AUDIO: Chief Linguist of Edina Invokes Curses on EC BOSS-Charlotte Osei And EC Staff–Find Out Why


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Chief linguist of Edina, Nana Amissah is taking a strong stand against electoral rigging in Ghana–and he has gone as far as invoking curses on any member of the Electoral Commission (EC) who will change the verdict of the people.
According to Nana Amissah, God has ordained NPP’s  Nana Akufo Addo to win the December 7 polls–and therefore any staff of the EC including the chairperson, Charlotte Osei will incur the wrath of all 77 gods of Edina if they try to change the results.
Adom Fm reports that “the chief linguist poured libation to the gods to seal his request when the NPP leader paid a courtesy call on him this week.”

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