MUST READ: Understanding Feminism…



A few decades ago, women did not have the opportunities available to today’s modern woman. This was not because the women back then were less intelligent, or less industrious, or less ambitious. It was simply because as a woman, your choices were very limited.

The society expected the woman to marry when she gets to a certain age, and bear children for her husband. Her main duties, as such were to maintain the home and look after her husband and children. And that was all.

It wasn’t until the late 1960s to 1970s that women all over the world especially in America, begun to demand for equal rights and opportunities. Thus Feminism was born. Now a lot of people are confused about the message of Feminism, especially men.

A lot of men regard feminists as a woman who hates men .This couldn’t be any further from the truth; you see feminism is all about giving women the power to choose. To choose whether she wants to be a housewife or dedicate her life to her career or both. And that she should not be judged by society for making her choice.

Feminism does not demand that a woman is better than a man, or vice versa, but simply that a woman is able and capable of reaching great heights in whatever field she chooses should she be given the opportunity.

It is not surprising to find that any intelligent, outspoken, woman is quickly labelled a feminist. Add that this woman is unmarried and is doing great in her career and probably has short hair. She would be elevated to the position of a man hater. As feminists we ask that the worth of a woman is not limited to her ability to marry and procreate only.

Chimamanda Adichie, writer of Americanah’, is one very outspoken feminist. Despite the many achievements in her chosen career, she receives a lot of backlash from the men folk simply because she does not want to adopt her husband’s name. As a feminist, she strongly believes that she should be defined only by her accomplishments.

Last December, I received a text broadcast which had the list of top female players in the entertainment industry, notable amongst them were TV3 presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah, actress Yvonne Okoro, and media mogul Deloris Frimpong.

In the message these women were being mocked at because they were unmarried and it further went on to state that they should be prayed for in order to find spouses in the coming New Year. Will successful men ever be mocked if they were unmarried beyond a certain age?

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