READERS’ MAIL: At Long Last Father of Mzbel’s Son Found | It’s Castro De Destroyer

Castro De Destroyer
Castro De Destroyer

Dear Chris,

I am very interested in flashing out the father of Mzbel’s son, Aaron so that at least, as you mentioned, the child will be able to comfortably wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day’ when he is of age. Mzbel cannot deny the child this right because of her mess.

Considering what is at stake, I think this should become a national exercise and every Ghanaian must start searching their backyards to see if that man will be found there. We can even ask for a DNA test from all the men in Ghana.

But these Ghanaian celebrities have external clients in Nigeria and other places so I don’t think the above will really help a lot.

I was going to suggest that finding the father of a child is damn easy. Just check the child’s surname and bingo; the father is there.  Here, this is of no use, the surname is no surname.

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