I’m A Drag Queen from UK – Bobrisky Fights James Brown Over Who Is More Beautiful and Feminine

bobrisky james brown

Wonders shall never end indeed! Nigerian crossdressers Okuneye Idris Bobrisky and James Brown are fighting over who’s more feminine and beautiful. The two male entertainers who masquerade as females thrive on controversy so they just sparked off a new one. Bobrisky threw shade at James Brown and other crossdressers for still looking like men. She … Read more

Photos of Crossdresser Sassy Vtwins Pops Up As Bobrisky Hypes Him to Take Over from James Brown

bobrisky sassy vtwins

Nigerians are getting ready for a new crossdresser experiment as Bobrisky has started hyping up Sassy Vtwins. Bobrisky is still bleeding from being overtaken in popularity by the ‘Princess of Africow’, James Brown. After helping Brown get to popularity, Bob probably thought he would remain beneath him forever but he has started rising higher instead. … Read more

‘Believing Bob Can be Very Risky’ – Bobrisky Trolled Massively After Being Busted Flying Commercial Despite Bragging about Using Private Jet

bobrisky private jet

Bobrisky has been busted flying commercial after claiming she only flies in private jets due to her rich ‘sugar daddy’. The social media sensation was recorded boarding an Air Peace flight at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja for a return flight to Lagos. Before leaving Lagos, Bobrisky claimed she had secured the use of … Read more