Are the Countless Beauty Pageants We Have Here Not Exploiting & Disempowering Innocent Ladies?

Miss France Beauty Pageant 2010


In recent years, beauty pageants have increased drastically in numbers. If nothing at all, I can possibly (out of my head) name about 50 beauty pageantry shows in Ghana; starting from Miss Abokobi to all those having ‘Miss’ as their prefix.

Such beauty shows keep popping up every single day, and I know it will continue as long as we live. However, I have tried to analyse the importance of such beauty pageants but have not been positively convinced so much.

Beauty pageants basically refer to contests that primarily lay emphasis on physical beauty of the participating contestants, although intelligence and talent are sometimes incorporated.

In every industry or institution, the various audiences are blind to what goes into the running of the industry or institution. That’s how come some people will perceive some companies as very reputable that pay their workers good amount of money. They will do whatever they can within their powers to get employed in such companies. Such people become shocked when they are employed and find out that what they have been thinking was not so.

Such is the case with beauty pageants. Many young ladies are more than happy to be part of the train when auditions are opened. Some go to the extent of borrowing money from friends to buy audition forms.

However, the dreams of most of these ladies are smashed when they are faced with the unexpected. I am more than sure someone like Giuseppina Baafi (don’t even know which title to assign her – whether Miss Ghana 2013 or former Miss Ghana 2013) never expected what happened between Exclusive Events Ghana and herself.

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