VIDEOS: Driver Of A Long Truck Recklessly Makes A Huge U-Turn On The Accra-Tema Motorway Even Though It’s Not Allowed


Ghana is indeed a lawless nation where laws do not work! Just watch below videos of how a driver of a long truck caused traffic on the Accra-Tema motorway by making a huge U-turn on the road. Even though it’s never allowed for cars to make U-turn on the Motorway as it’s likely to cause … Read more

Embarrassing Scenes As Tema Motorway Floods After A Few Hours Of Moderate Rain – Ghana Is A Joke!


This is what happens when a country has no visionary leaders. Since Dr Nkrumah, Ghana has had a series of short-sighted leaders only interested in their own pockets without thinking even two years into the future. Can you imagine the amount of negligence needed for the only motorway in Ghana to flood after a few … Read more

Demonic Spirit Of Late Actress Suzzy Williams To Kill More Celebrities During This Christmas Celebrations — Eagle Prophet


Eagle Prophet

It is almost the end of the year and as usual, these self-acclaimed ‘men of God’ in Ghana would be causing fear and panic to the general public with their doom prophesies. Their prophecies have always been deaths and disasters over the years. Surprisingly, most Ghanaians believe these prophesies even though not proven.
The leader and general overseer of God’s Crown Chapel have prophesied deaths to hit the Ghana entertainment industry during this festive season.

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