Blakk Rasta Turns Into A B*tch Before Parliament…Makes HUGE Retraction: Apologises Unreservedly During Appearance Before Parliament For ‘MP’s Smoke Weed’ Comment

Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta

If you do not have the guts to stand behind your words, my brother, I do not think you should be uttering them in the first place!

It was just a week ago that Blakk Rasta was boldly calling for the legalisation of marijuana on his radio show, a topic that is obviously dear to him. Whilst making his point, the outspoken artiste claimed that even our legislators, 80% to be precise, smoked the plant themselves.

Parliament got furious and summoned him before the Privileges committee of Parliament- as apparently there were no important legislations to make since everything is so rosy in Ghana; but surprisingly the very outspoken Blakk Rasta turned into a little b*tch before the committee.

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Now Blakk Rasta Is Calling For Legalisation Of Marijuana- Even MP’s And Presidents Smoke Wee

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