Mona Gucci Curses Afia Schwar And Gh Mouthpiece On Instagram And Expects Her gods To Respond


Ghanaians play too much on social media. When did we get to the times where we can DM our gods and email our ancestors? Well, Mona Gucci just sent a message to the gods on instagram and now I am fully convinced that the end times are near. Amidst her current back and forth with … Read more

Adu Safowaa Tells Confusing Story to Defend Accusation She Faked her Own Birthday Gift – Fans Say her Explanation Lacks Logic


Bleeding Adu Safowaa has come out to defend herself after she was busted giving herself a birthday present and pretending it came from someone else. Her explanation makes zero sense and social media users are calling her out on it. As we reported earlier, Adu Safowaa was busted over an audio birthday gift that was … Read more

Mona Gucci Is Evil – Details of How She Did Adu Safowaa Dirty Just As She Did to Joyce Boakye

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Television presenter for Onua TV and so-called Lawyer Blue Gate, Mona Gucci, is once again mired in controversy over her backstabbing actions. Adu Safowaa has called out Mona for pretending to sympathise with her but using that opportunity to record her whilst in jail and post it online. A video came out yesterday (Wednesday) showing … Read more