Adu Safowaa Breaks Down In Tears As She Apologises To Dr Kwaku Oteng After Disgracing Him Several Times On Social Media


Loudmouth media personality, Adu Safowaa has finally apologised to Dr Kwaku Oteng after continually disgracing the business mogul on social media. Adu Safowaa has constantly dragged Ghanaian millionaire Dr Kwaku Oteng for reasons best known to her. We are not sure what exactly Dr Oteng Oteng did to Adu Safowaa but we have witnessed on … Read more

Check Your Life Before And After, Miss K Legs – Adu Safowaa Goes At Akua GMB


Akua GMB celebrated 10 years since she won the Ghana’s Most Beautiful beauty pageant and it was all smiles and good news. Then someone decided it was not enough, she needed a sprinkle of bad.  Adu Safowaa is on her Instagram accusing Akua GMB of a host of things we can hardly tell which is … Read more

How Do You Raise Funds for Someone Who Has Everything? – Adu Safowaa Blasts Yvonne Nelson

adu safowaa yvonne nelson

Troublesome celebrity Adu Safowaa has taken shots at Yvonne Nelson for trying to raise money from Ghanaians to support someone who is already rich beyond measure. According to her, how can you raise funds for someone who has everything? Actress Yvonne Nelson and the failed musician Chase Forever have started a Go Fund Me account … Read more

Moesha’s Family Wants To Kill Her Like They Killed Her Mother – Adu Safowaah Says


Adu Sarfowaah has provided talkatives another angle to the trending issue of Moesha and her alleged mental instability. The Moesha trends had died down until reports of her attempted suicide surfaced. Moesha reportedly drank bleach to kill herself but nurses at the hospital she’s lodged at came to her rescue. READ ALSO: Don’t Compare me … Read more

Yvonne Nelson Secretly Marries – Full Details

yvonne nelson marries

Actress Yvonne Nelson has apparently found her Mr Right to the shock of all – she managed to keep him under the radar. The Yaa Asantewaa of our time has walked down the aisle according to information posted out there by Ghana’s ‘information minister.’ Television presenter Adu Safowaa claims that Yvonne has walked down the … Read more

She Stole My Series, Recorded it for TV and Paid me Ghc 20 – Young Writer Exposes Adu Safowaa

adu safowaa stole series

A young and budding Ghanaian writer known as Kevin Anyomi has accused actress and entrepreneur Adu Safowaa of stealing his intellectual property and paying him Ghc 20 in return. Kevin, a creative writer says he was hired straight out of school by Adu Safowaa to write a script for her for a television series she … Read more

And the Doom Arrives – Prophet Says Moesha Boduong Will Die by September

moesha boduong prophet

It didn’t take long to arrive. With Moesha Boduong going through some sort of trauma publicly, the doom prophets are already coming out to try and take advantage. A prophet claims that the actress would be dead by September this year. Loudmouth Ghanaian presenter and social media land guard Adu Safowaa revealed this in an … Read more

This Is Not Normal – Mzbel, Cwesi Oteng and Other Ghanaian Celebrities Express Concern Over Behaviour of ‘Suicidal’ Moesha Boduong


Many Ghanaian celebrities have expressed genuine concern about the recent lifestyle of actress Moesha Boduong. Moesha Boduong, who looked classy and fashionable, has now been reduced to a wretched looking lady. Recent videos seen online saw the actress dressed like a street beggar with dirty clothes and preaching to some construction workers. READ ALSO: VIDEO: … Read more

Adu Safowaa to Snatch Twene Jonas from the ‘Abrofo Mma’ As She’s In Love with Him for Destroying Fufu Funu

adu safowaa twene jonas

Loudmouth television presenter Adu Safowaa has a new love of her life none of us saw coming. After suffering humiliation after humiliation at the hands of Afia Schwarzenegger, who can blame Safowaa for jumping at the first saviour she finds. Adu Safowaa has declared her love for Twene Jonas, anointing him as her husband. READ … Read more

Adu Safowaah Swears To Beat Up Afia Schwar For Raining Insults On Dag Heward- Mills

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Founder and leader of Lighthouse Chapel International Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has been trending for days. It all has to do with audio of him slandering the Ashanti King, Otumfuo Osei Tutu. In the audio, Dag said Otumfuo is leaving no legacy for his people and he is not so much of a wise king as … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Mercilessly Tears Into Adu Safowaa Amidst Award Show Scandal

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Afia Schwarzenegger has quickly jumped on the neck of her rival Adu Safowaa following a scandal about her ATEA Awards show popping up. Schwar is taking the piss out of Safowaa for trying to beef her. She released a video on Instagram attacking Safowaa and laughing at her. According to her, Adu Safowaa thinks that … Read more

Adu Safowaa Finally Breaks Silence after Allegations She Promised An Amputee Money and Failed to Pay

adu safowaa amputee

On air personality Adu Safowaa has responded following allegations levelled against her for failing to honour a promise to an amputee. Adu Safowaa allegedly pledged to give the winner of her awards show, the ATEA awards, an amount of money to help their business. Richard Asodji, an amputee shoemaker, won the award for the Golden … Read more

Amputee Shoemaker Promised Ghc 5,000 for Winning Adu Safowaa’s Atea Award Allegedly Yet to Receive A Pesewa

adu safowaa amputee

The winner of Adu Safowaa‘s 2020 Atea Award for Golden Entrepreneur of the Year, amputee shoemaker Richard Asodji, has allegedly not received a pesewa since winning the award. According to info from a close confidante, Richard has been abandoned with no help. The amputee shoemaker won the award for the Golden Entrepreneur of the Year … Read more

Adu Sarfowaa BUSTED For Lying About Owning A Pure Water Factory- VIDEO

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

It appears the loudmouthed and uncouth Adu Sarfowaa lied about owning a pure water factory. Afia Schwar has made us aware that, all she said was wishful thinking and she was only building great castles in the air. READ ALSO: Otumfuor Allegedly has A South African Sidechick Who Gave Birth for Him – Shocking Details … Read more

Adu Safowaa Drops Name Of Kumawood Actress Allegedly Impregnated By Dr Kwaku Oteng


Every day, come rain or shine, the so-called celebs would create new scandals. Today’s scandal, starting from Afia Schwarzenegger and Adu Safowaa, has now reached the doorsteps of the owner of the Angel Group of Companies, Dr Kwaku Oteng. READ ALSO: Nkonkonsa Gave Me The Best Lickings Of My Life – Abena Korkor Afia Schwarzenegger … Read more

Just In – Afia Schwar Causes Arrest of Adu Safowaa Again


Afia Schwarzenegger has threatened to have Adu Safowaa arrested again as they reignite their recent beef. Schwarzenegger says she will have Adu Safowaa jailed this weekend once again as she did some time back. READ ALSO: Ghanaians React As Tracey Boakye’s Kids Give Sibling Goals In Cute Video – Watch The two have been fighting … Read more

Adu Safowaa Tried To Trap My Man with A Pregnancy But It Didn’t Work – Afia Schwar Drops Keys

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Afia Schwarzenegger has fired back at Adu Safowaa after she took some shots at her earlier today. Safowaa claimed Afia Schwar called her boss and tried to get her fired. She also said that Schwar and Diamond attacked her spiritually. She later made a dirty, disgusting attack on Afia Schwar, claiming her knee problems come … Read more

Afia Schwar Sent Someone to Assassinate Me – Adu Safowaa Makes Big Allegation

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Adu Safowaa has dropped a wild allegation against Afia Schwarzenegger, claiming that the comedienne is trying to assassinate her. Safowaa recently had a run-in with Afia Schwar and her alleged boyfriend Christian Nyamador which ended with Safowaa in jail. READ ALSO: Sad As UK Based Ghanaian Woman Is Duped £5000 By A Man In Ghana … Read more

Adu Safowaa Drops Intimate Details About Plot to Arrest her and Warns Christian Nyamador to Prepare to Meet her In Court

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Adu Safowaa has spoken up for the first time to give the most intimate details about how she was arrested. Safowaa claims her so-called arrest was a plot between Afia Schwarzenegger and the businessman known as Christian Nyamador. Nyamador is the man Adu Safowaa claimed gave Afia Schwarzenegger HIV/AIDS and later had to retract. READ … Read more

Diamond Appiah Mischievously MoMo Adu Safowaa GHC 2 – Displays Her Fat Account Balance


The drama still continues! Failed politician and musician, Diamond Appiah has sent loudmouth Adu Safowaa GHC 2 just to tell a story that she’s rich. After sending Adu Safowaa that ridiculous amount, she screenshotted the message to post on social media without keeping her account balance confidential. READ ALSO: Captain Smart Allegedly Received Bribe To … Read more

List Of Top Celebrities Rich Man Christian Nyamador Has Allegedly Chopped Pops Up – SEE


Adu Safowaa and Afia Schwar have opened a can of worms on a certain Christian Nyamador that might be very difficult to close. The name Christian Nyamador popped up in a heated battle between Adu Safowaa and loudmouth Afia Schwar on social media. READ ALSO: Afia Schwar And Adu Safowaa Exchange Blows In Police Custody … Read more

Adu Safowaa Finds the Truth After Just One Night in Jail – Apologizes for Claiming Afia Schwar has HIV

adu safowaa stole series

After just one night in police custody, loudmouth presenter Adu Safowaa is singing a different tune. Safowaa had claimed that one Ghanaian man known as Christian Nyamador had infected Afia Schwar with HIV/AIDS. READ ALSO: Photos Of Afia Schwar In CID Office Drop – Fans Mock Her Nyamador is reportedly the one who reported Safowaa … Read more

Loudmouths Afia Schwar And Adu Safowaa Headed to Korle-Bu to Test for Who Really Has HIV

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Afia Schwarzenegger has challenged Adu Safowaa to meet her at Korle-Bu for an HIV test. According to her, if Safowaa claims she’s HIV positive then they should clear that up by having an HIV test to discover who actually has the disease. READ ALSO: Delay Used to Tell Me We’re On A Slimming Course When … Read more

Afia Schwar Is Taking Credit For Nothing – Meet The Rich Man Who Arrested Adu Safowaa – Details


Last night report went viral that Adu Safowaa has been arrested following her altercation with Afia Schwarzenegger. It was reported that Afia Schwar fueled her arrest after threatening to deal with her. READ ALSO: Breaking – Afia Schwarzenegger Picked Up By CID However, new details coming up show that Afia Schwar didn’t have anything to … Read more

Ignore- Afia Schwar Cannot Arrest Me!- Adu Sarfowah Squashes Rumors Of Her Arrest


It was in the news yesterday that uncouth and loudmouthed Adu Sarfowaa has been arrested. Afia Schwar allegedly was behind the arrest. READ ALSO: It’s Not Mine!- Yvonne Okoro Debunks Rumors That She Has Secretly Gotten Married This came after Adu Sarfowaa rained insults on Afia Schwar. She alleged that Afia is dying slowly because … Read more

Just In: Adu Safowaa Arrested After Afia Schwar Reported Her To The Police – Video


Media personality, Adu Safowaa has reportedly been arrested after constantly raining insults on Afia Schwarzenegger. In a video circulating on social media, The police have stormed Safowaa’s residence trying to drag her along with them. READ ALSO: Afia Schwarzenegger Allegedly Makes Her Own Son Finger Her – Adu Safowaa Drops Bombshell This comes after Afia … Read more

Afia Schwar Is Dying Because She’s Allegedly HIV Positive – Adu Safowaa Reveals

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Media personality, Adu Safowaa and Afia Schwarzenegger are fighting dirty on social media. The two are dragging themselves in the mud, and Safowaa particularly has been very nasty with Schwar. READ ALSO: Adu Safowaa Posts Abrokwa’s Photos of Afia Schwar on IG – Fans Call for her Arrest Like Akuapem Poloo She has said all … Read more