Mister Classic Man, Jidenna Dresses As Rapper The Game For Halloween And He Nailed It!


Last Halloween saw to the rapper, the Game dressing up like Jidenna and this year— the classic man decided to return the favour. He actually did well with it, one could hardly tell which really is the Game and Jidenna. Below is a picture of Jidenna as The Game and the Game as Jidenna, compare … Read more

Muscular Women Gather In Hong Kong For The Arnold Classic Muscle Building Competition


1 (2)_optCrowds of muscular women from all over the world gathered in Hong Kong for the Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival over the weekend.
Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger was there to launch the festival which saw contestants flexed their perfectly-toned bodies in front of a number of judges for the bodybuilding competition. He also reminded them of the need to balance mind and body.

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