Mzbel Has Another Message For Counsellor Lutterodt; One The Man Won’t Love


Mzbel and Counsellor Lutterodt have had lots to say to each other these past days. Counsellor Lutterodt says Mzbel has lost her self-worth as a musician and Mzbel was not any kind with her words for the man everyone loves to hate. READ ALSO: Ghanaians Praise Player Who Chose To Play For Spain Over Ghana … Read more

"Double Amputee" Beggar Caught: Find Out Why!


6 (2)_optSome people have decided to use the shortest but most mischievous and cunning way to make money or so to say to climb the success ladder. Of all the things one could subject themselves to, one young man decided to wear the guise of a double amputee just to wit people off their hard earned money.
A supposedly double amputee beggar was spotted outside a market in Yiwu, Zhejiang province by a security guard who thought the man looked suspicious. The guard decided to pull off the man’s T shirt and to everyone’s surprise, his arms were crossed in front of him, making him look like his arms had been amputated.

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