Sober Afia Schwarzenegger Runs from Delay Fight and Starts New Beef with Owusu Bempah’s Church Members – Video

afia schwarzenegger dog

Afia Schwarzenegger has sobered up after her disgusting videos Tuesday evening attacking Delay in which she was spitting all over herself. Sober Afia Schwar seems to have decided she wants nothing more to do with Delay and has now turned her attention to Prophet Owusu Bempah. Afia has slammed the church members of the prophet … Read more

Rev. Obofour Gave Ayisha Modi $40k For Body Enhancement Surgery Because She Looked Ugly – Full Gist + Video


The friendship between Ayisha Modi and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofour is public but we do not have information to determine the type it is. All we can say is Ayisha Modi calls the famous preacher “Godfather” and acts as his social media lawyer, defending him from cyber bullies like Afia Schwar. Did … Read more

There Are Three of Them? – Fans In Shock As Afia Schwar Flaunts Her Two Sisters for the First Time

afia schwarzenegger sisters

There are two other Afia Schwarzeneggers walking around the world, you just haven’t met them yet. Afia Schwar has thrown fans into shock after revealing her two sisters, posting them online for the first time. The two ladies got their moment of fame from their sister after a photo they took during her recent birthday … Read more

I Killed Atta Mills And Otumfuo’s Mum – Afia Schwarzenegger Confesses


Afia Schwarzenegger decided to be the comedian she is and woke up to accuse herself of a number of things. She just never knows when to stop and will always seek deferent avenues for relevance.  Today she chose to accuse herself of a host of things as her new relevance agenda. She started by saying … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Dragged Online By Person She’s Owing and Refused to Pay


Afia Schwarzenegger has once again entered the news for all the wrong reasons – but she doesn’t really care. An unknown person messaged Afia Schwarzenegger’s nanny to advise her to pay up whatever money she’s owing the person. Apparently, Afia and this anonymous individual had some sort of transaction which we’re not privy to. But … Read more

Don’t Mess with Abena – Wendy Shay Diabolically Laughs After Humiliating Afia Schwar

wendy shay afia schwar

Wendy Shay is not done with Fufu funu after humiliating her in London, she’s still taking subliminal shots at Afia Schwar. Wendy has managed to do what many people have tried and hardly succeeded – make Afia Schwarzenegger look extremely foolish! The list of people who have fought Afia is a very long one because … Read more

Diabetes Maybe? Afia Schwarzenegger’s Leg Injury Getting Worse


Afia Schwarzenegger obviously has age and health catching up with her because as she sustained an injury early on, the socialite is still seen limping around with a bandaged leg.  One will assume that injuries on normal healthy bodies will heal faster than it has for Afia but as it is seen in her posts, … Read more

Ayisha Modi Posts her Man – Challenges Afia Yaabaayaa to Do Same

ayisha modi afia schwarzenegger

Ayisha Modi has posted her husband, Abass Sariki, and challenged her beefing partner Afia Schwarzenegger to do the same. The two women with the loudest voices in showbiz have been seriously beefing and dirtying each other over the past few days. The beef started about Moesha but has become dirty and personal beyond belief. In … Read more

Twene Jonas’ Brother Rains Degrading Insults on Afia Schwarzenegger on Twene Jonas’ Behalf – Video

twene jonas brother

A gentleman who has identified himself as a brother of Twene Jonas has clapped back at Afia Schwarzenegger for her recent attacks on Jonas. The guy took to social media to release a video to reply Afia Schwar with unprintable insults for her constant attacks on Jonas. The guy showed he has a mouth every … Read more

Nana Yaa Brefo Blasts Afia Schwar for Desperate Twene Jonas Attacks – Check What She Said

nana yaa brefo afia schwar

Nana Yaa Brefo has called on Afia Schwarzenegger to stop her constant attacks on Twene Jonas. The two outspoken personalities have been embroiled in a war of words for the past few days, starting when Afia took a shot at Jonas in a video rebuttal to Dag Heward-Mills. Afia Schwarzenegger described Jonas as an irrelevant … Read more

Akwaboah Responds To Afia Schwar’s Claims That He Is A Big Time Gigolo- Says He Won’t Engage Any Uncultured Nobody- VIDEO


Akwaboah is seldom in the news for any scandal at all— the only time he is in the news is when he has released a new song or he has done something spectacular. He is making headlines today and unfortunately, it is not a good one. Akwaboah has responded to claims made by Afia Schwar … Read more

Did Afia Lie About her Knee? – Alleged Real Reason For Her Injury Finally Revealed

afia schwarzenegger knee injury

Afia Schwarzenegger’s injured knee she has been walking around with is allegedly a result of the extra weight on her legs from bum enlargement surgery. A social media user has posted a video alleging that too much butt weight is what has broken down Afia Schwar’s knees. According to the lady, Ghanaian celebrities go for … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Mercilessly Tears Into Adu Safowaa Amidst Award Show Scandal

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

Afia Schwarzenegger has quickly jumped on the neck of her rival Adu Safowaa following a scandal about her ATEA Awards show popping up. Schwar is taking the piss out of Safowaa for trying to beef her. She released a video on Instagram attacking Safowaa and laughing at her. According to her, Adu Safowaa thinks that … Read more

My Doctor has Given Me Permission to Smoke Weed for My Knee – Afia Schwarzenegger


Afia Schwarzenegger has found a way to justify her weed addiction – her doctor says she should use weed. Afia Schwar has recorded a new video to reveal to the world the knee condition she has and the suggested remedy from her dotor. She says she has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, a degenerative bone disease. … Read more

You’re Going to Keep Dying Due to Your Stupidity – Insensitive Afia Schwar Attacks Ghana Police After Officer Was Shot Dead in Robbery

afia schwarzenegger dog

Afia Schwarzenegger has slammed the Ghana Police Service after the death of a young officer during an armed robbery attack on a bullion van. Afia Schwar released a video on social media reacting to the death of General Constable Emmanuel Osei of the national SWAT unit, murdered after being shot in the head by armed … Read more

All You Can Boast Of Is Prostitution At Your Age- I Was Just 20 Years When I Started Repping Ghana Internationally- Rachel Appoh Hammers Afia Schwar Again


Rachel Appoh has decided to really level herself to the very gutters of Afia Schwar. She has decided to take her down and would not stop at anything. The former Member of Parliament for Gomoa Central Constituency has taken a swipe at Afia Schwar once again. READ ALSO: I Didn’t Ask You To Give Birth … Read more

I Didn’t Ask You To Give Birth To Bastard Children- I Will Beat You If You Try Me- Rachel Appoh Threatens To Give Afia Schwar The Beatings of Her Life


Former member of Parliament for Gomoa Central Constituency, Honourable Rachel Appoh has renewed her beef with Afia Schwar. This time around, she has gone all wild on the mother of three— she says she would give her the beatings of her life if she does not stop denting her hard earned reputation. READ ALSO: Living … Read more

Adu Sarfowaa BUSTED For Lying About Owning A Pure Water Factory- VIDEO

afia schwarzenegger adu safowaa

It appears the loudmouthed and uncouth Adu Sarfowaa lied about owning a pure water factory. Afia Schwar has made us aware that, all she said was wishful thinking and she was only building great castles in the air. READ ALSO: Otumfuor Allegedly has A South African Sidechick Who Gave Birth for Him – Shocking Details … Read more

This One Will Use Filter and Say ‘Look at My Skin’ – Social Media Calls Out Afia Schwar Over Ugly Unedited Photo


Social media users have come for Afia Schwarzenegger after a photo of her looking super unattractive hit the web. Celebrities often edit their photos to an absurd degree to look fresh for the gram but every once in a while when a ‘real’ photo pops up, we see the scary things they’re hiding from us … Read more

I Like Old Women – Mr Drew Confesses After Alleged Relationship With Afia Schwar


Ghanaian singer, Mr Drew has caused a stir after rvealing that he likes old women. Mr Drew made the revelation in an interview with Delay – he disclosed that he’s obsessed with old women although he has dated his age mates before. READ ALSO: Funny Face Gets Emotional As Ella And Bella Celebrate Their 2nd … Read more

Adom Fm Would Be Useless If they Couldn’t Talk About Me – Afia Schwar

afia schwarzenegger fix the country

Loudmouthed Afia Schwar has placed importance on herself. She has allowed herself to believe that media houses in Ghana would not be able to operate efficiently without mentioning her name. READ ALSO: There Is No Bad Blood Between Myself And Captain Smart – Stop Fooling!- Nana Yaa Brefo Tells Ghanaians In other words, what Afia … Read more

Afia Schwar Secretly Got Married to Ghanaian Rich Man Owning Multiple Estates – Details Drop


Afia Schwar has made another revelation about herself— one none of us saw coming. According to the loudmouthed queen of comedy, she has been married for a year now. READ ALSO: I Distanced Myself From Shatta Wale Because Things Got Serious With My Boyfriend – Efia Odo Going live on Instagram, she flaunts a huge … Read more

Ignore- Afia Schwar Cannot Arrest Me!- Adu Sarfowah Squashes Rumors Of Her Arrest


It was in the news yesterday that uncouth and loudmouthed Adu Sarfowaa has been arrested. Afia Schwar allegedly was behind the arrest. READ ALSO: It’s Not Mine!- Yvonne Okoro Debunks Rumors That She Has Secretly Gotten Married This came after Adu Sarfowaa rained insults on Afia Schwar. She alleged that Afia is dying slowly because … Read more

Drunk Police Officer Arrests Afia Schwar’s Motor Rider After He Refused to Pay 20gh Bribe Over Road Worthy – Afia Schwar Unmasks Him

afia schwarzenegger owing money

Afia Schwarzenegger has gone to war with the Ghana Police Service early today as she complains over the treatment they gave to a young man she helped acquire a motor bike. According to Afia, a drunk police officer tried extorting money from the motor rider and when he could not pay, they took him to … Read more

Allow Her To Be A Child! – Social Media Slams Afia Schwar After Smearing Thick Clay On Pena’s Face In The Name of ‘makeup’


Afia Schwar is under attack after showing off her daughter, Pena on social media. Fans as much as they were impressed with the love Schwar is showing Pena have lit into her. According to social media critics, Afia should allow Pena to grow into her own self. READ ALSO: I Was A Millionaire When I … Read more