You Should Be The Last Person To Insult Anyone’s Mouth Because Your Own Like 34 Bucket – Fan Dresses Down Afia Schwar After Insulting Kofios

linda osei afia schwarzenegger beef

Afia Schwarzenegger continues to suffer attack after attack in her beef with Linda Osei simply because Kofios has the support of the public. Recently, Afia took some shots at Kofios’ mouth and the Tiktoker didn’t even have to respond, fans dressed down Schwarzenegger on her behalf. Afia shared a video of one of her few … Read more

Aboa Like That – Afia Schwarzenegger Rains Insults On Linda Osei As She Dramatically Cries After Her Daughter Was Attacked

linda osei afia schwarzenegger beef

Always merciless Afia Schwarzenegger has jumped on Linda Osei Kofios after she broke down emotionally over attacks against her children. According to Afia Schwar, if she didn’t want others to attack her, she should never have attacked others as well. The dramatic Linda Osei jumped on social media recently crying her eyes out, claiming her … Read more

It’s Child Abuse to Allow Drug Addicted Ash*wo Afia Schwar to Adopt A Child- Linda Osei Goes on A Tear

linda osei afia schwarzenegger beef

Tiktok star Linda Osei continued her assault on Afia Schwarzenegger in a new video attacking the orphanage that let her adopt a baby. Afia Schwarzenegger has three kids, her half-German twin boys James and John and her adopted daughter Adiepena. Schwar has many flaws but she does take care of her children, financially at least.  … Read more

‘Your Decimal Point Height Is Also A Disability So Pipe Down’ – Fan Tells Off Afia Schwar for her Disgusting Bullying

afia schwarzenegger scary face

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Afia Schwarzenegger’s disgusting bullying has been called out by fans. Afia fancies herself the owner of the universe who can do anything unchallenged. The internet doesn’t allow that. Once you do something online, others will have their say. It’s what we love and … Read more

Linda Osei Finishes Afia Schwarzenegger As She Drops Hot Gist About Afia’s Time in South Africa

afia schwarzenegger son birthday

Tiktok star Linda Osei had the chance to finish Afia Schwarzenegger in their ongoing beef but decided to turn down the chance. Linda Osei says she received a call from someone ready to give her the hottest gist on Afia – and she turned it down! Goddamn! Osei has been battling Afia Schwarzenegger in a … Read more