President OBAMA Came to Ghana and Advised ‘Africa Doesn’t Need Strong Men, It Needs Strong Institutions’ – After Some Years, I Totally DISAGREE

President Obama in Ghana
President Obama in Ghana

“Africa doesn’t need Strong Men, it needs Strong Institutions” is a statement passed by current President of America, Barrack Obama, to Ghana’s Parliament, when he visited Ghana on the 11th July, 2009.

Since the time Obama made those remarks, till date, every social commentator, politician, political analysts or lecturers, social feature columnists in some print media, Economists, and other people in academia, ALWAYS quote Obama and say the latter’s advice, is what Africa actually need.

I’ve pondered over what Obama said all these years and after doing so, I totally disagree with his avouchment. Indeed, what he said makes less sense to me because, I feel the converse of what he said, is rather true or should rather be the case.

Point is, human beings create systems and not the other way round – so if human beings, or men, are not strong, they can’t make strong institutions. This is common sense! I have not had any duologue with Obama to explain to me what he actually meant nor have I had the privilege to read the actual speech he read when he came to Ghana.

But, ‘strong’ as Obama used, was or is not about machismo, physiques, or brons, but brains! I strongly believe Obama actually meant, once we have strong institutions – as in, institutions that are: effective, efficient, transparent, corruption-free, accountable, and have general positive orientation, most of the social-economic problems in Ghana, Africa for that matter, can highly be overcome. That is 100% true!

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