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Alma House in Accra
Alma House in Accra

During my recent trip to Ghana, I stayed at 3 of the popular luxurious places in the country; Labadi Beach Hotel, Oak Plazza and at the Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm at Sogakope.
And then, I spent my last 3 days in Accra at ‘Alma House’, a carefully thought through ‘Home Away from Home’ hotel—well positioned; a few minutes away from Labone Coffee Shop.
I’ve stayed in some of the fine hotels around the world; in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Scotland, England, Wales and Spain—and mostly, they all serve the same posh ambience and layout on the back of expensive pricing.
In Ghana, ‘hotels cost more than having a brain surgery’ and mostly, the high cost is due to facilities you will never use, but you still have to pay for them as they make up the total charge.
Alma House in Accra
Alma House in Accra

Everyone has the basic things they look for when booking a hotel; of course the environment and affordability are paramount but as a writer and a web entrepreneur, I mostly add to my necessary requirements; a good internet connection, food and a comfortable working space.
Beyond these, every other thing may not really matter to me.
It was therefore a delight when my friend introduced ‘Alma House’ to me: it has a top class hotel ambience, with all its spacious rooms air-conditioned, fitted with private modern bathrooms, cable TVs and a working area.
From the outside, you may think it’s just a beautiful house but it’s obviously more than that, it’s a hotel—operating under a unique atmosphere of ‘Home Away from Home.’

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