URGENT UNICEF APPEAL: Children in Danger From Ebola | DONATE


Hello Guys, I just for the below email from UNICEF UK—and I’ve decided to share it with those of you who want to make a change in Africa in relationship the ‘Children in Danger from Ebola’.

Recently, Bill Gate through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated/pledged 50 million dollars to help fight Ebola in Africa and the interesting part of this is that, he has no family in Africa—and he is not even one of us.

If those far from the situation are chipping in hugely to make a change, why can’t those of us from the continent chip in small amounts to help protect our future leaders, the children from this deadly disease.

UNICEF is a UN charity and as such, your donation will definitely go to the stated cause.


Dear Vincent,

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the deadliest ever, killing more than 2,000 people and infecting a further 4,000. Hundreds of vulnerable children have been left orphaned, with many more at risk from the disease.

The situation is critical. Ebola is spreading at alarming speed, with previously safe countries confirming new cases of the virus. 4.5 million children under 5 are living in areas affected by Ebola and are in danger.

I am appealing for your help to protect these children and their communities. We need to act now to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

A £35 gift could provide simple yet life saving medical equipment like protective gloves and goggles

UNICEF is on the ground, working with partners to provide care and support for vulnerable children. We are helping to provide tents for temporary health centres, as well as medical supplies for hospitals and health workers.
Please help today with an emergency gift of £35

We are in a race against time to contain the outbreak. Children are in immediate danger and without emergency support, thousands more lives could be lost.
Please donate today so we can help vulnerable children affected by the Ebola virus.

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