CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Miss America CEO, President & Board Members Have All RESIGNED Over Leaked Offensive Emails About Contestants—Yet Inna Patty & Her Cohorts Continue to Be At Post in Ghana


Inna Patty, owner of Exclusive Events Ghana-Organiser of Miss Ghana (right)

On Thursday last week, HuffingPost published an exclusive report that reviewed about 3 years of internal Miss America Organization (MAO) emails provided by two unidentified sources.
The E-mails’ report included exchanges in which CEO Sam Haskell, current president Josh Randle, former MAO writer-Lewis Friedman and board members Tammy Haddad and Lynn Weidner, wrote “offensive emails about former Miss America winners, referencing their weight or their private sex lives.”
After the report, former Miss America winner, Mallory Hagan told CNN that;  “I feel validated because for the longest time I had been trying to tell people that this thing is happening to me and I didn’t have any proof and now I do,” she said. “I feel a big weight off my shoulders.”
Following the expose, the CEO, the President and the Board Members have all resigned. Sam Haskell, the chief executive officer of the Miss America Organization was suspended a day after the report and in a statement issued on Friday night, he apologized for “a mistake of words.”
As expected, Haskell called the Huffington Post story “dishonest, deceptive, and despicable.”
After the HuffingPost report, 49 former Miss Americas, dating back to 1948 joined in, and called for the resignation of MAO’s leadership, including Haskell, Randle and Haddad.

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