Lovely Evicted From I’m In Love With Bomaye

Liberian and budding actress, Lovely became the first casualty in the I’m In Love With Bomaye reality show. She was evicted last Sunday during a live studio show. She was nominated to face eviction alongside Gifty, Becky and Favour by the King – Alex. But she was unlucky as she obtained the fewer votes from … Read more

Photos + ‘I Refused To Become An American’ – Alex Biney, Evicted Ghana Rep To The Big Brother Amplified!

Alex and Dstv Mobile Rep
Alex and Dstv Mobile Rep

Some Ghanaians will pay whatever amount to become an American citizen. However, at the press conference organized by MultiChoice Ghana, Alex Biney the evicted Ghanaian representative to the on-going Big Brother Amplified reality TV show in South Africa said that he had several opportunities to switch his nationality from Ghanaian to America but refused whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Wearing a T-Shirt with the inscription ‘I Love My People’ with love designed in a heart form in Ghanaian colours, Alex said: “I’m a Ghanaian citizen. I have had numerous opportunities to become a US citizen and I refused them.” He said confidently to show his strong allegiance to mother Ghana.

Explaining his reasons, he said that “… basically, in our house, we have always valued where we came from. I love the Ghanaian culture, the masks, our carvings, our clothing, and the food. Just being in the States and not being Ghanaian was something we couldn’t consider. Like I said I have had opportunities to be an American and it just didn’t feel right. I have always known that I’m a Ghanaian. I have always known that made me special. Ghana for life”.

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I Don’t Need $200,000 Big Brother Cash – Confidence Haugen

Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

One of Ghana’s representatives for the Big Brother Amplified reality show, Confidence Haugen has shrugged off suggestions that her reaction when evicted from the House was a reflection of how desperately she needed the $200,000 at stake

Some commentators have described Confidence’s declaration of “Good, I’m out of this place. I’m done with you guys…” as a face saving gesture after her eviction. Quite uncharacteristic of other evictees, Confidence headed straight for the exits, declining to hug and share a word or two with the other Housemates until perhaps her closest friend, Weza, ran to hug her.

Speaking to Katleho Khabele, co-host of the Citi Drive on Monday June 13, 2011 a day after her eviction, the Aphrodisiac night club owner said she was not bothered by the lost opportunity to win free cash, insisting money was not her motivation for going into the contest. For her, it was for the exposure the show came with.

“I wanted to show that we have fabulous people in Africa just like the Kimora Lee Simonses and Kardashians; that there are hard working fabulous women in Ghana. I don’t need the money. It’s really about the exposure for me as a business woman”.

The 37 year old said she was voted out of the House because she was seen as a threat by the other housemates and not because she was rude, bossy or boring as some viewers have suggested.

“I am a friendly person, however it is easier to be friendly to people who are genuine. Those people in the Big Brother house are not genuine. It is just a game for them. I tried to be real and open with all the members.”

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Big Brother Amplified Kicked Off Tonight, Ghana Has 2 Reps In The House…


Big Brother Amplified kicked off tonight. 26 housemates from all over Africa were introduced to the entire continent and online viewers around the world before making their way into the newly renovated house in South Africa, where they will be caged in for 91days.

To be honest as each housemate was introduced I just kept thinking “What a bunch of good looking people”! Is this a beauty pageant? There are some fine guys in that house. And I have my eye on each of them. LOL.

Based on the housemates video intros there are clearly some very strong characters in the house. So you know it’s gonna be explosive! I can’t wait for the hook ups, the fights and the all important shower hour for all the pervs out there!

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