Afia Schwarzenegger Biography, Age, Husband, Twins, House, Net Worth


Afia Schwarzenegger will be remembered as the most divisive entertainer in Ghanaian history, reviled by millions and adored by hundreds. From one controversy to the next, the Ghanaian entertainer enjoys being in the spotlight for all the right and wrong reasons. READ ALSO: Sad as 40-Year-Old Man Shockingly Dies in Hotel Room after Overdosing on … Read more

Afia Schwar Flaunts Sons Dripping With Sex*ness Following Allegations Of Gayism


Controversial Afia Schwarzenegger has gushed over her twins, James and John following allegations of gayism. Schwar’s son James has been accused of being a homos*xual in a recent attack from Nana Tornado. Tornado and Afia recently sparked their fight again as the two continued to spew dirty secrets about themselves. READ ALSO: Juliet Ibrahim Exposes … Read more

Thank God My Boys Don’t Drink and Smoke Like Me – Relieved Afia Schwar Jubilates As Her Twins Turn 20

afia schwarzenegger twins birthday

Afia Schwarzenegger has thanked whichever God she worships that her twin boys have not turned out as rotten and perverted as she is…yet. Afia Schwar is in a hyper-excited mood today as it’s the boys’ birthday – they turn 20 today, August 20th 2021! Schwar is celebrating her boys online and she’s happy that they … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger’s Twins Mock Ghanaians for Being ‘Too Foolish’

afia schwarzenegger twins

The twin sons of Queen Afia Schwarzenegger are ready to follow in her footsteps, apparently! Afia has developed a brand, a stinky one at that, of being the most controversial celebrity in Ghana. It looks like she’s training those twin boys of hers to take up the mantle when she’s not there one day. You … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger’s Twins Real Father Finally Exposed

afia schwarzenegger twins father

The paternity of Afia Schwarzenegger’s twin kids has always been a matter of contention and the notorious Ayisha Modi claims she has finally discovered the truth once and for all. Ayisha, who is currently in a hot and deadly beef with Afia Schwarzenegger, is taking a no holds barred approach. She has dragged all three … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger's Sons Had Aggregates 20 and 29


Well it appears the children of loud-mouthed Afia Schwarzenegger are as brilliant as their mother. The TV hostess’ twin sons, John Irvin Heerdegen Geiling and James Ian Heerdegen Geiling reportedly had aggregate 20 and 29 respectively in their B.E.C.E examinations. Apparently because of their incredibly ‘brilliant’ performance at the B.E.C.E, the twins were not placed … Read more

AUDIO: A Woman Who Claims to Know Afia Schwarzenegger Says Afia is A Prostitute, A Drunk, Weed Smoker & MORE…

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

The social media audios are coming in—and this time, a woman who claims to know Afia Schwarzenegger takes her straight to the CLEANERS.

According to the woman, Afia Schwarzenegger is a well known drunk at Tarkwa and everyone in Tarkwa knows of this.

Apparently, Afia Schwarzenegger who used to be called ‘Mother’ lied through her teeth in her recent interview on Viasat1 and the woman goes in really hard on her—exposing her.

Some of the things the woman said such as Afia Schwarzenegger being a drunk and a weed junkie smoker are things we can confirm—probably, everyone in Ghana knows about this now.

But that is not all, the woman had a lot to say—ranging from Afia Schwarzenegger’s alleged prostitution to how she even had her twins…

Listen to the audio below…

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