The Rich Gets Richer – Cheddar’s Son Flaunts Huge Mansion And Expensive Cars In New Video


There is a way children of rich kids behave that makes one think they came from the wrong parents. Goddy, the son of Ghanaian billionaire Freedom Jacob Ceasar aka Cheddah, shows in a new video the luxury life he enjoys daily. The young heir to Cheddah’s fortune lives in a huge mansion and already owns … Read more

E Levy Catch Them – Freedom Jacob Caesar’s Son And Rich Friend Fire Ghanaians Jealous Of GIS Prom


Rich Ghanaian businessman Freedom Jacob Caesar’s son who made a name at the recent GIS prom has attacked Ghanaians jealous of their riches. Speaking in a recent interview alongside a friend and schoolmate, they mocked Ghanaians criticising their prom as poor and jealous. They even said that those speaking are suffering from frustration over e-levy! … Read more