Married Man Caught Publicly Assaulting S*x Worker For Demanding Her Money – Video


A married man has been caught on tape physically assaulting a commercial s*x worker on the streets for demanding her money. The man who workers in a government office was seen shamelessly beating the lady and exchanging words with her. Screams from the lady caught the attention of a passerby who went closer to stop … Read more

VIDEO: F**kBoy Strips Ashawo Girl Nekkid With Claims That She Took His Money After Hammering Her — Watch


Sometimes, ashawo girls and some of the ‘night riders’ also do face their worst times especially when they go to meet more than they expected. They begin to find ways and means to make sure¬†they get something in return.

One of these ‘sisters’ has bitten more than she could chew as her f**kboy stripped her nekkid, accusing her of stealing his money and inserting it into her totor after chopping her down.

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