PUT THEM ON BLAST: Airtel Ghana Keeps Stealing My Credit & Their Customer Service is Absurdly Annoying With Their Robotism | One-Answer-For-All Complaints #putthemonblast


Airtel Ghana
Airtel Ghana

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There seems to be a widespread complaints that credits somehow vanish from customers of Airtel Ghana’s phone while they sleep or are busy eating. And unfortunately, when you place a call to Airtel over missing credits, you are served with one of their robotic messages.
According to A. Boateng, an Airtel customer, his life turned into hell when he mistakenly switched to Airtel Ghana–they incessantly stole his credits.
What even made it worse for him was the sort of customer service he received when he spent his precious time E-mailing and chasing Airtel Ghana over the credit thievery issue.
In fact, after reading the correspondence between Boateng and Airtel (below), you would perfectly understand his frustrations which were made worse by the fact that, he seems to have been served with a robotic; “We sincerely apologize for that” message.
Airtel Ghana couldn’t even mention his issue in their apology for him to feel as though a human being had indeed read his complaint. It looks like some just copied and pasted a reply to him.

Read Boateng’s Experience With Airtel’s Customer Service & the Spot the Robotism 

Message to Airtel (Unedited):
I tried the Airtel because a friend told me about a TOO MUCH promo that I checked here http://africa.airtel.com/wps/wcm/connect/AfricaRevamp/Ghana/Home/Personal/promotions/too-much.
With vodafone, I get something less for the 20 cedis package so decided to try the Airtel.
When I subscribed. I checked three days later when I had not made any call and I had no credit. At that point I decided to drop the SIM since that was the likely reason my friend stopped using it.
Just when I was about giving my friend’s rejected SIM back to him, a Recharge Cards vendor mentioned the 477 promo to me and convinced me to try it.
I recharged 20 Cedis and checked my credit immediately after that and my credit was less than nineteen cedis. I turned off my data and added two cedis. I then subscribed to the 477 promo chosing the AUTO-RENEWAL (option 2) option. With this , without using this phone to make voice calls I was hopping that I was going to enjoy the data for 20 days. It was not up to 20 days when I had the prompt that I did not have enough credit to enjoy that promo.
I recharged 10 cedis and subscribed to the promo and in three days I got the prompt that I did not have enough credit to enjoy that promo.

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