Are You Doing Widowhood Rites Or Speech-a-thon? Ghanaians React To Adu Safowaa’s Looks For Her 6 Days Speech-A-Thon


Controversial Ghanaian socialite and media personality Adu Safowaa has officially started her official attempt at a Guinness World Record challenge for the Longest Speech by an individual. The record activity is holding at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel from February 9 to 14, 2024. The looks Adu Safowaah chose for her competition has caused … Read more

Video Causes Stir As Nana Ama McBrown Blasts Adu Sarfowaa At A Program


It appears controversial Ghanaian socialite and media personality Adu Safowaa is at a turning point in her life after clashing with Nana Ama McBrown. Adu Safowaa recently met Nana Ama McBrown at a mentorship program where McBrown was a speaker. In a video that has popped up on social media, McBrown is seen advising Adu … Read more

What Has Been Happening To Her Hips? – Adu Safowaa Stirs Reactions As Her Hips Goes Missing In New Video


Loudmouth Ghanaian socialite, Adu Safowaa has caused a stir in a new video. The media personality appears to have confused some social media folks after showing up in a new video without her accentuated curves. Safowaa is seen in a video with Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu messing around. READ ALSO: Social Media Reacts After Davido … Read more

You’re Trying Too Hard To Beat Nana Aba Anamoah’s Record But It’s Not Working – Adu Safowaa Slams Media General As Ms Nancy Quits EIB


Loudmouth media personality, Adu Safowaa has slammed Media General for doing everything possible to hurt top media personality, Nana Aba Anamoh. According to Adu Safowaa, Media General’s continual signing of GHOne TV presenters is a deliberate attempt to sabotage Nana Aba Anamoah who resigned from TV3 years ago and so far has become very successful. … Read more

Just Say You Want To Be Used By Men – Mixed Reactions As Adu Safowah Announces Plans To Become A Player


Ghanaian actress Adu Safowah has announced plans to throw her dignity to the dog and become a player in relationships. Adu Safowaa intends to follow the words and advice of Kwesi Arthur who said 2022 is an Ashawo Season. According to Adu Safowah, she wants to be a player who hops from one man to … Read more

Diamond Appiah Allegedly Battling Lung Cancer Due to ‘Excessive Smoking’ – Insider Drops Details


Alleged Ghanaian billionaire Diamond Appiah might need all that billions she claims to have because it’s been claimed she has lung cancer. The claim comes from her sworn enemy Adu Safowaa so take it with a pinch of salt. These two have been beefing since time immemorial and would say literally anything to attack the … Read more

Confused Adu Safowaa Caught In An Embarrassing Lie as She Desperately Tries to Take Down Diamond Appiah


Social media users have descended on Adu Safowaa as she struggles in the midst of another beef with Diamond Appiah. These ladies are always slamming each other so it’s confusing trying to follow what they’re saying. Every single thing they do is just a cry for attention therefore they will say and do anything. Adu … Read more

When they Lockup You and Your Lawyer – Trolls Can’t Stop Laughing As Court Issues Warrant for Francis Sosu, Adu Safowaa’s Lawyer

adu safowaa lawyer

Social media users are having a field day as news filters in that the lawyer of loudmouth Adu Safowaa, Francis Xavier Sosu, is set to be arrested. The Kaneshie District Court has issued an arrest warrant for the Madina MP. Francis Xavier Sosu has been having some issues with the police for some weeks now. … Read more

Dying of HIV/AIDS Is Not Easy – Adu Safowaa Ends Fufu Funu After Claiming here Ex Paid Safowaa Ghc 500 for A One Night Stand

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Adu Safowaa and Fufu Funu have started yet another beef that is set to keep social media electrified throughout this week. Afia Schwarzenegger, who is Fufu Funu in case you have been living under a rock, started it by taking some shots at Adu Safowaa on Abeiku Santana’s ‘Atuu Show’. According to Afia Schwar, she … Read more

Most of the ‘Big Girls’ You See On TV Have No Property of their Own – Adu Safowaa Throws Shots at Delay and Others

adu safowaa stole series

Adu Sarfowaa, a Ghanaian actress turned an Instagram commentator, has advised the youth not to look up to some of the media personalities in the countries. It is normal to have some young persons in Ghana mention public figures as their role model and mentors. They take every word of advice these persons give and … Read more

Adu Safowaa Trolls Despite’s Baby Mama After Horse Fail at her Wedding

adu safowaa anita sefa boakye

Trouble causing Ghanaian television presenter, Adu Safowaa, has decided to troll Despite’s baby mama following her wedding. Anita Sefa Boakye, probably the happiest woman in Ghana now, is the next person she’s targeted. Adu Safowaa is trolling her following a horse fail which occured during the 4-day wedding. As reported earlier, the extravagant Anita Sefa … Read more

List of Female Celebrities Ghanaian Richman Has Managed to Date in 2021 Drops


Troublesome Ghanaian television personality Adu Safowaa has once again opened a can of worms by talking about her fellow celebrities. Adu Safowaa is always creating controversy, even though most times she cannot stand the consequences of her actions. The latest table she’s shaking is revealing how female celebrities are misused by rich men in Ghana. … Read more

Go And Take Care Of Your Mum With Stroke And Stop Fooling Online -Nana Tornado Replies Adu Sarfowaa


Aluta Continua. The vawulence continues! If you have two people who both have the passion to trend, then the gbos-gbas does not end. Nana Tornado definitely replied Sarfowaa in quick time and told her he is ready for her. He made a video to respond to Sarfowaa’s wailing. In the quest to dethrone Hon. Kennedy … Read more

Mona Gucci Curses Afia Schwar And Gh Mouthpiece On Instagram And Expects Her gods To Respond


Ghanaians play too much on social media. When did we get to the times where we can DM our gods and email our ancestors? Well, Mona Gucci just sent a message to the gods on instagram and now I am fully convinced that the end times are near. Amidst her current back and forth with … Read more

Adu Safowaa Tells Confusing Story to Defend Accusation She Faked her Own Birthday Gift – Fans Say her Explanation Lacks Logic


Bleeding Adu Safowaa has come out to defend herself after she was busted giving herself a birthday present and pretending it came from someone else. Her explanation makes zero sense and social media users are calling her out on it. As we reported earlier, Adu Safowaa was busted over an audio birthday gift that was … Read more

Adu Safowaa Exposed For Gifting Herself Fake Birthday Gift As Present From Boyfriend – Fake Social Media Pressure


Indeed many are mad but a few a roaming. Mark Zuckerburg should have shut Instagram a little longer and help save the mental health of 90% of Ghanaian celebrities because the pressure on their mental health is very serious. Someone like Adu Safowaa who rarely makes the news also decided to create unnecessary pressure for … Read more

Mona Gucci Finally Replies Adu Safowaa’s Insults And Wild Claims That She’s The One Who Recorded Her In Jail


Mona Gucci aka “Lawyer Blue Gate” has finally reacted to Adu Sarfowaa’s ruthless attack on her earlier this morning following her arrest saga yesterday. According to Adu Sarfowaa in a post she shared on her IG page some few hours ago, she is very disappointed in Mona Gucci stabbing her at the back while earlier … Read more

Nana Aba Anamoah Slaps Down Adu Sarfowaa With A Savage Tweet – Check It Out


Nana Aba Anamoah has a message for Adu Sarfowaa and people who find delight in spreading false rumors about her. In Ghana’s social media space, every celebrity is at risk of getting someone to attack you without cause. It is the order of the day in the country and everyone does that to stay relevant … Read more

Mona Gucci Is Evil – Details of How She Did Adu Safowaa Dirty Just As She Did to Joyce Boakye

mona gucci media general

Television presenter for Onua TV and so-called Lawyer Blue Gate, Mona Gucci, is once again mired in controversy over her backstabbing actions. Adu Safowaa has called out Mona for pretending to sympathise with her but using that opportunity to record her whilst in jail and post it online. A video came out yesterday (Wednesday) showing … Read more

Nana Doe Comes Clean On The Source Of His Wealth After Adu Sarfowaa Expose

nana doe

The pressure on Nana Doe these past hours does not seem to be ending any time soon. Trouble maker Adu Sarfowaa proved yet again why the term “celebrity’ in Ghana is extremely synonymous to attention-seeking. For someone who produced a screenshot of her promising not to reveal a screenshot, it is not strange that she … Read more

Powerless Loudmouth Adu Safowaa Jailed AGAIN – Video Drops

adu safowaa jail video

The most powerless celebrity in Ghana has been confirmed to be Adu Safowaa, who once again has found herself in jail due to a public beef. This lady always starts beef out of the blue, yet she’s always the one who ends up behind bars. A video on social media shows Safowaa incarcerated in a … Read more

Nana Doe Finally Speaks on Adu Safowaa and Alleged Range Rover Brouhaha – Check What he Said

nana doe

Nana Aba Anamoah‘s birthday Range Rover car which became a National topic during her 42nd birthday celebration has been trending in the news once again for the past few days now. Controversial Ghanaian journalist and brand influencer, Adu Safowaa took to the internet two days ago to accuse Nana Aba Anamoah of trying to snatch … Read more

‘Bipolar’ Adu Safowaa Storms IG Live Crying, Begging and Threatening Nana Doe – Video

nana doe

The lady known as Adu Safowaa is soo confusing. One minute she can say and do something then in another minute she’s saying and doing the exact opposite. If that isn’t ‘bipolar disorder’ then I don’t know what is! We have crazy personalities in showbiz, who doesn’t love Afia Schwarzenegger? But Afia, for better or … Read more

It’s Only In Ghana that An ‘Armpit Smelling Wannabe’ Can Drag Down A Successful Woman for Clout – Diamond Appiah Brutalises Adu Safowaa

diamond appiah adu safowaa

Diamond Appiah has come out swinging wildly against Adu Safowaa in her ongoing one-sided beef with Nana Aba Anamoah. Diamond brutalised Adu Safowaa in a post we just can’t wait to see Safowaa’s reply to. You know a huge battle is about to erupt! Diamond was ticked off that Adu Safowaa had picked a fight … Read more

Adu Safowaah Hot As Boutique Owner Calls Her Out Over Unpaid Clothes After She Dragged Nana Aba Anamoah


Controversial Ghanaian socialite and media personality, Adu Safowaah started this week with violence. Yesterday, Adu Sarfowaah checked into IG to drag top media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah over some boyfriend issues. Safowaah claimed that Nana Aba Anamoah is allegedly going out with a gentleman who is dating her friend. READ ALSO: Wedding Bells – Hajia4real … Read more