BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8: The Chase-Who Will Africa Choose To Join Beverly, Melvin, Elikem & Cleo In The Finale?

Big Brother Africa Season 8-The Chase1

With the final round of nominations on Big Brother: The Chase done and dusted on Monday, it’s up to Africa to decide who of Angelo, Bimp and Dillish will be joining Melvin, Beverly, Elikem and Cleo in the glittering finale on 25 August.

Head of House Elikem picked up the most nominations (5), followed by Bimp with 4, Dillish with 2 and Cleo, Beverly and Angelo with 1 apiece – with Melvin not picking up a solitary nod. Elikem used his decisive ‘save & replace’ decision to send himself into the finale next Sunday, putting Angelo up for eviction in his place.

His decision ensured that Beverly, Melvin and Cleo are guaranteed a spot in the finale beside him. Beverly has gone through the entire show without facing eviction, while she and Melvin are also the only duo from the same country, left in The Chase.

Beverly kicked off nominations on Monday morning, naming Dillish and Cleo as her nomination choices, the latter because she sees her as competition.  Cleo returned the favour by nominating the Nigerian because she wanted to see how she’d handle potential nomination stress. Her second nomination went to Elikem because of his HoH status.

Dillish nominated Elikem for the same reason, before choosing Bimp because she sees him as competition. Bimp clearly felt the same way, because he nominated the Namibian for the same reason. His second nomination went to Elikem, not because he was Head of House, but because they don’t get along.

Elikem clearly feels the same way as he set his sights on the Ethiopian. He named Angelo as his second nominee – with the South African promptly returning the favour. Angelo’s second nomination went to Bimp.

Melvin nominated Bimp, saying “everyone is close to me. If I choose one person for possible eviction, It would have to be Bimp”. His second nominee was Elikem, because he could save himself.

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BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8: The Chase-Heads Of House Throw Nomination Curveballs As Ghana’s Selly Comes Up For Eviction!

Big Brother Africa Season 8-Selly

The battle lines have been well and truly drawn on Big Brother: The Chase! Six housemates are up for eviction this week after a day of nominations on Monday that seemingly saw relationships and beefs defining housemates’ choices. Once the dust had settled and the Heads of House had both made sensational ‘save & replace’ decisions, Selly, Melvin, Annabel, Cleo, Natasha and Pokello are in the firing line this week.

Both Heads of House dropped bombshells after Big Brother announced the nomination results. Diamond HoH Melvin sensationally decided to leave the nominations as they stood – meaning that he is up for possibly eviction after his housemates nominated him. Cleo received six nominations, with some housemates citing her as a threat to their chances of picking up the USD 300 000 prize. Annabel was next up with four nominations. Feza called her the “weakest link” while Bassey told Big Brother that he hated how she never cleaned up after herself when she was done in the kitchen.

In the Ruby house, Oneal decided to save Elikem and replaced him with Selly – keeping his word that he would not punish Elikem for swapping his love interest Feza to the Diamond house last week. Pokello and Natasha had picked up the most nominations, four each, while Sulu received two nominations, with Oneal picking up one.

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BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8: The Chase-Angola Out Of The Chase!

E.L Performs at Eviction Show

Angolan duo Biguesas and Neyll were evicted from Big Brother: The Chase this week (Sunday 16 June) after receiving the fewest viewer votes from the continent.

The evictions follow the Heads of House having to reveal their ‘save & replace’ decisions. Diamond Head of House Melvin revealed he had saved Bolt and replaced him with Annabel. Ruby Head of House Selly found it easier to reveal her decision this week, telling the housemates that she’d saved Oneal and replaced him with Neyll. Oneal’s eyes couldn’t have been wider when he heard the news!

After Monday’s nominations, Diamonds Annabel (Kenya) & Biguesas (Angola) and Ruby housemates Pokello (Zimbabwe), Neyll (Angola) & Natasha (Malawi) were left fighting it out for Africa’s votes this week. After the SizweNtsalubaGobodo auditor had delivered the verified voting results, IK got down to business. The first name he mentioned was Pokello’s – but only to tell her she was safe. Biguesas wasn’t so lucky and had to say his goodbyes. Neyll was the next housemate to be evicted, leaving tears in his wake as his housemates consoled each other.

Out on stage, Biguesas told IK that switching between houses had made it difficult for him to open up, leading to the perception that he was quiet. He had no regrets about quitting his job to enter Big Brother: The Chase and that he’d had no idea that Natasha had wanted to spend time with him in the Rendezvous Room so badly. Neyll said he’d had fun with Bolt and Beverley as he ping-ponged between the houses and that his beef with Oneal was down to the fact that the Botswana housemate had been “bossy”.

Ghanaian Channel O African Music Video Award-nominated star EL performed at the show in super-smooth fashion with his hit ‘Hallelujah’. He returned later to set the stage alight with ‘Kaalu’ after Biguesas and Neyll had been evicted.

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