people cannot see through the thick cloud of nonsense—all because of religion. And this is actually killing many of us as if we are some chickens. The above newspaper headline confirms how lame the prayer warriors and the God fanatics are… This is from Thursday, 6th June 1988 Ghana’s newspaper! Do you see … Read more

It Rains, Accra Floods: Time for Another Round of Political Theatre

Ghana Flood
Ghana Flood


Ghana’s political arena is like one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ novels you read as a kid. You choose from multiple scenarios as the story progresses, and with every wrong choice you go back and choose another option; and you rinse and repeat until you finally get a denouement that’s not as terrible as the ones you’ve already gone through.

Except in Ghana, you never get that perfect ending no matter how many times you go through the same steps.

It’s been raining in Accra all day, which has led to the occasional flooding issue that plagues Accra rearing its ugly head again. It’s been in the news all day, people whose settlements have flooded and have lost property and several other valuables.

Luckily this time, it has not claimed a life yet; but what it has done is put the media focus back on the issue, which in turn puts more pressure on the politicians who then have to make a kind of grandstand to prove how on top of issues they are.

The problem is, and this is why I started with the analogy I used; this happens every single year. The floods come, it claims lives and properties, draws media attention, politicians make some kind of gesture to show how they’re taking the issue seriously; and then it all goes away when the rain stops. Then all you have to do is what for the next round of heavy rains to hit the city and start the cycle up all over again.

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