Charter House Sues Shatta Wale for DEFAMATION | They Seek 10 Million Cedis in Damages

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale


Charter House Sues Shatta Wale
Charter House Sues Shatta Wale

From the shot of the above court document received, it seems Charter House is first seeking interlocutory injunction to prevent Shatta Wale from recording more videos—this is pretty absurd to me, because what shows Shatta Wale was going to record more videos as if it was an on-going daily or weekly recording sessions.

But then, that is the law so Charter House has asked the Court that before the determination of their defamation suit against Shatta Wale, they should first order him or place an injunction on him to maintain the status quo—and by this, order him to shut the f*c up.

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Charter House sues Shatta Wale
Charter House sues Shatta Wale


We’ve received a response from Shatta Wale’s manager-BullDog (real name Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson) who confirmed that they’ve indeed been sued by Charter House and they’ve been effectively served.


In a world governed by laws, you cannot throw out certain words and not be expected to come after—therefore, it is not shocking that we’ve been told Charter House has sued Ghanaian dancehall artiste-Shatta Wale, citing defamation as the cause of action.

Charter House’s lawsuit against Shatta Wale springs out of the fact that, the musician made several videos last month throwing all manner of jabs at the CEOs of the Event organising company and even said the company operates the annual Ghana Music Award scheme on fraud or favouritism.


In law, you can be offensive and try to seek cover under Free Speech or the expression of opinion (let’s say insult whoever you want) but the moment you step into making certain statements of facts which could be false, then you are getting yourself into trouble.

Therefore, Shatta Wales’ statements of fraud and favouritism are the likely options to have fetched him the lawsuit.

But then again, anyone can sue anyone in law—the problem is, will the one bringing the claim be able to prove and in this case on balance of probabilities that they’ve truly been defamed in law?

For instance, in 2008, Nebraska state senator-Ernie Chambers sued God to sought a permanent injunction to prevent the “death, destruction and terrorisation” caused by God. Of course the court threw out his lawsuit on the grounds that there is no known address to effectively serve God despite Chambers’ arguments that God is omniscient and therefore he will know of the lawsuit against Him.

For this defamation claim, Charter House is asking for a whopping 10 million cedis in damages and series of orders including an order by the court to compel Shatta Wale to record similar videos apologizing to them.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has reached out Shatta Wale’s manager-BullDog and we are yet to get a response.

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