Stinky Opportunist! – Abeiku Santana Releases Wrath on Obinim for Trying to Use Black Sherif to Trend


It’s trouble for the brothers in Christ. Abeiku Santana has had enough of Obinim’s antics and this is what he had to say.  Abeiku Santana was furious and had a lot to say about Obinim being a leech. In a video, he angrily stated that, he gave a prophecy on Black Sherif’s musical success particularly … Read more

‘I Listened to Black Sherif at 2:00 am and Had A Vision That He Will Take Over the Music Industry’ – Prophetic Abeiku Santana Claims

who is black sherif

Abeiku Santana on Okay Fm this evening in an interview with Black Sherif made some revelations about the ‘Second Sermon’ artiste. The veteran presenter mentioned that there was a discernment or what others may term as a prophecy on the musical journey of Black Sherif. He stated the when he was listening to the artist … Read more