Alleged Gay Partner of James Heerdegen, Richard Breaks Silence on Damaging Allegations – Check What he Said

afia schwarzenegger son gay

Richard, the alleged gay partner of Afia Schwarzenegger’s twin son James Ian Geiling Heerdegen has spoken about the viral allegations. Tonardo was the person who first made this damning allegation against Afia’s twin son as part of his beef with her. He alleged that James is gay and sleeps with one of Afia Schwarzenegger’s own … Read more

Afia Schwar Makes History By Becoming First Celebrity To Call A Troll On Phone To Rain Hot Insults on Him – Video

afia schwarzenegger owing money

Afia Schwarzenegger has made history by becoming the first celebrity to directly confront a troll by calling him on phone to rain insults on him. Afia decided to turn the tables on this unsuspecting troll, fish out his number on social media and call him to also enjoy some insults. READ ALSO: Nyhira At 1 … Read more

You Went Into Debt to Marry A Man Because No Man Will Ever Love You – Fired Up Mzbel Demolishes Afia Schwar

afia schwarzenegger wedding video

Mzbel has promised to reveal all the dirty secrets she has about her former bestie Afia Schwarzenegger this week. According to Mzbel, Monday and Tuesday are her off days and she’s ready to reply the insults Afia Schwar have been throwing at her. Mzbel’s response came after Afia Schwar held an interview in which she … Read more

I Admit That I'm So Ugly That I Had To Take A Loan To Marry A 'Kwasia' – Afia Schwarzenegger


When someone is bold enough to admit their faults you need to give them some credit. I mean, if you’re so ugly that even Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers, two very unappealing vagabonds can make a video just to shame you for being ugly, maybe you really have no choice but to take a long … Read more