Watch Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s ‘GREY DAWN’ Online Now | The Wait is Over…

Grey Dawn
Grey Dawn

In my review of the latest Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s movie-GREY DAWN, I described it as that movie which “takes a shot at interesting but contrasting human endeavours; politics, family, genuine relationships and illicit affair”.

Now you can watch the movie online at SparrowStation.Com—and find out for yourself, how these things play out and what eventually wins the battle.

No doubt the movie departs from the usual central themes of many of our African movies by placing 4 strong conflicting desires on the table—but Shirley Frimpong-Manso perfectly tells the story without any drop of confusion.

It’s a Shirley Frimpong-Manso and Sparrow Productions’ movie so you definitely know you would be served with something interesting on a quality plate…


In ‘Grey Dawn’, “a government minister must choose between using his position to help his father in law stay out of jail for tax evasion or allow the law to take its course with him. His decision sets in motion a chain of events that lures him into committing the one sin that will haunt him for the rest of his life”. 

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Weighing In On Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s ‘GREY DAWN’ | When Politics, Family, Genuine & Illicit Affairs Take Center Stage…

Grey Dawn
Watching Grey Dawn

Multiple award-winning film-maker Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s latest movie-Grey Dawn which will start showing in Accra from Friday, 13th February, 2015 takes a big shot at interesting but contrasting human endeavours; politics, family, genuine relationships and illicit affair.

It may seem a little too much to have these strong though conflicting desires come to play in a single movie—however, with her excellent story telling prowess, Shirley Frimpong-Manso succeeds in finding a competing but salient grounds for all these things which have become part and parcel of our human existence.

The movie defines the grounds and boundaries for these human desires but at the end of it all, it becomes obvious which amongst the competing interests takes that single important stage in the lives of the main characters.

Grey Dawn
Grey Dawn

Anyone who has seen many of Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s movies wouldn’t struggle to extract from her films that she is more of an idealists (sociological sense)—and her ‘utopian’ society was once again vivid on screen. By ‘utopian’ society, I mean an African society where a politician is indeed honourable with some sort of conscience in place.

The Storyline…

In ‘Grey Dawn’, a Government Minister (Harold Davis) played by Bimbo Manuel is fixed between using his position to help his father-in-law stay out  of jail for tax evasion or allow the law to take its course with him.

Harold Davis’ decision pulls in his wife’s anger (Jessica Davis played by Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi), worsened by the fact that the stress of the case eventually led to Jessica’s father untimely death.

The anger of Jessica alone would have been bearable for Harold Davis but to watch on helplessly as he begins to loose his wife to the company of a young handsome man—who offers Jessica that perfect wormhole from her darkness into a world of art and music begins to challenge his position as a man, a father and a husband.

Grey Dawn
Grey Dawn

This is where it gets pretty interesting…

As Jessica is taken into a different world of artistry beauty and temporal peace merged with fun; the same wormhole began to pull her returnee daughter into its deep space—this time, made easy by the fact that Jessica’s daughter (Flora Mends played by Sika Osei) had the same obsessions which dwell in the works of this strange man (Jack played by Marlon Mave) whose works and ‘oomph’ had already consumed Jessica.

I wouldn’t want to box this into the concept of utopianism but it’s difficult to find a society where a woman who is married to a prominent Minister of State would run after a somewhat ‘broke’ painter who does not measure on the social ladder…

Grey Dawn (2)
Scene from Grey Dawn


Of course the above is capable of happening, especially when the woman has been hurt and care no more about those things we regarded as valuable or socially relevant—in such cases, she yearns for the simplest of things which she would normally pay no attention to. And this is exactly the position we find Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi’s character…

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Nadia Buari Tipped To Win Awards With ‘Heroes & Zeros’

Pretty actress Nadia Buari has proven to be on top in the African movie industry. Her excellent delivery in the new movie “Heroes And Zeroes” which is set to hit Silverbird Cinema, Accra on the 8th of June 2012 is a must watch.
Film critics say this is the first time Nadia gives a classic performance of a lifetime. “Heroes and Zeros” is one of the most anticipated Nollywood movies of today. Judging by the storyline and the number of seasoned actors and actresses featured in this one-of-a-kind Nollywood flick, it is definitely a must watch movie.
“Heroes and Zeros” is the story of destructive pursuance of Tonia (Nadia Buari) by Amos Fele (Bimbo Manuel).  Ten years ago, Amos Fele was a wealthy celebrity director in the Nigerian film industry. Now he lives in a ramshackle flat, doing occasional low-paying TV commercials for nameless products. He’s a daily comic relief on the local soccer practice pitch: although he’s already 45 years old, he nurses a new, insane dream of making it into the dollar-soaked world of international soccer! His joyless marriage to Tinuke (Tina Mba) a junior bank worker, is crumbling fast, especially after the death of their only child.
A boost to his sagging spirit comes when a big-budget French-Nigerian film project appoints him as director. Suddenly, the press begins to (re)celebrate him. Top actors and producers begin to call him up. To his wife’s distress, Fele also quickly re-establishes his wane reputation as a first-class womanizer.
Fele’s new rise coincides with that of Dibu Ijele (Gabriel Afolayan) a reporter with Naija Scene, a weekly tabloid. The paper’s new board of directors (led by Olu Jacobs), with its eyes on profit, supports Dibu’s theory that the only way to beat the competition is to scoop and sell dirt about anyone with a famous face or name.

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Nadia Buari Breaks Silence On Why She Doesn’t Attend Her Movie Premieres!

Nadia Buari after the press preview
Nadia Buari after the press preview

MULTIPLE award winning actress, Nadia Buari has given the chance for all sorts of things to be speculated about her private and public lives due to her inability to open up to the media when called upon for interviews or to react to stories, GhanaCelebrities.Com has observed.
When a fast growing and an established actress like herself decide to shun interviews totally or choose to speak to ‘particular’ media practitioners is a major concern and gives the rest the opportunity to be speculative about her.
Twice Ghana Movie Awards Best Supporting Actress is touted as not media friendly and rightly so, over the years, her actions and inactions has vindicated the people who share such sentiments.
Aside not being in love with the media, like some people would want to call it, Nadia has always been absent at her movie premieres. For someone who has fewer friends in the make-believe industry, attending premieres of movies she did not feature in, is perhaps a no go area for her. Other actors/actresses always attend premieres to give moral support to their friends in the movie.

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